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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

After almost every site I go on being taken over by bronies ,or how I like to calll "brownies", I was obliged to make this.

Eventually, I was curious as to how a man would watch a show made for girls and I took the precious time out of my life to watch this piece of sh*t.

OMG, are people stupid! This show is for little girls aged 2-5! A gron man my as well turn his man parts! Because he doesn't deserve them!

I do agree, the animation and messages are cool, BUT! Plot is no where to be found. Characters are lifeless, or a better way of saying it, over the top personalities given to ponies in a way as to get younger children to become stronger people when they're older.

If you do that, can you at least be realistic?

As far as I know, most of the fans are males -yeah, wtf to that. They call themselves "bronies" a fusion of bro and ponies. Holy crap, they must have been seriously mind f*cked into liking this OR they're mentally retarded.

The only good thing about this crappy show is its meme value.

Other than that, it is a waste os space on the television.

Unite Brothers!



Well, sorry for not posting a blog for such a long time. I've been trying to get more active ,but I still have other stuff to do.

Do not worry about the JB rant, IT IS COMING! Don't be surprised if it takes up my whole blog page. I'll get to it soon after I finish a few things and then, BOOM, JB rant.


I got modded

Well, I got modded due to a small little flame war I had with another member. I got a 2-day ban. And then I noticed I was modded 3 times in the past, when I only rememberd twice. lol

I will be getting to some other rant another time. Usually it only happens when something really gets me angry. Maybe a rant about modding? Or maybe a rant on JB? OR MAYBE, EVEN A RANT ON THE UNIVERSE! lol

Forum Idiots! [Trolls]

Yes, I would think I would NEVER have to rant about something so known and retarded as trolls. THESE F*CKING IDIOTS DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK SENSE! These idiots are completely ignorant to any mother f*cking thing you say! If you threw logic at them, it would pass through them like nothing. Trolls will absoloutely NEVER give a sh*t what you think! Stephen Hawking couldn't teach them how to not be idiots!

Their intelligence is as high as my fish's! They couldn't care less if you had proof of youR logic! THEY WILL ABSOLOUTELY F*CKING DISREGARD EVERYTHING YOU SAY! They absoloutely f*cking believe their intelligence is somehow higher than yours. They can barely even make any good points against you! Even if you pointed out how idiotic they were acting they will f*cking completely disregard it as lying or something completely more far fetched. They feed on your anger! Then they try to say that you're the one who's being an idiot!

These people are the scum of the Earth! If I was ruler of the world, all these f*cking morons would lose their heads! Their idiocy has no f*cking boundries! DO NOT FEED THEM! THEY GET STISFACTION FROM YOUR ANGER! F*CK EM' ALL!

Blog updates on what you have been doing recently rant.

Hello there readers! I'm sorry I haven't been ranting much ,but real life is more important than rants.

This rant is for something I truly hate, and it's those stupid blog posts about something someone did in a day. NOBODY GIVES A FLYING F*CK WHAT YOU DID TODAY! NOBODY CARES! Who the hell wants to know if you have a headache, or a cold. So f*cking what? Are you dying because of it? NO! SO WHY THE HELL DOES IT MATTER!? If something actually important happened in your life, go ahead and share. BUT DON'T POST SH*T ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING! I my aswell say I'm eating some f*cking cereal right now! Does anyone give a sh*t? Nope!

I really wonder why people post boring ass sh*t such as this. Maybe it's because these idiotic, morons feel insecure about themselves and just feel like they need to share everything they have done or is doing. I just took a sh*t, I picked my nose. Do you think anyone needs to know that? No one does need to know ,but they still wouldn't care. Why would anyone care about what's happening to some insecure teen EVERY MOMENT OF THEIR LIVES!? If you feel insecure ,talk to your parents. BUT DON'T POST USELESS SH*T NO ONE CARES ABOUT, ON YOUR BLOG! I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL! If you feel sad, TALK TO YOUR PARENTS OR A FRIEND! You feel angry? TALK TO YOUR PARENTS OR A FRIEND! JUST DON'T POST IT USELESSLY!

