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Champions League Time!!!!

well today is another round of the champions league for those who football like me it is a time of joy and excitement, real madrid plays dianmo of kiev in the bernabue and tomorrow my favorite team FC Barcelona visits the all powerfull Milan, Real Madrid needs to win to continue on the competition and also Garcia Remon mentioned the other day thatthey were going to win easily this match(he said that against betis too and they draw) the other hand FC Barcelona is living a sweet moment but tomorrow theywill face stiff competition from AC milan..

A new week...

well this weekend was alright, I boguth Paper Mario 2 and I can safely say it is a great game the game mechanics are great, if you don't mind the colorfull graphics and the mario caracters Im highly recomment you to get this game, its a must have for this year so far.

I am back at work, I have to make an access dataase, i have to have it done in 3 weeks, so I have plenty of time to mess around, my car needs an oild change and I probably stop tomorrow by jiffi lube to have it done.

On friday of last week I was invited to a local strip joint, i did not go because I lacked cash and besides I did not want to spend any money on that club..

until next time


Another Day......another dollar

Got up at 6:00pm today, got ready, on my way to work there was an accident int he interstate highway, so I had to drove 30 minutes or so on backroads to get to work on time, good thing i left home early, lets hope the day goes by quickly.

A good thing happened to me yesterday I met a girl who looks pretty interesting, I met her on my local Game Crazy, she was searching the GC section and I said to myself why not say hi?, so i did, to my susprise she resulted pretty attractive, got her # and tonight after work we will meet on a local restaurant to have dinner together and chat for awhile, lets hope this goes well.

Yesterday I went to Game Crazy and saw Guilty Gear Reload for $20, $20!!!11 and to my bad luck I did not had any cash with me and my CC was maxed out, I just hope that the game is there when I come back today if not I will have to order thru the web.....

Out of Place

This morning when I woke up I did not want to get up and get ready for work, I don't know why or how but, i got up, took shower had som frosted flakes and got into my mustang, it was 30 degress farenheit outside and I was only wearing a white t-shirt, somehow i did not feel cold nor bother, I ate frosted flakes not because I wanted but because I did not wanted to have an empty stomach, so somehow while driving in the highway no music was on, just thinking to get here on time, I live 40 minutes away from my work place, it hit me.

Its been 4 days since I am feeling down, I do not want to go parties, shopping or anything social related, last week, someone invited to a local strip club, I decline the invitation, it was my first time that happenned, I do not want to listen to music or to walk outside in the light, I rather be alone in aroom with the lights out, call me antisocial or depressed if you want but thats just how I feel, I just feel that I do not belong here and even thou I have all the commodities to live well, I am not happy.

It seems that nowadays is hard to find someone that you can trust and depend on, more and more people are just liers or fake, more and more girls just want to have sex and thats all, do not get me wrong I love sex, but I am not looking for someone like that, all of my friends have left me in the dust and my best friend has not call me back in 2 months since he moved to a new city 1 hour away from here, i do not know if he still my friend but i will be glad just to hear that he is doing well.

It's been three months ago I broke up with my girl, somehow I still can't forget her or forgive her, and it seems that everytime I think about her I see her, its been 3 times in this past 2 weeks that I saw her, everytime I try to look for a girl I see her, everytime I see happiness I see her, I have to move forward and stop thinking about this problems that seem small but to me are important.

As of right now I just hope the day goes by quickly and that my mind gets distracted on something fruitfull, I just want to be left alone in a dark place, as of right now I do not know why I am here and what for.......

GS SW forums

Well I have gotten to the point that I no longer enjoy reading threads from fanboys only to have other fanboys prove them wrong, I've decided to stop posting on the SW forums until my desire to post comes back again, as of right now I will only post on the GC, Xbox, PS2 and General gaming sections. I am sick of reading so much B.S. TLHBO!!!, TCHBO!!! are just plain stupid, most of the posters there seem like all they do is bash systems instead of enjoying the beaty of the games, unitl next time, have a good one.......

Is online gaming a must for the next consoles?

While many people have the idea that online gaming is just for multiplayer oriented games like FPS, racing, Sports and some party games; single player games can benefit too from online features, the best example is NG, once beaten the game the updates available on xbox live offer the player more reasons to keep playing the game, it adds a replayabilty value almost non-existent, new cosutmes weapons and enemies, a reason to keep playing the game.

Playing with a group of friends is awesome but they are not there available 24/7 unless you are a college student living on campus, online gaming in the other hand; people are always there, ready to be challenged and its an oportunity to test your skills against people who you don't even know, playing with the same group of people becomes repetitive and you end up knowing who the best person of the group is, online gaming is different and you have no idea what the other person's skill are until you are 10 last in a deathmatch competiton, making the game unexpected.

