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when i was level 5 i do everything important for evolving to level 6 then i loged out the next day i went online again then i see i grow up to level 7 impposible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

playing tc: nyc

marcus reed in true crime:new york city

an old gangster turned in to a cop

on the free roam mode you can be a good or bad cop

if you want to be bad cop just kill all the citizens that you see press the start button before the compstat map menu there you can see your current case,career points badcop points and good cop points. after that press the select button to show his badge and say bad words (some time you being caught by the police).exort vendor for money.frisk the that saying bad words to and plant evidence the fake criminal.kill a criminal to gain bad cop points.

if you want to be a good cop just frisk the citizens and if you see some evidence you can arrest him or accept bribe em.dont kill the criminals to gain good cop points.

thats all folks