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Games ....Actually!

So if you read my blogs regularly you may find that I talk about games very little so here we go with some gaming ...woo etc .

I finished my job the other day and my master plan is to go back to college . I have an interview on the 14th and the course starts on the 27th I think . Hopefully I'll get in . Have an apartment to move in to with the gf and 2 friends who are another couple . should be a pretty good party flat and also should be fine for peace when studying ...hopefully . It's a pretty swanky pad in the centre of Edinburgh . I'll be moving 150 miles-ish . The apartment has underground parking , it's own electronic security system and some form of gym inside .
Anyway because I have alot more free time from now till the end of August I can actually start playing games again and I did yesterday .

Started Borderlands for the first time and I was pretty impressed ,Only played about half an hour but looks like It's a decent game but I dont think I have the time for it even without a job :O haha . I can only play a couple hours of games a day max and then I feel kind of weird and have to go outside and do something .

Next I played some Heavy Rain . I think I'm closer to the end and should be able to finish it in the next day or two .Pretty good story . I mean you don't really have to do much playing but it does make you feel more of a part of it . And when I had to climb through the dark tunnels across broken glass I did feel like I was actually doing it for real .

Been playing a classic ps2 game aswel . DOA2 . It's still an awesome game . And the thing I personally like about fighting games is they are short so perfect for a wee half hour session a day .

I still need to complete FFXIII but I'm stuck on some gay boss so havn't played it in a while . Its the guy that basically grows wings after revealing he is a falcie . cant remember his name ..something like virgill maybe ? Another long game so again not sure if I'll ever complete . I have alot of games waiting to be played/ finished .

Heavy Rain(Almost Finished
Little Big planet 2(near the start)
FFXIII (halfway maybe ? )
Borderlands ( near the start)
FFXII-2 (Havn't played yet
Dead Rising 2 (Almost Finished)
Saints row 3 (Not very far in )
Grand Theft Auto IV (Near the start)
Red Dead Redemption (Near the start)
BioShock (Havn't played yet )
Resistence (near the start)
Call of Duty 4 ( near the start)
Uncharted 2 ( About halfway I think )

Heavy Rain will be done very soon but then dont know what to play and time is scarce .
Anyway I am away out to go running . I'll keep you's updated on the games and any advice would be appreciated :) .
Cheers and see ya .
and I still have Snakeeater to complete (I wasn't even at The Pain yet )and Peacewalker to actually start from MGS HD Collecton
So basically the back catalogue from hell .

Another Fuc*ing SHALALALA

Hey Everyone . To start off if you like what you read here why not ask your friends to come along and comment too :), as They say the more the merrier. Except in porn ..............................Especially in porn.

So I couldn't find an actual picture of this but for those of you with the dirtiest of minds ... Enjoy ^
100 Black Men , 1 Bat Man and Rebecca Black Man or Woman ?

So did anyone hear about the Story of a Canadian girl who applied for a job at York University through email but instead of sending her cover letter and resume , She accidently attached a funny picture of Nicolas Cage looking crazy .

It is quite simply genius . Who wouldn't hire the person that sent that beast of a photo in . Also this could defo start a trend of who can send the funniest face to Employers .
I think this wee doozy would get you any job you wanted


So we are are well in to summer now ( Not that you would notice here in Scotland) . I've already been to 2 music Festivals and seen the likes of Mystery Jets , The Drums , Mumford and Sons ,Wretch 32 , Metronomy ,The View , The Rifles ,Deadmau5 , Biffy Clyro , Knife party , The Blackout ,Enter Shikari , Noel Gallagher,The Stone Roses , Swedish House Mafia ,Miles Kane ,Chase & Status , Bombay Bicycle Club ,Kaiser Chiefs,The Cribs ,Pulled apart by horses ,Major Lazer and Nicki Minaj ( Who was shockingly awful!)

The festivals were Rockness and T in the Park and both were awesome . Although weather conditions at T meant it stopped becoming a field and instead became a massive mud swamp , as you can see below haha .

However the mud and rain did not stop people from banging in the mud and rain and I even seen one fat slag sucking some dude off in the mud (must have been hungry) haha .
Altogether I spent about £900 or 1405 $'s on these 2 Festivals but was worth it for the campsite banter and amazing music that I'll never forget. I've been to Rockness 6 years in a row and T 2 years in a row .