Online Gaming is not neccesary to the enjoyment of a game, but it can be an important factor when it comes to the appeal of the games and the features that can be added later on from the developer to us the gamers, having online is a plus, but nowadays developers are adding some kind of multiplayer to their games with the only objective of making the game more appealing to the gamer, as of right now online gaming is not mainstream yet but things can change with time and online gaming or games with online options or features could become a must for any gamer.

How much importance should you pay to a game's review score?

While browsing thru SW forums I have notice forumites calling flops to AAA hyped games scoring less than a 9.0, but why do they do it?. are they being serious?, do they deprive themselves of playing a "flop" because the review score did not met expectations?, does a low score means that the games is not fun at all or not worth playing?; for those who think like this is important for them to remenber while it is a dissapointment for a high profile game to score less than a 9.0, this does not mean the game is bad, after all a review score is an opinion made by a gamer just like us who happens to be working in a videogame magazine, etc, this reviewer has tastes in gaming, he might dislike FPS or RPGs but we are still humans and even thou said reviewer is trying to give an opinion from an unbiased point of view, the point is his tastes will always get in the way, so is good to recommend to readers and gamers to see reviews as nothing more than a guide of what to expect for a game, its features, gameplay and graphics, its up to you as the gamer and customer to decide whether the game will suit your tastes and decide whether or not you will have fun, so next time you see an 8.0 read the whole review and see for yourself whether you get the game or not, remenbering that the review is just another gamer giving his or her opinion about a game.

Collecting games(Updated Daily)

I will start collecting games from now on this is the list I made.
This are the games I will try to get to expand my collection, some of them I already bought and trade them in, notice that all this games are already out this list is different from the future games to get list(coming soon).
My current collection is:
GC = 16 games -----------------------Total games = 107 games
Xbox = 35 games --------------------- 9 sports 1 Puzzle
N64 = 14 games ---------------------- 9 RPG
PS2 = 9 games ------------------------ 54 action
GBA = 3 games ------------------------ 12 Driving
SNES = 8 games ---------------------- 13 Strategy
PC = 21 games ------------------------ 1 Sim
Genesis = 1 game -------------------- 8 Adventure

The GC list

  • FFCC
  • Fzero
  • HM: AWL
  • Ikaruga
  • TOS
  • Star Fox Adventures
  • Donkey Konga
  • Sonic 2
  • Megaman aniversary Collection
  • SMB2
  • Wave Race Blue Storm
  • Resident Evil 0, remake and Veronica
  • Paper Mario 2

The Xbox list

  • Armed and Dangerous
  • Battle engine Aquila
  • Capcom vrs SNK
  • Deathrow
  • Hitman Contracts and Hitman 2
  • Marvel vrs Capcom 2
  • Metal Arms
  • Otogy
  • Phantom Crash
  • PGR2
  • RSC2
  • Rayman 3
  • REd Faction 2
  • Sega Soccer Slam
  • Splinter cell PT
  • Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
  • Thief 3
  • Burnout 3


  • Advance Wars2
  • Castlevania CoTM
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Mario vrs DK
  • Metroid Zero Mission
  • Robotech the Macross Saga
  • Sabre Wulf
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Warioware INC
  • Golden Sun 1 and 2
  • Frie Emblem
  • FF tactics

The N64 list

  • Banjo Kazzoie
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day
  • Diddy Kong Racing
  • Goemon
  • Harvest Moon 64
  • Kirby 64
  • Mario 64
  • MK64
  • Mischief Makers
  • Ogre Battle
  • Paper Mario
  • Pokemon Snap
  • Star Fox 64
  • SSBM
  • Turok 2
  • Yoshi's Story

PS2(coming soon)


  • RTW
  • Counter Strike Source
  • DOOM3
  • Rise Of Nations
  • City of Heros
  • Far Cry
  • Unreal2k4
  • Tribes Vengaence

Future Games

  • Project: Snowblind
  • Halo2
  • Men of Valor
  • Metroid Prime 2
  • Killzone
  • Conker's Bad fur Day
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Killer 7
  • VJ2
  • Forza
  • NFSU 2
  • GT4
  • Jade Empire
  • Deus Ex(the new game) for PS2
  • DOOM3 for Xbox
  • Geist
  • The new LoZ
  • FIFA2005

*** Comments and advice is welcome *** :)

Fable and the Cod expansion pack

well today is the day I pick my copy of fable and the CoD expansion pack, I am going to pick them up after work, my lazy boy and tv is ready for some gaming...its raining outside it will be like this all day today and tomorrow, nothing new....btw Dr0wnage_PhD got owned yesterday :cry: poor baby someone change his diaper :lol::lol:
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