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Interesting Week

My TV that's been around since like 1982 went byebye and I'm not buying a new one until I can afford a HDTV which will come in handy for the PS3. So I've been frantically downloading TV episodes so I don't go crazy because I really can't do anything without noise. I now have like all of ATHF, Family Guy, and Harvey Birdman on my machine playing like 24 hours a day between when I play games or stream through Winamp.

Aside from that my company is really starting to blossom. By that I mean I finally have other people working for me than myself. Lol. Anyway, I'm really working hard on this rather large game that incorperates this net comic my friends have been working on. Hopefully I'll have a demo of the game ready in a couple months. The ideas really just flow like a river when a dam breaks after you find something to work with.