Defo fancy Ibiza next year or Hideout Festival in Croatia .
I've applied for College to do Interactive Media and my plan is to quit my job in 2 weeks , have a month to myself and then move 150 miles away to Edinburgh, move in to an apartment with my gf who attends Uni there and start college . I havn't actually got in to college yet tho so I guess that could be a problem ...
Hopefully it all goes to plan .
What is everyone elses plans for summer ... Holiday, Music Festival ?and are you also moving away to pursue further education or maybe to get a job ?

I wish I lived somewere hotter so I could go down a beach and chill out in the sun with a cheeky wee bbq and watch crazy old homeless men stick fish up their arse .....I mean WHAT?

And in very short gaming news - I got bored last night , stuck FIFA on and decided I would try and make the MLS interesting so I edited David Beckham's stats to 99 making him the best player in the game and then I added some of the top players in the world around the teams like Messi , Ronaldo , Pique , Xavi ,Pirlo , Lampard etc
and tonight I will start a league and see what it's like . Should defo be interesting!


Anyway our time is up for now . I'm going to try and blog more often on this . Leave any suggestions in the comments about what you'd like me to talk about and feel free to post photos of yourselves in your best Bikini haha .

Catch you's all later .

Brighten Up

Hey everyone . Got a few topics to discuss today . First off Spain beat Portugal on penalties last night to go through to the final of Euro 2012. The main talking point was that Portugals best player Cristiano Ronaldo did not get to take one .They were saving him to be the 5th penalty taker but after missing 2 of their penalties they were out before he had a chance to take one .
Which leads to this debate do you save your best till last or go all out from the start ?
I would say all out from the start except in the bedroom, you goota get some Barry White on and work that thing slow bro .
Like this fellow

Started playing Final Fantasy XIII again . It's so long tho , I mean I think it's a perfectly good game despite the negative reviews it got . But RPG's are always a bit of a slog . Anyway there is 2 games I quite fancy buying .
No More Heroes : Heroes Paradise and Lollipop Chainsaw . These games both look pretty sweet and funny aswel . Cheerleader , Zombies , Chainsaw ... What's not to like ?

If anyone owns/ has played either game I'd like your opinions .

Also any suggestions for a good, cheap ps3 game ?

Time for the Football , Hope everyone has a good night . ciao

Sorry you're not a winner

Hey everyone . Just thought I'd do something a little different in this quick blog .
Ok so you play games right ? Yes! So you are perhaps familiar with the classic Game Over screen .


The beauty of games tho is that you can press start and try again .But what about real life situations ?
Is being turned down for a job the equivalent of a game over screen ? Or how about when the person you want to date just wants to be friends , Is there a metaphorical game over screen staring you in the face ?

Are failures in life just fate or is there a way to "win" in these situatuations . Perhaps some people are more prone to "losing" than others . Anyone remember that one kid in school who was great at sports , got straight A's, was very popular with males and females alike and came from a wealthy family . Is someone like this just born to be succesful without even trying or did this person have to work hard to be like that?.Is there people who are born to fail at everything in life and more importantly is there any way to change things in your favour.

Fact is there is no answer to this , Maybe your life is already mapped out for you from the moment you are born to the moment you are gone . Or maybe every decision you make can effect your own future and the possibilites and limits are endless for whoever is willing enough to try . After all everyone is bound to see the Game Over screen at somepoint , It's those that try again who succeed .

Anyway it's like 2 am here so hence the shortness of this blog . Just wanted to share this as the thought came in to my head when I was lying in bed. Please share your opinions / experiences etc
cheers ...good night! :P

Pokemon - Gotta Catch Them All

So after mucking about with Gold last night .I thought I'd make a blog celebrating the craze that is and was

Now If you ask most 90s kids about their fondest memories of growing up , Then one of them is bound to be Pokémon .

Starting off as 2 Game Boy games called Pocket Monsters Aka and Midori in Japan which were released in Febuary 1996 . The games then came out in North America in September 1998 and Europe in October 1999 as Pokémon Red and Blue.
These games focused on a young boy who leaves home on an adventure to become the best Pokémon trainer in the land , after he recieves his first Pokémon from Professor Oak and is asked to go out and record all Pokémon data in his Pokédex.The aim of the game is to travel to the world , Beat the 8 gym leaders which earns you the 8 gym badges required to take on the elite four . The 4 greatest Pokémon trainers of their time .

New Pokemon could be caught by first weakening them with your Pokemon and then using a Poke ball to catch the Pokémon. Along the way you would meet and catch new Pokémon and often have to stop the schemes of Team Rocket. There was a total of 151 Pokémon and the main achievement and addiction of the game was to catch them all . However because there were 2 versions of the game that were near identical but with some Pokémon exclusive to each version . You would need to swap Pokémon with a friend who had the other version in order to catch them all . This was done using a link cable to connect 2 Game Boys together .


