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Week 2 Predictions

So last week I went 9-6. Which is okay I guess but I can do better.

Here are my picks for week 2. I got a few upsets this week.

Cardinals @ Falcons - Falcons offense struggled last week. Matt Ryan needs to step it up. I'm still picking them though. Falcons 17 Cardinals 14

Ravens @ Bengals - I said it last week and I'll say it again, I don't get all the hype about the Bengals. I think the Ravens got this one. Ravens 21 Bengals 14

Chiefs @ Browns - Chiefs looked impressive last week and the Browns didn't. Chiefs 28 Browns 17.

Bears @ Cowboys - I'm going with an upset pick here. Cutler looked pretty good last week and the Cowboys offense looked really bad last week and all through preseason. I'm taking the Bears. Bears 24 Cowboys 14

Eagles @ Lions - Poor Lions practically got robbed of a win last week. :( Vick is starting for the Eagles and I think he will do just fine. I got to go with the Eagles on this one. Eagles 31 Lions 21

Bills @ Packers - Aaron Rodgers struggled a little bit last week in a win. I expect him to bounce back this week. I do think the Bills are a team on the rise though. Still picking the Packers. Packers 28 Bills 17

Steelers @ Titans - I would love for the Titans to lose because they are in the Jags division but I can't see that happening with Dennis Dixon at QB for the Steelers. Chris Johnson has another good game. Titans 20 Steelers 14

Dolphins @ Vikings - Call me crazy but I'm picking the Dolphins in this one. Favre looked really old against the Saints last week. I think the Dolphins get a couple turnovers and Chad Henne plays well. Dolphins 24 Vikings 20

Buccaneers @ Panthers - I don't know, Matt Moore looked really bad last week. I'm still going with the Panthers though. Panthers 17 Buccaneers 14

Seahawks @ Broncos - The Seahawks looked great last week but to be honest, I don't think the 49ers are that good of a team. Broncos lost last week but they were playing the greatest team ever :P. I'm going with the Broncos at home. Broncos 20 Seahawks 17

Rams @ Raiders - I think Bradford plays better this week and Stephen Jackson has a good game against a team that had Chis Johnson break some nice runs. I'm picking the Rams. Rams 28 Raiders 14

Patriots @ Jets - Should be an awesome game. Jets offense really struggled last week though so I'm going with the Patriots. Patriots 21 Jets 14

Jaguars @ Chargers - pfft Jaguars 72 Chargers 3 :P

Texans @ Redskins - I still don't believe the Redskins are a good team at all. I'm taking the Texans. Texans 27 Redskins 16

Giants @ Colts - The Manning bros matchup. I'm going with the Giants. Eli Manning played a lot better than his stats last week. All 3 of his interceptions were off his receivers hands. I think the Giants offense has a big game against he Colts defense. Giants 35 Colts 31

Saints @ 49ers - 49ers looked pretty bad last week. I'm not a big Mike Singletary fan. I think the Saints offense plays much better. Saints 27 49ers 17

Well there you go. I have a good amount of upset picks so I hope I do well.

GO JAGS!!!!!

Week 1 Predicitons

My predictions for week 1 for the 2010 season. I might do this every week . . . if I do well.

Vikings vs. Saints - The rematch! I could see this one going either way but the Saints are at home so I'll go with them. Saints 28 Vikings 24

Jaguars vs Broncos - My Jags FTW!!! Broncos were 26th in the NFL in run defense last year. If we can get MJD going we will win easily. Jags 28 Broncos 17

Titans vs Raiders - I actually think the Raiders are improving but the Titans will win this one. Chis Johnson will have a good day. Titans 31 Raiders 17

Patriots vs Bengals - I really don't understand all the hype about the Bengals :| BTW thanks for taking Reggie Nelson off our hands :lol:. Patriots got this one easy. Patriots 35 Bengals 21

Browns vs Buccaneers - I'm going with the Browns on this one. They seemed to get better towards the end of last year. Browns 21 Buccaneers 14

Colts at Texans - This is going to be great game. Texans seem to be getting better every year . . . but the Colts still got Manning so I'm going with them. Colts 24 Texans 21

Lions at Bears - ugh . . . I'm not very excited for this one. I'll take the Bears though. Bears 21 Lions 13

Falcons at Steelers - I'm actually going to take the Falcons on this one. The Steelers got Dennis Dixon at QB and I think Matt Ryan will recover from his sophomore slump. Falcons 27 Steelers 21