I also wonder of what age group these morons are when they post this sh*t. You may have already figured it out ,is that I think they're insecure teens who need to share every little bit, of their currently useless lives. Before they say anything they should think, "Does anyone care that I'm eating a lollipop?" The answer would be "NO!". Why can't you all post something actually interesting ,like me, where I entertain my readers with swears and anger galore? GET A F*CKING LIFE YOU KIDS! GO PLAY WITH YOUR DAMN XBOX AND GROW UP! BY THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW NOT TO POST WORHLESS SH*T!

This has been your favorite ranter,


Rebecca Black rant 2! [Oh crap, here we go]

Well, Rebecca Black is back with some more sh*tty music. This time it's called "My Moment". This song is better than the original "Friday" [Which was taken down from Youtube, thank goodness] ,BUT IT STILL SUCKS CRAP!

This time RB actually thinks she's some kind of pop star even though her song only got views because IT SUCKS! IT HAD 3 MILLION DISLIKES! WHAT RETARD IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BOTHER MAKING ANOTHER SONG IF IT HAS 3 MILLION DISLIKES!? Possibly, only because the amount of publicity the song is getting, BUT SC*EW THAT WHEN YOUR SONG SUCKS!

Now to the song...........OMG! She REALLY must think she is some new JB! She has fake footage of her at some concert full of 13 year old kids. I bet only boys since they wanna get la*d. Then it shows more stuff where she thinks she's popular, like going to concerts, being in the paper, other retarded sh*t.

Some of the lyrics in her song are definately directed to her haters. Such as "I'm not stopping for you, no matter what you do". Or even the opening lyrics, " Aren't you the one who said that I would be nothing? I'm about to prove you wrong.".

Just watch, she'll be smoking weed, going to Rehab, and getting banged by Charlie Sheen in a couple of years. Really, this song is crap. This is pretty much a "F you" to her haters. Well, RB, GET A F*CKING LIFE WHERE YOU DON'T SUCK!


This has been your favorite ranter,


Rebecca Black [BELCH]

Sorry I didn't make this yesterday, but issues came up and had to solve them.

So, there's been a massive uproar on Youtube due to a song called "Friday" by some 13 or 14 year old chick named Rebecca Black. A few days ago I watched it and was completely disgusted by how dumb the song sounded. RB's voice sounded like she cut off her vocal cords and replaced them with duck vocal cords. Not only does she sound dumb, but she was auto-tuned which must mean her voice is f***ing terrible! Only the talentless singers use auto tunes! The worst thing about the song, is that she uses the most retarded lyrics ever! Actually, her song doesn't seem like a song at ALL, she's just saying every f***ing thing she's doing in song!

She then says the dumbest thing ever when she wonders whether she should take a front or a back seat.....WHEN THERE'S ONLY ONE F***ING SEAT OPEN! The most retarded part of this scene is that it's full of 13 or 14 year olds. Yeah, I remember when I was 13, I would drive my Ferrari around at 6:00. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY D**N SENSE! IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO, MAKE SURE THERE ARE ATLEAST SOME SENSE IN YOUR SONG!

Too make the song worse, she makes the audience seem like we're dumb by saying the days of the week in their order. WHAT THE H**L!? WE WENT TO KINDERGARTEN TOO! WE KNOW OUR BLOODY DAYS OF THE WEEK! One of the worst things about this song is propably showing a bunch of teens dancing on some random dance floor somewhere. How many teens do you know heading to parties? I never knew ANY 13 year olds who went to parties! And I knew atleast 20 of them!

Then the song does the most unoriginal crap in all singing! Some random rapper pops up singing random sh** in his fancy car! MANY other pop singers have done so before! [Justin Bieber, Katy Perry]

But all in all the song SUCKS! Next time you play a song...actually, you know what? NEVER EVER MAKE ANOTHER SONG UNTIL YOU KNOW HOW TO BLOODY SING!

Plus, RB is supposedly is making another song called "lol"................WHAT KIND OF RETARDED NAME IS THAT! GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A TOILET RB, IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LOOK!

This has been your favorite ranter halorocks123,

Peace out!

I'm back!

Well, after 3 years of inactivity, I'm back. Yes, 3 YEARS. It feels good to finally be back ,but at the same time it feels horrible to be on another time waster. So, I will be posting atleast 1 blog a day starting with a Rebecca Black rant. [Don't you love rants?] and then I'll give reviews about some games, movies, and more rants. If I find any cool info on new games I will blog about them as soon as freaking possible.

Peac out!

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