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MW3 vs BF3 = BS!

This whole BF3 vs MW3 thing is old and retarded. Both will be outstanding games that push the envelope of gameplay experience that was unheard of 10 years ago regardless of critic scores. Both games will have their own strengths and weaknesses if one is to compare. One shouldnt feel the need to bash one game over the other. YOU did not sacrifice to make these games. Both have amazing artists that aim to bring us all an amazing experience that we will never forget. They already look tp be completely different games within the same genre. They both have soldiers, guns, explosions........etc... They both are gonna rock no matter what!

XBOX 360 4gb mistake

Purchased a new 360 4gb kinect bundle because someone told me I could just use one of my numerous 512gb or 1 TB drives I have at home externally. Boy was he wrong. I did not know that only 16gb would be able to be used since it acts like a 16 gb flash drive when you plug it into usb. Crap! Now I had to buy a 250 gb drive to install in the console which was $140 after tax and shipping when I could have just paid the extra originally for the 250gb console bundle instead and saved 50 bucks or so :(

I guess this is lesson learned for me to fully research my options and how much it will cost me in the end.......