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My Rant of GOTY

Game of the Year, a very interesting time. It's where we see our opinions thrown out and into a ballet for a game to win the prize that proves it the greatest game of the year. But many people are in a debate between Dark Souls and Skyrim, and though I personally enjoyed Dark Souls a lot better, Skyrim is a close second. Both games are fun and challenging, though Skyrim has a few bugs (not game-breaking like most gamers say) it's still a lot of fun and I have lost a few friends over the game :P. In the end though, I'll say this. What if my game of the year wasn't any of these games? What if it was something I enjoyed so much, I got DLC for it (trust me I NEVER get DLC) but this game, even with it's FREE DLC (a HUGE plus!) is so much fun. That game, is Portal 2.

Yes, now the haters can scream and throw tantrums because I have stepped out of the curve. Like I said, both Skyrim and Dark Souls are great games, I just enjoyed Portal more. The first time I played Portal was about three months before the sequel came out, and I loved it. I slapped down my cash to preorder the second, and waited. Now just to appeal to the shooter fans, lets get on a quick rant about the genre. This genre is about to die, five years tops. Companies like Activision would rather rake in the millions of dollars from their recycled games than do anything, I don't know, new. Companies like Epic Games with their Gears series have changed that formula and I think they put new things in each Gears game. Gears 1 had bot matches, Gears 2 had horde mode, and Gears 3 has females (probably to stop the flow of testostorone), horde mode, and the new beast mode (very nice). With Portal 2, it's different. It's 10 hours with the Portal gun, no shooter can ever beat that. Each puzzle is new and challenging, and the co-op mode is very cool (*cough*new*cough*). I'd like to see this game on 3DS, even with less fancy graphics I'm sure thinking with Portals will look good in glasses free 3D.

Portal is something I have just discovered, and is one of the best I've had in awhile. Like I said games like Dark Souls are good, I probably just haven't played it long enough to fully appreciate the time and effort put into it. And for the Witcher fans, yeah I've never played Witcher 1 OR 2, I deserve a slap in the face for that one :D. Anyway, I'll play more Dark Souls (Skyrim and Portal 2 have stolen a lot of my time :P) I'll let you guys know if I've changed my mind.

OnLive vs. Steam

To sum everything up in a few words, OnLive is one the greatest services ever created. To tell the truth, it's the equivalent of Steam, except it has more mainstream games and lets you play every game on there for free for 15-30 minutes. You will find some highly independant games, like Alien: Vengeance (though that's a very bad game), but in the end, it caters to the normal buyer. At first, it didn't really have to many games, but now it's loaded with them. I've only used the computer version (because it's free) not the home console, but I'm sure both are good, I just appreciate the computer controls better than a controller, but the controller does actually have a pretty sleek design from what I've seen.

Trials include, like I said, 15-30 minutes of game time. It depends on how long a game is, and unlike most other demos, you actually play the game from the beginning, instead of one area in the game. You can even play multiplayer on most games, but Ubisoft likes to lure you in to buying their games becausedon't let you play multiplayer on the trial. Other than that, you can rent a game for 3 or 5 days, or buy it. I've only rented one game and that was Alpha Protocol, and now I love it! I'm getting it for PS3 but I think it's better for PC because it's an RPG and hotkeys, form experience, are needed in games like those.

I only recently started using Steam and I bought TF2, Portal, and Garry's Mod all for about 20 bucks, a very good price. The only bad thing I noticed was the to run Garry's Mod, you have to have a game running off Valve's engine, so I had to buy TF2 for an extra five bucks, not bad but annoying. You may be asking, "Why is he talking about Steam now? Did he forget what he was reviewing?" And no I did not. I'm just getting ready to compare them. If anything, Steam should be used if you want to see some hidden gems in the independant gaming universe, and OnLive should be for mainstream consumers. Steam seems to crash on mac (that's me!) and OnLive only has a few dropped frames at some points. Pulling games from OnLive's personal cloud seems much better and faster than waiting for hours to buy a game from Steam. In the end, should you get OnLive or Steam? Both are free for the program itself, that's a plus. OnLive even has it's own personal home console, that should actually increase sales. Steam has a more independant library, but OnLive has it's share of indies, like Amnesia or The Ball. Steam only has a limited amount of games for Mac, but a lot for Windows, because it's been on Windows longer. True, I could open Parallels and get Steam for Windows, but I shouldn't have to. OnLive has an equal amount of games for Windows and Mac, a good thing. You can even play games meant for PC on a Mac, a HUGE plus. You can save clips from your games (a maximum of 10 seconds) and share them with other people, and you can even watch people as they play the game live! I think Steam can save clips (I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong) but I know you can't watch other people. Both programs have a friend system, which is cool.