Miami at Bills - I actually really like this game. Two teams on the rise. I really like Chad Henne and I think the Bills are a lot better team than they get credit for. Paul Pauzluszny is maybe the most underrated linebacker in the NFL. I'm taking Miami in a close one. Miami 28 Bills 27

Panthers at Giants - Not much to say about this one . . . I'm taking the Giants. Giants 24 Panthers 14

Packers at Eagles - Should be an awesome game. Aaron Rodgers is the best young QB in the game. Should be interesting to see how Kevin Kolb plays. I'm taking the Packers. Packers 31 Eagles 28

Arizona at Rams - Sam Bradford is starting and he looked really good in preseason. I'm actually going with the Rams as an upset. I just got a gut feeling. Rams 24 Cardinals 20

49ers at Seahawks - I think the 49ers are going to have a decent season. Seattle is a tough place to play but I think they will win. 49ers 28 Seahawks 21

Cowboys at Redskins - The Redskins are bad and they are going to be bad until they get an owner that just doesn't blindly throw money at every washed up player. Its a young mans game. Cowboys 27 Redskins 16.

Ravens at Jets - I'm really unsure on who to pick for this one. I could see either team winning. My gut tells me to go with the Ravens so I'll take them. Ravens 28 Jets 24

Chargers at Chiefs - Chargers are gonna take this one easy. I think the Chiefs made a great pick with Eric Berry and I do believe they are a team on the rise. . . but they are not anything special yet. Chargers 31 Chiefs 21.

So there is my week 1 picks. I hope I do okay :?. How many do you guys think I'll get right this week?

GO JAGS!!!!!!

First day of school

Two blogs in two days by hedden93:o. I know you guys must be tired of hearing me complain but I just got to for this blog.

I started my first day of senior year and it was pretty bad. I got 4 classes like I was supposed to but they freaking gave me 1st lunch. So instead of going to first-fouth period and then going home, I have to go to first-third and then lunch and then 4th period. Adds an extra 40 mins to my day for no reason. I tried talking to my counselor but she said there is nothing she can do. As far as classes go, first period is like a ****ing prep convention. Its just 29 preppy kids and then me. 2nd period I have a kid in that class that I fought last year so that makes things pretty awkward. He is also in my 4th period. I don't know anyone in my 3rd period at all. I'm pretty antisocial so I have trouble talking to people I don't know. 4th period I only know one person and it seems like it going to be really awkward. Also I didn't get a class with the girl I like. I was pretty chill with her last year and I was hoping to get a class with her this year so I could ask her out.

So I was expecting to get out at 11:45 and have 4 classes with a bunch of chill people but instead I get out at 12:21 with classes with a bunch of people I don't like.Ugh things really haven't been going my way lately:(. I guess i'm just going to have to tough it out until college. Its the first day of school and I already can't wait till the year is over.

ugh . . . FML!!!!

Well I'm really angry because yesterday I messed up my tailbone really really bad. It hurts to even stand up and sit down. The worse part about the injury is that I can't deadlift, squat, powerclean, snatch or any excise that involves the lower body anymore for a while. This really bothers me because I live for powerlifting. My squat is my best lift and I was hoping to compete in a competition in October but I doubt I'm going to do that now. Also, tomorrow is my first day of school and I'm going to look really weird sitting down and getting up out of my chair. My dad is going to take me to the hospital in a few minutes to get it checked out. I'm praying its only like a two week injury but I seriously doubt it . . . FML!!!


I signed up to be a ref for flag football earlier this summer at the mall. This morning we had training. He just basically goes over the rules and what you have to do before and after a game. First time refs had to take a test on the rules. He said if you did real bad on the test, you don't get the job. The reason i'm angry is because they were supposed to give me a rule book at the mall but didn't. I told him I didn't get a rule book at the mall and he said thats too bad, just do the best you can on the test. I know for a fact that I failed the test. I only knew like 2 questions. So I just wasted 2 hours of my time, woke up early on Saturday, just to not get the job because they messed up :x. Looks like I am still going to be broke for a while :(

Jacksonville Jaguars Season Preview

I'm a HUGE NFL fan. I have been a die hard Jaguars fan since the age of 6. I live for this team. So here is my preview for the 2010 Jags season.

Before I get into position breakdowns I want to say something. First I just want to say that this team is headed in the right direction. For years we had a horrible GM in Shack Harris. He reached for players in the draft and payed a bunch for free agents that failed (Jerry Porter, Hugh Douglas, and many more) However, after the 2008 season he was fired and we promoted Gene Smith to GM and he is a great GM. He is a strong believer in BAP (best available player) philosophy. We had one of the best, if not the best draft classes last year. This year I think we had another strong draft. People criticized us for taking Tyson Alualu and at first I was a little critical as well but after watching some highlights of this kid I have come to realize that it wasn't a bad pick at all. He is a high motor, powerful DT. Rumors so far are that he has been very impressive in camp too. The main point I'm trying to make is that with Gene Smith this team will become a ELITE team in the NFL. This teams arrow is pointing up. Trust me, this guy knows what hes doing. IN THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS THIS TEAM WILL WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP.


