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One whole year on Gamespot!

I have now been a part of the Gamespot community for an entire year! I will be celebrating by eating cake and no you can't have any :P In other news today is the day I finnaly get acess to my union again but there doesn't seem like much point now that unions will never be the same.


Top 5 Most Useful Glitches/Exploits In Gaming

5. Swingset Catapult - Grand Theft Auto IV


Although not actually beneficial it is however a whole hell of a lotta fun getting slingshoted across the map. Performed by simply parking a car, truck or van up against the swingset and letting yourself get tossed. Great for seeing the city from a higher view. For those of you who wanted planes to be in the game, Rockstar delivered.

4. Dragon Head Soul Producer - Dark Souls


Only for those who feel the game is to hard (pretty much all of us) this exploit allows you to produce an infinte number of souls by activating the dragon heads ability while consuming a soul. Souls can be used to purchase items or level up, in this case all the items and the max level. Note that performing this glitch does not make this game any easier, okay maybe a little but believe me when I say, you will still die a whole hell of a lot.

3. Dynamite Homing Missile - Red Dead Redemption


Do you have poor aiming when it comes to dynamite or firebottle throwing? If so then the Dead Eye mechanic will come in handy seeing is that with the click of a button your projectile of choice will home in on your target killing them and anything around them instantly. The best part is it works in multiplayer too making combat feel like your'e playing a game of dogdeball, only the balls can't be dodged.

2. Reverse Pickpocketing - Fallout 3


An exploit mostly used to steal any desired items from an enemy at the cost of replacing it with something with a higher rating, or just stick a live grenade in that raiders pants and watch your bloody mess perk got to work. Great for getting unique items only found on npc's.

1. Placing Buckets On Shopkeepers Heads - Skyrim


Extremely useful for low level players looking to make lots of cash quickly. Simply retrieve a bucket and place it over a shopkeepers head, then pickpocket whatever they have (they can't detect you with a bucket over there head) use on multiple shopkeepers for maximum profit. You'll be rich in no time!

Union Delay

It appears due to a glitch that The Western & Off-Topic Union will not be formed until a month form now, my apologies to all of you who were looking forward to joining but remember this: this is only a delay, this union will be formed... unless of course Gamespot pulls another trick on me. I'll post another blog when the time arrives, until then be sure to check out The Lone Ranger! :D

The Western and Off-Topic Union! (chartering)

So I've decided to make a union on Gamespot! :D :D :D and well I really love the western genre so I said "Why don't I make The Western & Off-Topic Union!"



It will focus on mainly the western genre including games, movies, music, books etc... I also plan on covering the news for the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto V and the already released movie The Lone Ranger. And seeing is that I tend to go off topic a lot I've decided to allow off topic chatter in my union. Just so that y'all know this will be my first time, I don't know much and have never been an leader/officer of a union before but I promise you I will try my best and keep this union active for as long as I can. 

Only before my union is actually created I'll need four charter members as you all know, so if youre interested PM me and/or Join my union! :D

A look back at the Habs 2013 season

habs are knocked out of the playoffs

A remarkable bounceback season for the Habs came to an end as they were eliminated by the Ottawa Senators in game 5. After coming in last place in the Eastern Conference last season the team made a lot of changes especially in management and ended up hiring a new GM Marc Bergevin along with a new coach Michel Therrien who together formed a winning team. New players included Brandon Prust, Colby Armstrong and Francis Boullion along with three rookies Jarred Tinordi, Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher who stepped into there new role and gave the Habs some fresh faces to look forward to in the future. As trophies go, Montreal has been nominated for three: Michel Therrien nominated for the Jack Adams Trophy (best coach) P.K Subban nominated for the Norris Trophy (best defensive) and Brendan Gallagher nominated for the Calder Trophy (best rookie). Along with that Montreal came in second in the Eastern Conference and first in the North-East Division. But such a great season meens nothing if you cannot produce wins in the playoffs which is exactly what happened for the Habs in the first round of the playoffs facing the Ottawa Senators. There first few games of the series the Habs outplayed the Sens, but still managed to lose games and ended up being eliminated by the Sens 6-1 in a heartbreaking game 5. The reason for the failing team was simply there size and the amount of injuries. The Habs are a very small team and were easily intimidated by the bigger Sens from game 2 were they started to play there physical game. A hit from Eric Gryba in game 2 which sent Lars Eller to hospital angered the Habs team to a great deal and set the tone for the series. Game 3 being an absolute mess were at one point only five players remained on either teams bench after countless fights which led to some injuries for the Habs. Jump to game 5 and the Habs in a desperate attempt for a win played many rookie players seeing that half there team have been injured including the already injured Alexei Emelin, the captain Brian Gionta, Brandon Prust, Max Pacioretty, Ryan White and most importantly there goaltender Carey Price. But the Sens took advantage of this and beat them Habs 6-1 breaking many fans hearts. At the end of the game the whole Habs team skated onto the ice and let the remaining fans cheer for them, knowing that theres always next year.