In my opinion though, I think you should get OnLive. It's a fairly new programs, subect to possible bugs, but it does a lot of things right, like a good mix of mainstream with indie games. And because of it's console, I think it will appeal to a lot of other gamers too. That's my review

MW3 Review Up

Yes, I know :shock:

The dullest game ever created, and i played it for about two days :cool:

I don't feel like posting a link, sorry ;)

But it's there if you want to take a look at it, I think it's one of my best, though that's saying nothing :P

3 Years Later, and I'm Still Here...Why?

Three years ago I joined a site that still has a special place in my heart to this day, Gamespot, you may have heard of it. Why? Well during this time I was grounded and the only thing I could use was my computer, and at the time I found this site a couple months ago and really liked it, but never joined. I did then and I'm glad I did. Thinking about it now, if my parents didn't let me use this computer, I may have just forgotten this site and never made an account. Anyway, I made a review, and I discovered I really enjoy talking about games. A couple months later I was able to ue everything again and I started doing review after review. I never got bored, and never quit. I love it so much I'm actually thinking of making video reviews on my Youtube channel too. This was all back in 8th grade, and in my Junior year at high school I never stopped doing daily visits on this site for news, videos, reviews, and of course, reviews. As many of my friends know, I disappear a lot and don't have any activity for a couple months. I plan on not doing that again, but I might still disappear for a couple days at times. Recently I discovered that there has been massive trolling in this community of intelligent gamers, most of these people are from Youtube and never have any expirience with actual debating or are so ignorant they don't want to listen and repeat the same thing without even thinking of how idiotic they look. This hasen't stopped me from being on this site, though it disappoints me, since when I joined, there was little to no trolling on game's pages and everyone was fun and easy to talk to. After all this change that's occured through Gamespot, such as new layouts and a new community of gamers, I'm still on here. As I type this I laugh at my thoughts that I'm an elder of the Gamespot forums, even though I realize there are people who have been here much longer than I have. I appreciate the hard work of the Gamespot editors and that they still post new informations almost every day. Even though my interests have changed, I'm maturing into adulthood, and I'm leaving high school soon, I'll still probably visit this site and hope the greatest community of gamers I've ever witnessed never dies.

Greg Hastings Paintball 2-Revisted (Count this as my return to reviews)

My last review, a little paintball sim called Greg Hastings Paintball 2, was probably one of the worst games I've ver played. But while waiting for Rage, I decided to revisit this garbage to see if there was anything I missed while trying to stand the crap Greg was flinging out my screen. One thing I missed is the pretty damn good strategy put into the team management system. Like I said, rookies are free, and anyone above level is a trillion more dollars. But what I didnt see was the upgrade system for your players. I didn't notice this because I was really pissed about losing 20 bucks. There are about 15 skills into the skill tree, and if you dont have the extra 1000 bucks to spend, you can't give these skills to all players, so you gotta choose which one deserves which skill. Each skill unlocked makes each player more valuable. So if you got jacked and accidentely got a crappy player, you can give him a skill, and get 700 bucks from him. Another thing is that after the update, the color scheme for speedsball and recball got WAY better. In the original review, I said speedsball and recball were bland and dull, and looked the same. Well I saw a number of different colors, so thats good.

Graphics, sounds, guns, controls, background, still horrible.

So there you have it! After 3 months of no review, I decided to go the cheapscape's way and do a revisit for a crappy game that got slightly better. What do I give it know?

Eh, 4.5/10, trust me, I feel like even this score is too generous.

