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Looking for a new home... found a new home!

Your GameSpot Total Access subscription has been successfully cancelled, and your membership will not be renewed. You will now be able to find me on 1Up! My nick there is the same as my PSN ID (CellAnimation). Maybe I'll see you there. /EOL

Heavenly Sword update

Well after playing Folklore and Ratchet & Clank for a while today I decided I would finally give Heavenly Sword another go. I completed the first 2 rounds of the King Bohan fight and only died once. I'm now on the final round, I've just spent a few minutes crying in front of the TV as I managed to battle him down to 0 health only to screw up the key presses. God I hate this press SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE stuff. Sure it's interesting at the start but to screw it up on the final boss level only to have the guy fly in to the air and shoot some crap at me that wipes out all of my health is lame! Oh well I have a wedding to go to today, but soon King Bohan, soon you will taste the wrath of my CIRCLE, PAUSE, SQUARE, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!


Folklore is a game that interested me heaps when I read the IGN review. I pre-ordered a copy, but when I finally got around to playing the demo I hated the game. I cancelled my pre-order and had given up on playing this game. Recently I was cruising YesAsia and found an Asian copy for around AUD$50 (games cost AUD$99-119 retail here) so I thought what the hell I'll import it and have a look. I finished CoD4 yesterday and was considering going back to finish of Heavenly Sword (I'm on the last boss) but I decided to give Folklore a test run. That test run has turned in to a few hours and I've found myself addicted to this game. The graphical art style and audio are fantastic, and I absolutely love how you get to see the story from 2 different perspectives. I've never been a fan of six-axis motion control but I love the way it works in Folklore. You will not see any spoilers here all I'm going to say is if you're looking for an action adventure game with RPG overtones go buy a copy of Folklore right now, you'll love it! I've really started to notice now that the quality of demos on the PSN really don't show the games in a positive light. It's happened to me too many times now, I hate a demo but love the game.

Completed Call of Duty 4

Well I've just finished the single player campaign in Call of Duty 4, and all I can say is Infinity Ward have done it again. What a fantastic game, sure it may be a little short, but it's one hell of a ride. Best single player shooter on a console EVER imo. Now to finally get back to Heavenly Sword, if I don't get hooked on CoD4 online first...

Sega Rally

Lately I've been playing a heap of Sega Rally online. Hosting a game with 5 other players is great, 0 lag, maximum fun! If you haven't got this game yet and you like arcade racers I say run out and buy it now, it's a hell of a lot of fun!
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