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Hmmm... 'Batman Beyond'?

Well... I think the story of the new JLU was pretty good, because I know quite a few people are waiting for the future tie-in of this. However the major thing that bugged me about the episode... Who killed Terry's father? I know the joker gang killed him, but why? Generally they're a gang that messes with you in public rather than a breaking and entering to murder you gang. More of a minor annoyance than what The Joker himself was. Anyway... Has anybody read anything in a book or something that would clarify this? Because I'm very curious. (Then again it could be JLU filler.)

Ultra Gaming Computer - The Home Version

CPU: Dual P4 - 4GHz
RAM: 2GB DDR (Add more as needed!)
HGA: GeForce 5700
Cooling: Water & Fan Cooling (Fan cooling with LEDs since they look awsome.)
Power: The more juice the better on this puppy.
Casing: Custom modded case made from two cases.
Storage: 4 DriveZillas (Equal to just over 1TB of storage space or 1,000GB.)
Input/Output Drives: 2 Sony VIAO DVD/CD Burners (For archival purposes without havign to use disc space.)
Internet: WiFi
Controls: Wireless optical mouse and keyboard. (Add game controller for convienience. As well as 4 frontside USB2 ports for even more!)

Total Cost: Astonomical, but fun to build until you explode or electricute yourself...
Can play: PS2, XBox, GameCube, XBox 2, and PC games all flawlessly as the emulators become avaliable.

Hiro?! What's a Hiro?!

Since somebody finally asked me what it's about, I'll tell everybody so you don't have to ask later alright? Also, because I’m all happy somebody did.

Hiro actually came from me being into Gundam Wing and it was supposed to be Heero, but I misspelled it. However the misspelling ended up being kind of acceptable because I didn't feel like such a clone of something. I was going to switch it to something else, but it kind of clung in my mind since it's technically pronounced 'Hero' and in just about every RPG that's what you are right? I think it also stuck to me because of how many Japanese names have Hiro in the beginning of them. Most people don't ask about it...

Racist Rebellion & Music

Earlier yesterday I was on the GTA: San Andreas board and I came upon this really hypocritical racist topic and I was already upset about something and REALLY let loose on the guy. Just wondering... Has this ever happened to you? What did you do with the situation? My journal is open for comments by everybody so feel free to drop one on me.

Without music, you can't make a game right? Something a lot of people on here don't know about me is that I also play guitar and mix music like an expert. I even have a DriveZilla (300GB) dedicated to my music. My music is basically for my own enjoyment and release I also plan on putting my own stuff into my earlier game creations. (Incase you're wondering my PC cost a little over $1,000, but I have 1.2TB of storage space on this puppy.)

(Living) Guitar Heros:
- Dave Navarro
- Slash
- Zakk Wylde

EDIT: I meant to say this before, but I forgot to put it in. If you're an anime fan check out Samurai Champloo... It's GREAT and just knocked DB(Z/GT) off my top list.

Anime Update

I just got done watching all of Wolf's Rain and it was an amazing story and the animation is awsome too. In my opinion it was even better than Cowboy Bebop (when looking from a non-horny male perspective...Faye Faye ) If you haven't seen it yet... You can see the subbed version through Winamp.

Top 10 Anime List:
1.) Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
2.) Hellsing
3.) Wolf's Rain
4.) Last Exile
5.) Cowboy Bebop
6.) Blue Sub 6 (Mini-Series)
7.) Trigun
8.) Gundam Wing
9.) Outlaw Star
10.) Dragonball (All)

...Got anime I don't list? Tell me about new stuff you like! I might just like it as well.

Interesting Week

My TV that's been around since like 1982 went byebye and I'm not buying a new one until I can afford a HDTV which will come in handy for the PS3. So I've been frantically downloading TV episodes so I don't go crazy because I really can't do anything without noise. I now have like all of ATHF, Family Guy, and Harvey Birdman on my machine playing like 24 hours a day between when I play games or stream through Winamp.

Aside from that my company is really starting to blossom. By that I mean I finally have other people working for me than myself. Lol. Anyway, I'm really working hard on this rather large game that incorperates this net comic my friends have been working on. Hopefully I'll have a demo of the game ready in a couple months. The ideas really just flow like a river when a dam breaks after you find something to work with.