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Gamestop - Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

Sorry for the double post today, but hey, this is a deal too isn't?

For newer used games you may just save $5.00, but getting a 3rd one for free, that's UBER ICING.

You can either do online and use the code, or stop by your local shop!

Get them while its hot!


Xbox 360 12 Month Live Gold Card - $34.54

Alright, on Amazon, you can get a 12 month membership card for $34.54.


I was originally going to get the 3 months and then get the family pack, but there are only 2 people who play on my Xbox, so 2 of these would save you about $25!



XBLA - 2010 Summer of Arcade

Ha, I wish I had more points.

I am torn between Limbo and Castlevania!

Here's the release dates:

Limbo--July 21
Hydro Thunder--July 28
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair--August 4
Monday Night Fights--August 11
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light--August 18

Which game(s) are you getting?

Xbox 360 Slim - Gamestop Trade-in


I am finally getting a new Xbox 360. I bought my 20GB 360 a while ago and I was going to buy a larger HD, good thing I held out because with the Gamestop trade-in, the difference is the cost of a larger hard drive.


Summer Games - Game on!

Woot! I am crazy happy that school is almost over!

I've bought a couple of games I can't wait to play:
1) Dragon Age Origins - Awakening (just started)
2) Super SF IV
4) Resonance of Fate
5) L4D2 - Just downloaded The Passing!
6) Brutal Legend (got this for $9.99 on Gamefly)
7) Prorotype (got this for $9.99 on Gamefly)
8) Burnout Paradise (got this for $13.00 on eBay)

Ha! 1 more week!

I can't wait!


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