The Great Game Debate (A Must Read)

We have a ton of games coming this Fall that each has it's own fanbase, which sparks a ton of fanboy arguments, the biggest being of course, Modern Warfare 3. Truthfully, I think that I'm going to ignore this one. Yes, the game looks alright and the new Spec Ops Survival mode looks pretty sweet, but, I'm not sure if multiplayer is going to be any different. Activision isn't going to release any information until September (A month before release, an obvious way to get last minute fans.) At Call of Duty Expo, which actually sounds cool. There's going to be a paintball recreation of Scrapyard (MW2) and info on MW3. I might go, but probably not. Battlefield 3 of course scraps the Bad Company idea, and adds a lot of stuff to make it more realistic, like lens flares and better graphics. Batman Arkham City, this is the real s***. I've seen gameplay after gameplay, read article after article, and I'm excited. A more open world, better platforming, Catwoman, better combat, better Riddler challenges, and random side missions (think muggings and abductions from Infamous 2.) Rage is another and looks badass. Best way to describe this game is a better version of Fallout. Tomb Raider, Vita, Uncharted 3, all these games will be and shall be debated over, except Uncharted 3 for some reason, seems everyone wants that game :P.

But, lets start a gigantic debate, right here and now. Everyone come down to the comments and argue about all the coming games, downloadable too. Lets start a fanboy riot! I'll get it started....

Modern Warfare 3's graphics suck so much! It looks like crap swirling in the toilet.

Opinions? ;)

Some Updates :P

Im still working on the adventures, already got a few planned. I'll say that my first one is going to do with either Perfect Dark or shooters everyone is playing today, like Black Ops and Reach.

Anyway, I put on some more original profile pictures, my new user pic and banner are pretty sweet actually 8). I'm starting to play Wii again and rediscovered MySims Agents, my favorite game on there :D. I also play CoD Reflex Edition too so if you have it, lets hit it up and play some TDM or a gamemode a Rank 8 player can play :P.

I have a new Youtube channel called gamepromotions, go check it out for some of the most AMAZING fan-made trailers iMovie can make ;).

I saw Cars 2 awhile ago and thought it was okay, not as good as the first, but the action was almost as violent as Kung-Fu Panda, and that's a pretty action-packed animated series :).

I'm still trying to see Harry Potter (OH NO HE DID'NT!) but I might not (OH HE'ALL NAW!) since I'm trying to clean my house right now, moving to Arizona sometime soon :cry:.

Anyway, after I finish this, I'll work on my first episode in gaming...adventuring? So have a nice day and please don't hate me :P

I'm Back and Thoughts on E3 2011

Hey guys, I've been gone again for months, mainly because my computer kept crashing and I had to get a new one, and I'll get an adventure done soon once I research and play some games, but anyway, lets talk E3.

My main concern with expressing my opinions over E3 is that whenever someone overall likes one press conference, every has to jump up and claim fanboy. I'm gonna do that, but not for the reason that I'm only 17 and can't afford to buy a 360 and have to automatically like Sony like most of the stupid teens on Youtube. I just like my PS3, not Sony itself. My PS3 can do most anything that the Xbox can, I can go on netflix, watch movies, go on a marketplace, play games (Which is the whole reason we buy a game system anyway people!) Who gives a damn about party chat on Xbox, I surely don't care, it's just an easier way to talk with friends. But, lets get off this subject and start talking E3, for real this time.

So by far the worst conference was Nintendo's and their dumb little WiiU. My first question, "Who gives a f*ck?" My second, "What the hell is it?" No answer for either. I don't know if it's a handheld device or just a way to play Wii games "easier." Why do I want to look away from the Legend of Zelda to look at my inventory? It's just bs. But, why even do this? Why not improve on the Wii instead of your DS? Seriously, stop trying to make the 3DS 100x bigger like the DSi, improve on the first reason people followed your company, the Wii! Still waiting on that Wii HD Nintendo.

Next, well Microsoft. I really hated this one too because they kept trying to sell that retarded Kinect with every bad actor in the world. Like two grown men yelling at each other to play football. That wouldn't happen with me and my buddy. If we ever played football on our TV, we would immediately punch each other and go outside and play with the three dollar football we got from Wall-Mart instead of spending fifty on a game. We didn't get any new Xbox exclusives besides two new Halos and one of them is a remake, so basically one new Halo game. Sure, most of the anticipated games were at this conference, but that's because they were first up.

