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My '07 Q4 Wish List (Please Rate)

Here are some must-play games for the PS3 coming out this year.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Need for Speed ProStreet
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Uncharted Drake's Fortune
Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Army of Two (I think it's this year...)
Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
The Simpsons Game
Half-Life 2 Orange Box
Time Shift

So how do you like the list? They are in no particular order by the way!

Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection Online (PS3)

Hey, I didn't make a blog post for a while so here it is and it's all about the downloadable Tekken game on the PS3. If you have a PS3 you should know that in the PSStore you can download Tekken 5 DR. Well this is old news but I just learned that the game is going online! I have the game and can't wait for it to go online. Finnaly Sony has done something intelligent (well it was boring playing against the computer). Now the game can be much better. If you have a PS3 and got this game then please share your PSNTag. Mine is Dragon4692. If anyone wants a challenge against me (the master of Tekken) then let it begin! LOL. Anyways I just can't wait for it to go online. My character is Law and he currently is only on 8th Kyu becausemy filesgot deleted and I had to start all over again.Thanks for reading!!!

Happy B'Day 2 Me...

Well, it was yesterday in the 4th but who cares!!! I can't all invite you to the birthday party but you guys can have a party right here!!! Anyways, guess what I got! I got = NINTENDO WII + PLAYSTATION 3 + HD READY TV + MCDONALDS! LOL. Very nice B'Day. Here is how I got my consoles.
PS3 = Half price from Dubai.
360 = Won it in a competition. (Now sold it)
Wii = Got it for B'Day.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day...

Need For Speed ProStreet

Yes, after a long wait and a cancelled name, the game has finally been officially announced!!! I just can't wait for it! I even am making a union for it called 'The Need For Speed ProStreet Union'. I need charter members and am accpeting offers.

Something Kinda Nice Could Happen To Me...

I just went GameStation today and saw this competition that they were holding so I decided to join... well in the competition I had to face the staff in a best of three match in Dead or Alive 4 on XBox 360. I have never owned any XBox products or played more than 10 minutes in my whole life. So I decided to just try. I was the ninja guy BTW. In the first match I button-mashed and won. In the second match I just got truly owned. In the final round I found out how to block so I blocked then hit, then block then hit; and thanks to God I won! :D:D:D:D. Anyways after that they asked for my name and number and put me in the winners list. They are going to pick one of the winners at random and give them a XBox 360 Core System + a copy of DOA4 ofcourse. So now there are only a few people I'm aginst so I have got about 20% chance of winning as I was the first person to win and the first person to befriends with the staff ;) Anyways guys and gals please wish me luck becasue this could be the first time I've actually won something in my life :?! Thanks for reading!

About Time

After a long wait which was almost 2 years I have reached level 20 and am very happy! In addition to that I've alo finished my fist line of emblems!!! Lets see what GS holds for me!

My Best Gaming Day...

A few days ago was the best day of my life, well it was in a gaming sense becasue my dad came back from Dubai and got me a PS3 which in Dubai only cost 350GBP. The PS3 was NTSC so I don't really think I can buy games from here (UK). Anyways I wasn't really expecting it and I am more looking forward to 4 June which is my b'day and on that day I am getting a Wii!!! The other good thing was that after 3 months of pre-ordering and terrifing EU delays I finnally got my favourite PS2 game ever... GOD OF WAR 2 SPECIAL EDITION! I'm soo happy I got that game and it was worth the wait. I only played 4 hours of the game and am in love with it. Another thing is that I reached 1000 posts in GS which I'm pretty proud with! :D This day was on around 25th April to 3rd May.

My Previous Absence

As you probably have noticed that I have been away since a past few weeks and for a few days haven't been posting that much but that's becuase of my internet connection which is ruined. I now have an Orange Livebox (this is a router) and now I am completly back. Anyone missed me? No? OKay... Lol.
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