What'll be next in my shoping cart?

Click image for link to

Looking forward to:

  • New Assasin and plot
  • New time period and place
  • An ending

Not looking forward to:

  • A sequal

click image for link to

Looking forward to:

  • The new Zombies mode TranZit
  • The new offline Multiplayer capabilities
  • The ability to choose between different endings

Not Looking forward to:

  • All the DLC they expect you to buy

Click the image for link to

Looking forward to:

  • New vehicles/weapons
  • New characters and plot
  • The size of the map

Not looking forward to:

  • Another delay for release

Does fighting belong in hockey?

Hockey is the only sport that allows fighting. Since its creation, people have chosen to drop the gloves in order to protect a teammate or pump up the crowd. Many people say its a part of the game and that the sport wont be the same without it; and then there the people who say it are too dangerous and that too many players are getting injured. So this poses the question does fighting belong in hockey?

hockey fight

I never understood why this question is being asked now when fighting has been allowed since hockeys creation. Maybe because three players have died in the past year you might argue. My answer is that there deaths happened off the ice so changing something on the ice wont help prevent that. You can also protest that many players careers have been ended in the result of a fight. This would be a very good point but the answer is crystal clear: leave the fighting to the big boys. If one of those goons challenges you to a duel and you dont want to risk getting hurt, just decline. Let the tough guy on your team deal with him unless of course you dont have one which proves my point of why there should be more enforcers. If you cant control your emotions and just want to deal with him yourself then thats your decision. Dont come crying to me saying that there shouldnt be fighting anymore because guess what? I told you so.

If there were more enforcers the game might become more disciplined, players will think twice before throwing a dirty check which causes much more player concussions than fights do. So to all the people who think that enforcers create too many injuries, you should know that they also could prevent them. If all these tough guys were to disappear, who would protect star players like Sidney Crosby from getting hurt? Definitely not the referees; sure they can give them a penalty and have to sit in the box for two minutes but this wont keep them from doing it again and again. The more appropriate solution would be to keep these thugs so that they can police anything that happens on the ice.

Another conflict people might have with fights is that kids are influenced by what they see and learn from their roles models and think its okay to mimic their actions. All I can say is at fights should (as they already are) only be allowed at higher and more intense levels. While young kids should be suspended until they learn that at their level fighting is not permitted because unlike adults, suspensions will keep them from doing it again and again.

A lot of hockey analysts agree that if fighting were not allowed that the sport would lose its intensity and uniqueness. Hockey is the only sport that allows players of opposing teams to scrap (for the exception of boxing, wrestling etc) without major consequences or suspension. If these rules were to change however, hockey will become like another sport and lose some of its major themes. The sport will become less intense and the game would be focused on just stick work and skating. Hockey players might no longer be known anymore as some of the toughest athletes in the world seeing that the big physical aspect of the game could be suppressed.

Fighting is huge for entertainment. Fans love seeing players battle out it in an all-out fist fight; and the bloodier the better. If fights were to disappear, so would a lot of hockey fans. The leagues wouldnt dare banning fights because of all the money they might lose from the department of fans and consumers who believe fighting should stay as it always has.

After all the changes this sport has seen in its history and the consequences that come with them I can only see one clear answer to this question: yes.