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Dying Light: A game breathing new life into the zombie genre.

Zombies have always been a popular choice among the living(See what I did there). Let it be books, movies, tv shows or games. The undead have always had the ability to entertain us. But with success comes the danger of repetition. Just look at the FPS Genre, struggling to find any innovation to inject new life into their games. The zombie genre is going through something very similar. It is stuck in generic and redundant hell! But you can't really blame the devs for not having innovation as their primary agenda. Most games featuring Zombies or monstrosities similar to the zombie design have been financially successful regardless of their critical success. Resident Evil, the Dead Island and the Dead Rising series are the prime examples. Actually, the entity, that are the undead is so powerful that it can even boost the sales of games that are sub-par at best. Just, Look up Resident Evil 6 and Dead Island:Riptide. If I were to summarise what I stated above. It would mean, that the Zombie Genre has become too.......safe. With Financial success almost guranteed, devs are hesistant to risk something that would alter the mantra for success. But there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Dying Light, Dead Island developer Techlands new zombie IP is brave enough to take risks with the undead. Trying to combine the unorthodox combination of Parkour and zombies. Present on IGN is a 12 minute long gameplay footage of Techlands new game. And it does not dissapoint. Dying Light, has two features that seperate it from the rest of the crowd. The first, is Parkour. The idea of Prakour, is not unknown to Video games. We've seen it in Assassin's Creed(3rd Person) and Mirror's Edge( 1st Person). But this is the first time, you will be parkouring in a post-apocolyptic zombie infested world. And from the footage that I just witnessed, the parkour looks amazingly smooth and satisfying. It is wonderfully fluid and flexible- the movements aren't clunky and your character glides over obstacles with wonderful grace. You aren't limited to certain objects, the whole game world is open and ready to be explored. The side-advatage to having such a mechanics is that, it offers a different approach to a zombie game. My main complaint with Dead Island was that the melee combat was very rough and unsatisfying. It felt clunky, unpolished and the problems remains in Dying Light. But it does not restrict it because you have the option to use this new mechanics to run(in a fun way!) instead of slogging your way through the combat system. The ability to choose how you can approach the zombies and the game world that holds them,is uncharted territory for zombie titles. 

The second reason, is something very interesting. Come nightfall, the infected will mutate into an unstoppable force. In previous zombie titles. The undead were just antagonists whose skulls needed to meet your baseball bat. But Dying Light, will not offer you that luxury, well atleast at night it won't. Over the couse of the gamplay footage, the character is worried that the sun was going down and when the darkness swallowed the flames of the sun, the infected were cut loose. You are pushed into a corner because now they are stronger than you. For the first time, you will actually have to fear zombies. Acknowledge them as a powerful and unknown force you can't defeat without Apollo's shield. Techland is handing the zombies some respect, giving them power to turn the tables and turn the hunter into the hunted. 

In conlcusion, Dying Light is a defibrillator, desperately tring to charge and shock the zombie genre back to life. The game is still in development and I hope it achieves what it's trying to do. Well, that will be all for my first ever blog on gamespot. Hope you all will like it :) Ciao!