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Internet Addiction

If anyone has noticed I've been spending too much time on GS, not only that but facebook too, maybe am on my way to internet addiction, i think am behind on my studies cause of that, I barely played any games or watched any anime.

Internet Addiction

Anyway the best solution is to take a break from Internet as a whole for a week and see what would happen.

Sorry guys i won't be able to comment on your blogs until next monday.

Until then Sayonara :)


Tagged! Late Edition!

I've been tagged a while back by Cody13_2012 but my internet connection screwed up untill my ISP technicians came (i lived without internet :o)

Here are ten facts about me:

  1. My real name is the same as mine on GS, am from Sudan if you heard about it :P
  2. I study Mechanical engineering at a local university.
  3. I have the most ugly handwriting ever!
  4. I had Asthma when i was little, but thanks God it's gone now :)
  5. Am a Muslim and my main language is Arabic.
  6. Am 19 (almost 20) but everyone says i look like a high schooler and i always get into emarassing situations for that :evil:
  7. Since i watched Soul Eater i became symmetry obsessed weird right! but am working on a fix :P
  8. My favorite game is MGS4 and my favorite anime probably is Bleach.
  9. My first console was Atari i was like 2 years back then!
  10. My favorite song is Break Away for Kelly Clarkson, though i rarely listen to music now.

I now tag





Recent purchases

I finally bought Tales of Vesperia, though i haven't played much of it i really liked it, i got that good feeling of nostalgia (didn't try JRPGs in a while :P), i shall give it a serious go when i find some time :cry:


Also my brother bought TEKKEN 6, though the graphics aren't as i expected it's really a wonderful game so far my favorite new character is Alisa!


Thanx for reading my blog :D

Resident Evil 5.....almost here

Ok this is my second Blog post so bear with me a little :oops:

We're closing in to RE5's release date which took way too long to develop (not more than FF 13 :P)

RE5 is pretty much like RE4 in terms of gameplay, the story takes place in the fictional african country "Kijuju' ten years after the original RE and the story will explore chris' life during the ten years interval and there are two protagonists:

Chris and Sheva

1. Chris redfield
The protagonist of the original RE and he also has a main role in Resident evil: Code Veronica X along with his sister Clair the main protagonist of code veronica, now a member of a group known as "BSAA" Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and he is sent to investigate an incident in the area at the start of the game.

2. Sheva Alomar

An agent of the West African branch of the "BSAA" who will assist Redfield and can be controlled by a second player (online-offline) which has some similarities with Jessica Alba ;) ,some people believe capcom made this character in response to the accusations of racism by the NewsWeek editor.

There are many other characters like Albert Wesker chris' nemesis, Excella Gionne a relative of the founder of the Tricell Pharmaceutical Company who operates the company's African branch, the founder of the Umbrella Corp Ozwell E. Spencer and Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2, in a trailer there is also the Tomb of Jill Valentine.

But one of the most exciting characters is The masked woman some people call her BirdWoman which her identity wasn't yet revealed (but i think we gussed already :cry: ) but from The trailer it's obvious she is a known persona to chris (Wesker: Arent you happy to se us?,Chris: Us?).

It's heart breaking when i think who might she be :cry:

Masked Woman RE5

Thanx for reading my blog :D

My holiday no way!

My exams are almost over...i thought i might buy Valkyria chronicles for my holiday but i was shocked to find that my holiday is only six days!!:shock:

This messed some things for me:

  1. I was planning to relax cause the last days i have been extremely hating college.
  2. Now i must buy Valkyria chronicles for about 90$ (that if i am lucky to find it in store), but with only 6 days i don't think my friend is going to UAE so i could ask him to buy it for me. :cry:
  3. Not enough time for me to have a rest from studying, am so tired of that!:evil:

I really miss my PS3, it's only a few days apart hang on :D

Edit: today i found out that my holiday is actually 5 days (there is a lab after the last exam) :cry: