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Turns out when i was installing the game i mistaked a V for a U they looked similar on the back of the manual anyway it is installing now and I CAN'T WAIT i gave the best victory dance ever aswell i was so HAPPY it cost me nearly 50 pounds for 2 copies and a refund this is my 3rd copy i've had in my possesion.


STEAM is stealing from me!!!

I am very angered at Steam i've lost 2 games because of them i lost Railworks yes i know you can call me sad but i enjoyed that game until i got a virus and did something i don't really understand to the game so i can't and never will be able to play it again and now EMPIRE TOTAL WAR i've already owned 3 copies of this game and all don't work because apparently steam are saying its duplicated and invalid and the first i was i believe being conned by a seller on amazon uk so i bought it from amazon themselves (the 3rd copy which i just recieved this morning)and its invalid i type in the code correctly so i don't understand just I HATE STEAM its such a useless thing i mean i've never had any use for it i don't really like online multiplayer i like co-op with proper friends off-line its also WHY CAN'T YOU UN-INSTALL GAMES i find it stupid how on Steam you cannot remove a game and therefore cannot sell it thats just stupid gaming is simple buy game play game finish game sell game buy another its how the cycle goes but Steam this unwelcome outrage may kill of alot of games.

anyways i need to cool off

see yah all


Level Completion Hoorah (while shaving beard)

I'm finally Blaster Master hooray finally its taken about half a year or maybe more but now i have a new title and a few more games one which was not meant for me but we'll get to that later.

This update is rather late i did it earlier but it didn't allow it came up with an error but anyway i got GTA Episodes From Liberty City i've been playing the Lost and Damned story i love how brilliantly merged the 3 stories are Niko Bellic'sstory and Luis Lopez's story i'm about half way through i'm enjoying it very much.

I also got Battlefield 1942 WWII Anthology which is awesome execpt it stops working lots it loads the main menu but when i go into gameplay it comes up with a battlefield 1942 has stopped working message appears and back to desktop so i restart it allows me in gamplay but after i'm hungry for another BATTLE so i load another and it stops working its frustrating and stops me from playing a very good game is there anything to stop this EVILRY.

I got Sid Meier's Civ 4 and i know its rather outdated now about 5 years now i might get Civ 5 as well anyways back to Civvy 4 its enjoyable weirdly it gave me a sort of migraine and i suffered head rattle so when i tilted or nodded my head it just fell into a worl of HORRIBLE PAIN i can play it fine but it after playing it after i'd got it gave me an awful headache which evolved in head rattle as i call it.

I got Medal Of Honor European Assault War Chest which doesn't work and is going for a refund the error which is a common one is suprisingly vague to detail of the problem or a simple fix Oh well though

Now for the game i was not meant to have well it was my friends b-day on the 6th or 7th or around there (wow i'm a good friend) he is having his party on the 16th well not party there's only gonna be 3 people him,me and another friend so for his b-day i bought him Age Of Mythology as he'd wanted it and it was in stock and cheap and a couple of days after he phoned up and invited me round i said to him i've got your present ready and he said guess what i've got Age of Mythology and i immediatly said dammit i knew it was going to happen somehow i knew so i'm gonna sell it along with Fable inearly sold the Guild 2 but after watching a let's play vid by Jefmajor made me want it so i installed it and enjoyed it and if your wondering who Jefmajor is well he makes lets plays of games i won't go through all of them he has done Age Of Pirates 2,IL 2,The Guild 2,the Movies,Mount & Blade and Stranded 2 i'd recommend watching hsi vids what is different about his let's plays from others is that he is HILARIOUSLY FUNNY his videos contain swearing but who cares i guarentee you'll laugh.

Anyway i've gotta go my shopping just arrived and i'm hungry and thirsty so bye


Completion (HOORAY)

I have finally beaten Fable The Lost Chapters and i must say its awesome i love this game the very very last mission was epic and cool this game is great and it stands among my all time favourite games which is rare itstands among Halo,Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Medieval II Total War now fable stands amongst them most of you may feel joy when you accomplish a game so do i but it also get a feeling a sadness particullary with Halo as i'd played them game for such along time i kinda became attatched to it same with Ocarina they become a fond memory in fact i completed fable just a few minutes ago actually god its good.



hello i have now got my games (yesterday) its 1:30 in the morning in UK

my pound key doesn't work my keyboard is abit fuzzed up


i got 11.00pounds for Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition and 4.00 for Wings Of Prey

and i had a tenner with me so i got Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City which took ages to install (had to get a Windows live account and ID icon thingy which took quite a while to do thanks to vague info)

and i got Battlefield 1942 Anthology includes Road to Rome and Secret Weapons Of WWII expansions the game is abit buggy it'll stop working when i launch up a game so i restart and it lets me play 1 match then when i load up a second it stops is there any solution it'll be nice.

I also got another Tenner so more games shall come

Thats All


Ello Guvnars

I have updates

Medieval II Total War I now control all of Europe and the Middle East i have also encontered the Timurids which won't take too long to exterminate i can't wait to go to the Americas as i have nothing to do i've just been killing rebels and moving generals into settlements as governers so thats all.

I have Rome Total War i've noticed its quite a slow game to start with my captial Arretium i'm playing as the house of Juli is currently producing -2800 Denari (I NEED MORE SETTLEMENTS)also the council are very demanding but i strive to accomplish my objectives.

I'm selling yet more games i'm getting rid of Mirosoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition and Wings Of Prey

Here are my reasons

Microsoft Flight Simulator X-Game only works 5 minutes before an error message appears and its too difficult to fly especially the 747 it either go up itself or goes down itself which is annoying it won't fly in a straighr line but oh well.