Sony's was the best one, but it wasn't great, oh no no no, nobody's perfect. They kept trying to sell their stupid Move. Really, no one cares about Move, no one likes it, no one wants it. Surprisingly people like Kinect even though it's basically an EyeToy. They had a ton of new stuff though like Uncharted, a new Silent Hill Collection, Vita and all the games coming on there. Sony did a great job this year, but all the fanboys will probably shun them and just insult them over the system being down even though that ended two months ago GROW UP PEOPLE.

Anyway, those are my opinions, please don't hate me. :D

UPDATE: yeah, I missed Gears 3, you can hate me now :P

Update-New movies, games, and announcement!

Well before my next project that I'll announce, these are the movies that I have seen/played recently :D


1.Water for Elephants

I thought this was pretty good, but my opinion doesn't really count here because I came into this with LOW expectations. But I liked it, it showed the true horror of the circus back then and I thought Reese Witherspoon and Robert Patterson did good jobs. The elephant was adorable and deadly (the ending shows why) and it was just a great transition from book to movie, like the Lincoln Lawyer, which was one of THE BEST books I've ever read. Problems? Yeah there was one, which was the guy who played August (the ringmaster) had such a THICK accent, go watch the movie, and then compare it to Tommy Wiseau's. But yeah pretty good film


2.Madea's Big Happy Family

Madea movies get worse and worse every time they come around, just take last year's I Can Do Bad All by Myself, which wasn't funny and made no sense. This entry was one of the more decent ones, where it had more than 10 minutes of Madea, was funny, and didn't have that bad of a script. So the story is that Mama has cancer again, she wants to tell everyone over dinner, but everyone is having their own TP diva moments, until Madea sets them straight, and then Mama dies, the end? Nah, but it saved you the hour of shoot and miss writing.


3.The Switch

REALLY? Another one of these cute little romantic comedies with B-List celebs? Yeah well at least there was some originality because it wasn't like teen pregnancy or accidental sex, Jason Bateman just gets high and spills some white stuff, so a couple years later, JASON HAS A SON! Add the kid from the Nanny Diaries and you get a decent romance movie, I exclude comedy because it just wasn't funny, it was just cute!



1.Heavenly Sword

I've had this game ever since it came out, and I never really touched it. Now that I have, I love it! It was one of the GREATEST GAMES ON THE PS3! You say that it's a God of War clone, I say yep! But what is wrong with that? It actually had some epic parts, and it actually used Sony's Sixaxis RIGHT, with the aftertouch effect, which is like say, you throw a sword, hold down square and you can control the direction it goes. You say it has no original parts, I say, you try shooting a crossbow, while hanging upside down, while there are guards shooting at you! You also try to attack the game with, it has a crappy script, I say, LIES! This is the second best game story that I have played, right behind the Dead Space series. About half the game is cutscenes, and not to mention, I believed everything in here could've happened in real life! They said that Kai was scared of the tranny chasing her, I said, I am too! I actually felt like crying when SPOILER! Oops, sorry. Well yeah, Heavenly Sword is great, you guys HAVE TO GET IT. Any issues? Yeah I don't need to hear all of the bad guy's sex puns, and that Roach came outta his wife, who is also a snake/fish lady, that's what we call in the hood a DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!


Alright, my big announcement, I am done with reviewing games, instead, I'll do adventures! This means I'll cover maybe a whole series in ONE blog! This means I can do Perfect Dark, Mass Effect, etc. I'll also have some events planned after a couple adventures. I've tried this before, I could just never get the games done in a specific time slot, since I'll try to do one every week. I've found the time to do these, so get ready, the first one is next week!

HINT-A gangster game most people hated when compared to GTA4

Review Marathon- Data Design Games (Done, Thankfully)

I'm going to do another review marathon for games from Data Design Interactive, probably the worst game developers in history. I expect some of these games, if not all, to get low scores, but of course, I have to play them. So yeah, here is the list

Anubis II-Done, Score-1/10

Action Gurlz Racing-Done, Score-1/10

Billy the Wizard: Broomstick Racing-Done, Score-1/10

Ninjabread Man-Done, Score-1/10

Mini Desktop Racing-Done, Score-1/10