The games became a huge hit and lots of kids started buying Game Boys just to be able to play them (I know I did)

Due to the success of the games, An Animated TV Series based on the games was created . It followed Ash Ketchum , a boy from Pallet town (The first town in the game) who gets a Pikachu (Who became the flag ship character of the franchise) and starts an adventure to be the greatest Pokémon trainer ever . On the way he befreinds two gym leaders, Brock and Misty . Ash also frequantly runs in to Team Rocket who are made up of Jesse , James and a talking Meowth. And has to stop there evil deeds that usually involve stealing other Pokémon or his own Pikachu. The popularity of the TV Series led to a Pokémon movie being produced and shown in cinemas World Wide.


Pokémon trading cards came out . Which were cards of Pokémon displaying health , and abilities of that Pokemon and were used to battle against other peoples cards

They became a massive craze in the late 90s . Suddenly every kid everywhere had Pokémon cards . There were shops were you could go and battle against other people or trade cards . By far the biggest part of the cards were trading the cards that you had more than 1 of for new ones that you didn't have or for your favourite Pokémon .I remember going out on my bike and searching for people to swap cards with .There were also shiny cards that were rarer and highly saught after by collectors of the cards. But by far the most saught after was the shiny Charizard which im pretty sure sold for ridiculous amounts of money at the time .

The franchise dipped down quite a lot in popularity after around 2001 and will never again be the massive craze it was in the 90s. But it continues to be a succesful franchise and has since spawned a total of 648 different Pokémon, 43 games, 15 seasons of the Anime show . 15 movies . The trading cards continue to come out for new Pokémon and there are various toys and merchandise.

I loved Pokémon from when I was about 9 until around 12ish when it kind of stopped being cool. I gave away all my cards , toys, stickers, magazines and my beloved Pikachu teddy to my wee cousin who destroyed them all. Sold some of my games . The only Pokémon stuff I kept were my Blue and Yellow games which I still have and which are still awesome games . Kind of regret just giving all my stuff away as I could have hung on to them . I think looking through that stuff now would be pretty sweet and I could have even sold them on to someone who would value and take care of them .

Anyway Pokémon will always have a special place in my heart . And a good number of my childhood years were as a huge fan .

Anyone elses memories will be appreciated .

Till next time Ciao :P

Happy May 15th!

Hey everyone
Is anyone watching the NBA Playoffs ? I can't really watch games live since I live in Scotland so their on at like 3 in the morning for me and also they are not broadcast on tv so I have to find links online to watch them... groan . But I am following it and I do the Fantasy Game every year . Tonight my pick is David West . Think the Thunder could win the finals this year and the Sixers could well be the dark horse of the Eastern Conference .


Don't play with my style I might sting ya

On Sunday the Football season ended and Manchester City were crowned champions after Manchester United had thought they had won it , Only for city to score 2 goals in the last 3 minutes of injury time to beat a 10 man QPR side that were winning 2-1. A lot of the city fans had already left their stadium thinking the match and league had been lost but then climbed over gates to get back in when they found out they had won .Big drama but as a Chelsea fan I don't like either team .

Kind of started watching Scrubs again . Forgot how actually awesome a show it was . I would say Season 4 is my favourite , and that is what I'm currently working through .


You see, surgical and medical interns are kinda like two rival gangs. Not real gangs, more like those cheesy gangs you see in Broadway musicals.

Other tv shows I like include How I Met Your Mother , Family Guy , American Dad , The Big Bang Theory and of course the two 90s classics Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Saved By The Bell .

Now Playing:


Beat 2 and wow ! Forgot just how good it was . It's still brilliant 10 years later . A true masterpiece . And now I'm on to Snake Eater , My favourite of The Metal Gear Series . You play as Big Boss which is bad ass and it's in a jungle .. what more do you want ? Amazing boss fights ,graphics , story , gameplay , voice acting and a very catchy theme song also included .
Can't wait to crack on with Snake Eater and get on to Peace Walker which I have never played . Overall this collection is Legen-wait for it - dary!


A truly classic game . For me Pokemon was and always will be Blue/Red/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal . Not in to the newer games or remakes of the old ones . For me the first 6 games are as good as it gets . And what incredable games they were . The originals started the whole Pokemon craze of Cartoons , Trading Cards , Movies and tons of other merchandise.
So started mucking about on Gold tonight , it's a pretty awesome game but for me Blue was the best and I may give that a replay sometime soon .