David Garrard has a really good arm but is has very inconsistent accuracy. One throw he will zip it in between two defenders and the next throw he will throw it 20 yards over the receivers head. His decision making is also questionable. He sometimes throws horrible interceptions that just shouldn't have been thrown. In 2007 season he had 18 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions the whole season. After that season he has a had 2 straight mediocre seasons. He needs to get back to his 2007 form. Also his play in the clutch concerns me. He had trouble getting it done when it mattered last season. I don't think Garrard is a championship QB but its okay because next years draft is supposed to be a great QB crop so I am hopeful that we will draft a QB of the future in that draft. Luke McCown is a good backup but thats all he is . . . a backup. I know he played a while with Tampa but hes just not that good. Trevor Harris will probably make the practice squad.

Running back/Fullback

MJD is one of the best in the game and if you don't already know that then you don't watch enough football. This guy has 49 rushing touchdowns in just 4 years and he didn't even start the first two years. He is a great playmaker. We have a pretty good backup in Rashad Jenning who had a great touchdown run against the Chiefs last year. We also drafted runningback Deji Karim and supposedly he has been a beast in training camp. As far as fullback goes, we have one of the best in the NFL in Greg Jones. This guy is really physical blocker and can make some plays when he gets the ball in his hand. Our back up fullback in Montrell Owens who is a great special teams player.

Wide Receiver

We are not really strong at this position. Mike Sims-Walker is our number one and he proved last year that his is a valuable playmaker. The number two position (X) is open competion, although supposedly Mike Thomas has been playing great in training camp and is the lead canidate for the spot. Jarret Dillard is also expected to compete for that position but he has not been practicing because of injury. We signed Kassim Osgood but he is expected to play mostly special teams. Rumor is that he has trouble holding onto the ball all training camp. Troy Williamson is a guy we traded for a few season ago from Minnesota. He has been slowed by injuries year after year and now that hes finally healthy we expect big things from him. Other WR in the mix Tiquan Underwood, Clarence Denmark, and Derrik Townsel. Not our strongest position but not a horrible weakness.

Tight end

Marcedes Lewis is my favorite player on the team and without a doubt in my mind the most underrated player on the team. Their is not a single Tight end in this league that blocks better than this guy. He destroys defensive ends. He is also a great weapon in the pass game, averaging 16.2 ypc last season, which was number one in the NFL for tight ends. We also have a really talented young kid in Zach Miller who had a huge game the last game of the season. Ernest Wilford is also a very good tight end who will catch almost anything thrown his way. This is one of our strongest positions.


This is one of our biggest concerns on the team. Veteran Brad Meester did not a good season last season. He will have to play better. There is talk that guard Uche Nwaneri can move over and play center. However, Cecil Newton is our backup center currently.


Last year David got a lot of pressure up the middle. Vince Manuwai used to be one of the best run blocking guards in the league but last year he did not play well. We brought in veteran Justin Smiley to compete for a guard position. Kynan Forney will probably take the LG position. RG will either be Vince or Uche Nwaneri. This is a big concern for this team. We need our guards to player better this year.


Thankfully, we have two young talented tackles. Last year we drafted Eugene Monroe number 8 overall and in the second round we drafter Eben Britton. Britton played great last year at RT. You could argue that he played even better than Monroe. Monroe showed inconsistancy at LT last season but still played pretty well. He came into camp 30 lbs lighter!!! I expect a big season from him. Backups are Daniel Baldridge and Kevin Haslim.

Defensive Tackle

Terrence Knighton (nickname Pot Roast) had an amazing rookie season last year. He more than exceeded expectations. He will be a strong force for this team for a long time. First round pick Tyson Alualu will take the other started DT position. I think people will be surprised at how good this kid is. Unfortunately we lost 3rd round pick D'anthony Smith from an injury in training camp. Looks like he will be out for the season :(. Supposedly Kommonyan Quaye has a had a great training camp. We are pretty strong at DT.