Wings Of Prey-I enjoyed this game for a bit until the Hornets nest mission its impossible i destroy all of the transports and i fail and the missions are repetive and are the same the visuals are great but it could be so much better also in some missions the planes are rubbish the IL-2 good in bombing ground targets rubbish at dogfighting its too lumbersome and slow which makes the hornets nest difficult why not give the player a proper fighter like a Yak or a La-7 i did like the Battle of Britain levels the Spitfire rules the skies.

Also i pre-ordered Ship Simulator Extremes i'm a big fan of ships as you can see i can't wait to get it i'm due to get it in September i originally thought it was arriving in late July but it didn't so i checked Amazon UK where i pre-ordered it and the release date had changed which annoyed me abit but again oh well.

Hopefully i'll get something good tommorow i hope Rail Simulator is in stocks because i had a copy of Railworks Rail Sims successor however i got a virus on my computer (i've had a total of 2)it was a very serious one as well and nearly rendered my PC useless luckily it didn't =) but i't done something to the registry of game and stopped it working it was a complex issue and Steam had no support for it i tried everything even re-installing steam but nothing worked =( so Rail Sim will replace it and doesn't use that virus Steam i find it the most useless thing ever not only is there support team nearly useless it should be optional thing however its needed for games like Empire Total War and Railworks and the support team are just so bad they cannot assist with a really simple problem like a duplicate disc why not send an email to whoever the person is who is using the CD key to tell them to remove it or deactivate it from their profile or just provide a new key bloody Steam.

In the future i might get the new XBOX 360 i'd love to play Halo 3 again and complete GTA IV i still have my old memory drive as it slots out i'd thought i'd keep it incase i got a new one as i'd got 8000 GS and had lots of things on it i'm hopeing the new one will work with old memory drives its from the Premier version of the 360 so its HDD (made in China).

Anyway Tally ho everybody

Medieval Total DEATH and more

My latest updates on MTW are

I have won the campaign but i'm contiuing with it i want complete domination.

I have nearly killed all of the Mongols only 1 of their generals remain one of my anti-mongol regiments in after them.

The Turks are nearly gone not much left of there once quite large empire they only have 3 settlements i've pretty much surrounded them also the Eygptians are struggling for power i'm not quite sure how big their empire is but its not much.

At the moment i'm allies with Russia but i'm not sure shall i keep them as allies and finish the campaign after i've conquered the middle east or shall i betray them and take over their empire i already have a force large enough who were the anti-mongol army they will become the Grand invasion army.

Today i sold my games i got 6.40(pounds) and came home with 3 games and 2 lucozades i got

Desert rats VS Afrika korps-Suprisingly good no skirmish though but campaign will do

Colin McRae DiRT-I had this on the 360 and i liked it alot and i was in need for a long game to keep me occupied and i found this for just 3.00pounds.

Return to castle Wolfenstein-Not entirely sure i haven't played it enough really but i like it execpt i die easily.

thats all folks


Help please!

I need help with Wings Of Prey how do i get achievements do i have to register it on Steam if yes then i can't get achievements because my product code is invalid according to Steam but i can still play it i bought it from Amazon UK is there any way of me being able to get achievements is it through that Raptr thing assistance would be nice.


New Interests

As its been a while since i was last here my interests have changed drastically i have a new supreme interest in ships such as ocean liners,warships and many others i'm very interested in WW2 particulary the German Army i am very intested in the Afrika Korps,Operation sea lion aka Battle Of Britain,Battle of The Bulge and lots more i am interested in Germanys super weapon of ww2 the V1 Buzzbomb and the V2 rockets also the KMS Bismarck and KMS Tirpitz and the U-boats.

Also i'm very interested in Planes like the Spitfire,Hurricane,BF109,ME-262,B-17,B-29,DC-3 Dakota,Lancaster,Eurofighter,Vulcan,P-40,P-51,Blenheim,Mosquito,HE-111,HE-162 and loads others.


I'm back and i have lots to tell

It was my b-day on the 9th of July

I got loads of games such as

Wings Of Prey,Rise Of Flight,Flight Simulator X Gold Edition,The Guild 2,War Leaders Clash Of Nations,Pacific Storm Allies,Silent Hunter 4 Gold Edition and Battle Of Britain 2 Wings Of Victory.

However i didn't like some of these titles

War Leaders-Stutters on my computer and stops working even though i have more than enough power to run it.

Pacific Storm-Didn't have a skirmish mode a bit fuzzy.

Silent Hunter 4-Too Hardcore and no skirmish type mode.

Battle Of Britain 2-The plane is nearly impossible to fly it goes into a really awkward spin thats really hard to get out of.

Empire Total War-Bought the game from Amazon i put the product code in Steam an error appeared saying it was in use so i asked for a refund it arrived i tried it and the same error appeared hopefully Steam will resolve the issue.

I have mostly been playing Medieval 2 Total War i have built a vast Empire as the French i'm planning world domination all i need to do is elimate the Mongols,Russians(allies at the moment),Turkish,Eygpt and the rebels somehow Poland and the Papal States still exist even though i conquered all of there settlements but they have no soldiers just Diplomatic type people.

Overall i been pretty bored i'm planning on getting Rome Total War and Rise and Fall Civilisations at War also i'm selling a couple of my games so i may get more.

I have 5 cats now my Cat Mog got pregnant and had 4 adorable kittens 3 of them are black and white and 1 is a dark colored tabby.