Still haven't completed Final Fantasy XIII which means XIII-2 remains unopend and I pretty much wasted my money pre -ordering it before release urghh. But yeah I vow to trudge on with it one day . I'm pretty bad at neglecting games I have Heavy Rain , Borderlands and Bioshock that I picked up a year ago and have never played .

And this last parts for all the people that can be botherd reading through my blogs time and time again . I want to chat to you guys more maybe we could even do some online gaming if you have PS3/ If I can be botherd . But yeahh chat me up people .
Until next time Ciao :P

Been away for a while

Alrite hows it going ?

Recently seen Enter Shikari and Young Guns . It was a pretty epic gig and one of the better ones I've been to. Debating on wether to go to Miles Kane on Monday or not . I'll see him at least once in the summer anyway . Apart from that my next gig is The Cribs on 11th of May .

I'm having a pretty decent week . Had an epic wasted night out on saturday pre - jager bombed it always makes it more exciting when you do go out, Mostly a blackout but what I remember was pretty awesome . Then it was my 23rd birthday on Monday ... wow I feel old . Got some money and afershave of the parents and my gf got me a pretty awesome camera Fujifilm Finepix F550 with a 16gb memory card aswel . Looks like a beast . I needed a good camera for upcoming gigs and festivals since my current one wasn't giving me the photos I wanted . She also got me MGS HD Collection which I'll be putting on shortly and baked me a cake .

I never used to understand thefascination with Harry Potter . Was never interested in the movies at all . But then I found out I could get all the books on the kindle reader on my phone . So thought what the hell and I'm so glad I did . Read the first 2 books and loved them . Chamber of Secrets blew me away , had me quite creeped out and glued to the plot from start to finish . Quality book . Going to start the 3rd one soon . And I normally don't really read books .

Earlier tonight one of the 2 Football teams (Soccer for you across the pond urghh) I support - Chelsea were playing in the Champions league semi-final agaisnt Barcelona .

The team currently hailed as the best in the world.It was always going to be a tough game for us but we played with heart, we defended with every bit of energy we could muster , throwing our bodies on the line in order to protect our keeper . Playing tight and working as a team in little packs like wolves . Trying to herd the ball to safety . Away from the wizardry and trickery of the Barcelona players dancing down the wings with the ball as if glued to their feet . Floating in precisley hit passes , destined to meet their target . Destined to end up in the back of our net . But with a bit of luck and a lot of team effort we overcame . We survived barrage after barrage and we even managed to score a triumphent goal of our own to win 1-0 . But alas the job is only half done . Next week we will have to travel to Spain , Play in the fortress that is Camp Nou and be prepared to face the best team in the world going all out to prevail .

Should be a cracking game of Football!

And while we are on the subject of football . One of the players who used to play for my other team Rangers .Has just started playing for the Portland Timbers in the MLS . His name is Kris Boyd and he has started well . So I'm pretty happy for him because despite being the top scorer in the SPL he was always a bit under rated here in Scotland and sometimes made fun off for being lazy . But his job was to score goals and score goals he did . And is doing over in America .

He is currently out of the Scotland national team because of a fall out with the manager but we need him back . He's the best goalscorer we have and he needs his chance .

Anyway back to MGS . I think I'll start on the 2nd one . Pretty awesome game although my favourite was Snake Eater. I think they nailed it with that game . The terrific theme song , the excellent boss fights , and the jungle setting was just epic .

Got a scan at the hospital on Friday to hopefully find out what is wrong with me . I'll mention it in a blog once I know .

Also anyone that's in to Indie , check out The Cast of Cheers - Animals . Awesome video and very good song .

Until next time goodbye :p

I be back :)

Hey all ! Havn't blogged in a while so here we go . Now my last blog was moaning about feeling ill and while I'm still not fixed I do feel a bit better than I was last month . Last month was terrible ,Doctors still havn't got back to me on test results so I need to go in and chat to them and also need to hit opticians since my eyes are feeling pretty bad .But apart from that I'm feeling pretty excited for summer coming in . Got 2 awesome music festivals to look forward too and a possible holiday with the lovely gf :) .Bands , drinking and munching down amazing food all in the sunshine - can't wait!

So the plan is get back to full health , Get the abs of steel back for summer and have the best summer ever!

Just need to start applying for new jobs / college courses as my current job is a dead end terrible job .

Anyway now playing:

The Sly Trilogy - Amazing game . For reasons I will never know I didn't actually own any Sly games on ps2 and what a mistake it was . I completed the first game and it was such a cool game with some great bosses and characters and a half decent story aswel. The graphics are really good actually and the audio fits the game perfectly .Now I'm working on Sly 2. If you played the old games on ps2 and liked them then I highly reccomend this collection and if like me you ever played them on ps2 then get this game and you will be suprised at how wonderful it is .