Defensive End

This was our biggest concern this offseason. We were dead last in sacks last year. QB's had all day to throw against us. We signed veteran DE Aaron Kampman in free agency and we expect big things from him. Derrick Harvey has came into camp lighter and apparently faster than usual. We drafted to DE's in Larry Hart and Austen Lane. Reports are that Austen Lane has been having a phenomenal training camp. We also have a talented big kid in Julius Williams. This is still a concern for us but no doubt it will be better than last year. It would be hard to do worse.


We traded for veteran LB Kirk Morrison who will play MLB. We expect a lot from him. Daryl Smith is one of the best linebackers in the NFL. He should have made the probowl last season. Dude is a total beast. Our other staring outside linebacker is Justin Durant who is a high motor, big hit guy but sometimes is out of position. We have quality backups in Russel Allen and Freddy Keiaho. We also brought back Tony Gilbert. This is a very strong point for our team.


We have former pro bowl corner Rashean Mathis. However he did not play all that well for us last season. He did have nagging injured but hopefully he can return to his true form this season. Last year we drafted a very talented kid named Derek Cox. We was a beast last season. He was probably our best corner last year. Hes a solid tackler for a corner too. We got reliable veteran Scott Starks. Don Carey is also very talented guy. We are really strong at this position as well.


This is our biggest concern! Safety play last year was horrible. Gerald Alexander has played well enough to earn the SS position. FS is up for grabs though. Reggie Nelson is the worst tackler in the history of the game. Heres just an example.And he fails like that all the time. He isn't even that good in pass coverage. I was hoping we were going to cut him after the Indy game last season. He practically cost us the game. Hes a former first round pick and got a lot of money invested in him so they are giving him another chance. Reggie, Anthony Smith, and Sean Considine have all been rotating in for that open FS position. If I had to guess I would think Considine will win the spot. This is still a huge concern for us though.


Not much to talk about here. Kicker Josh Scobee has a great leg but is sometimes inconsistent in his accuracy. Overall hes a good kicker though. Punter Adam Podlesh is a concern. He had a horrible season. If i remember right, he was dead last is net punt average. He has to play better this year.


Safety, Defensive end, Guard and Center are the main concerns for this team. Strongest point are RB, DT, LB, and TE. Overall we are still a very young team with a pretty tough schedule this year. It also doesn't help that we are in a very tough division. (AFC south) After going 7-9 last year I expect a 9-7 or 10-6 year this season. As I said earlier though, this team is on the right track with GM Gene Smith. We WILL be become an elite team in the future. However right now we are too inexperienced and lack a great QB to become a powerhouse team but in a few years we will be an elite team, I can promise you that. Anyway, should be a really fun season. Go Jags!!!!!!

I'm Back!!!

So I pulled a Brett Favre and decided to come back. I had to deal with some stuff in my personal life but now its pretty much sorted out so I thought I would come back. I might not be as active as I once was because I am pretty busy in my life right now but I will log in whenever I get the chance :). Good to be back!

I'm Leavin

Well I'm leaving gamespot for good. I used to love this place but now it just seems like a waste of time. I am also tired of the rude attitude from certain users. I don't know this place just seems kinda uptight and less fun as it used to. I also got some stuff I need to focus on in my life right now. I don't know maybe in a year or two I will come back. For the users I do like, I will miss you. I had some good times on OT. To any of you mods, I'm sorry if I came off as kind of a jerk. I know you guys were just trying to make OT a cool place. Peace out!

Goodbye to you all

Epic Workout!!!

First I just want to say that I think I'm going to start making more blogs just because its summer and I'm bored :P

Anyway right now i'm cutting weight. Its kinda hard to lose weight while retaining muscle. I was looking at Ice1cube's videos and I found one of his workout videos. He claims its great for losing weight while gaining muscle. I tried it out and holy **** Its really hard. One of the best workouts I have had in a long time.

Here is the video where he explains the workout.

After 8 minutes I couldn't even do 5 clean pullups, I had to jump up. After 15 minute I couldn't even do 10 clean pushups. lol I did "girl pushups" for the reps I couldn't finish. I wanted to quit but I didn't. I made it the whole 20 minutes and it killed me. I couldn't move for like 10 minutes after. I highly suggest you guys try this out. Its pretty awesome.

Back from 7 day suspension

ahhh yes, another blog complaining about my suspensions. Actually I kinda deserved this one. I missed gamespot a lot. 7 days felt like a year. I kept lurking and there were so many threads I wanted to post in . . . but couldn't :cry:. Anyway being gone for 7 days made me realize how much these forums mean to me. So for now on, I am going to be a smarter poster and hopefully cut down on moderations, because at the rate I'm getting modded I'm going to be banned real soon. So OT, I would like to introduce you to the smarter, Hedden93. Its good to be back!!!!

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