Uncharted 2 - I never played the first one . And actually orderd the first one but got sent 2 instead so I'm just going to play this and then do the first one . I cant really say much about this game as I've only played about 20 minutes of it . But it basically seems like Tomb Raider but with a man and the graphics and story seem amazing from what I have seen .Looking forward to playing more of this when I get a chance.

Not sure when I'll next have time to game right enough as I will be working the next 10 days in a row :( grrrr and then on the 10th day straight after work , I will be heading on the 5 hour journey to stay with the gf for a couple days and go see Enter Shikari and do some partying .

Oh and before I forget . If you like animated comedies and havn't seen the newest season of American Dad then get watching .It is pretty brilliant . I kind of gave up on American Dad after the last couple seasons wern't great . But then I seen reviews saying how good the newest season was so I took the plunge and thought I would give one episode a try . I quickly seen what the reviews were talking about as the first episode was just pure genius and I am now on the 7th and they have all been great so far . So yeah go watch it .(Roger is still annoying tho )

Happy Belated Valentines :P . And my personal struggle .

So yeah the 14th was valentines day and all that mushy stuff :P . Me and my gf actually celebrated it with a lovely romantic dinner and wine on Saturday as we couldn't be together for valentines , Currently being 135 miles apart as she is at Uni in Edinburgh . We did send each other cards for the proper day tho and gifts that havn't been deliverd to either of us yet . Damn you Royal Mail :|.

Anyway I thought I would give you a quick update on my life .Now I havn't shared this on here before but over the last 16 months I've noticed my health deterioating. It started out as feeling tired alot more than normal and for no reason , having sore eyes some days and noticing I was going to the toilet slightly more than my usual once every couple days .Those things gradually got worse . But over the last 6 or so months thats all escalted to unbearable levels and is ruining my life .

I've went from a very social guy that loved playing sports , Going to the gym and a good night out .Was overall pretty strong and toned to a guy that feels as weak as a small mouse . I quit the gym in December as my body just couldn't work out anymore .I sufffer aches and sharp pains throughout my body tho the lower part of my spine and my constant abdominal pain are the worst . My eyes feel like they have chlorine in them all the time and they always hurt . some days are especially terrible and I now have constant black circles under my eyes . I wake up feeling exhausted even tho I usually get a good sleep around 8 or 9 hours.And I am tired all the time so tired that it takes so much effort for me to do anything anymore. Even walking is becoming a chore .Also I find myself going to the toilet for number 2s about 3-4 times a day . sometimes a little more and it never looks right. they are often these small weird peelings and sometimes there is blood . I've been to the doctors about it and just yesterday I was at the hospital getting a camera up my bum to check my bowel which btw was one of the most unpleasant experinces of my life as they did it while I was awake and gave me nothing for the pain . But they didn't find anything majorly wrong . Honestly feel like every good thing inside my body is being drained away.Also I am 22 , Am about the perfect weight for my height and age and eat a pretty balanced and healthy diet... :(

Lets get naked and have a wang fight!

Haha wang . What a word :P.

Anyone use IGN? . I set up a profile about 30 mins ago and currently have 0 followers :O . oh the shame!

But being that I am an absolute Banter-Machine I'm sure the follows will come piling in ..... or not

Anyway if you have IGN why not give me a wee gander and follow . And if you don't use IGN . Have a wee nosey anyway . It seems a lot better than GS already.http://people.ign.com/hervoand you can perv on my pretty face :p

So any takers on the wang fight , Or the female equivalent?

They're were girls on my Facebook that didn't know what the Superbowl was . Someone managed to convince them that it was a soup making competition har har . My face was like

Oh wait who put my cum face up there ^ ...damn it

Anyway I'm still trekking through Final Fantasy XIII .It can be a little bit of a slog like .But I'm enjoying it more as I get further in to it . And it's always awesome when Snow is about .

I have come to the conclusion that every girl in it is fit . Hell even Fang would get rattled and I dont even know what it is! Is there a big ass johnson hiding in her pants ? If that were the case I'm not sure if i'd run home to mummy or take one for the team .

Oh yeah found a tatoo that I wouldn't mind getting . It's zelda hearts . A bit geeky I guess . But hell if it's good enough for Deadmau5 it's good enough for me .

Not sure where I'd get it right enough . Maybe on the ball sack or face ;)

Anyway I'm off to drink tequila and dance naked to Vengaboys ...Like a boss!

Peace out :P

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