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Well it looks like I am moving to Florida at the end of the month.

I have been living in New Jersey for my entire life and now it's time to finally move on. It was a tough decision but it looks like it is the smartest move for me. New Jersey is just too high of cost of living. I cannot find a place to live in the area and my current job although being an accountant doesn't pay me enough. I have been living at home helping my mom with her bills and whatnot but unfortunately we have to move now. She is moving into a place which is too small for me to live in. And she is only able to fit my youngest brother with her in the apartment shes going too. So, unfortunately I needed to find a place of my own.

I seemed to luck out however since my dad who lives in Florida was able to secure me a job that pays more than I currently do. My brother also lives down there and is willing to move into an apartment with me when I get down there. So all in all, that seems to have worked out for me.

I am feeling at odds though. My girlfriend of almost 3 years has no desire to move to Florida with me at the moment since she is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. And she is reluctant to move away from her family. I understand where she is coming from but it still makes me feel awful having to leave her behind. We are taking it one day at a time and we are working it out however where it could still work between us.

I am staying optimistic that it will all work out in the end for me. I plan to stay active on the forums, continue to game and go to the gym since those things are my escape from real life. I will report with a new blog as soon as I get down there. But until than all I can do is just keep smiling and being happy since I can't have negative emotions weighing me down.

I hope you all have a great day and that you all enjoy the summer :)

Got a PS Vita as an early Xmas gift! My first thoughts of my new toy ;)

My loving father lives in Florida so I don't get to see him for the holidays. So we normally just exchange gifts through mail. And this year he bought me a Vita! I was so shocked to get that in the mail from him! I got the Black Friday bundle which came with the Assassins Creed bundle with 3 months of PS+ and PS All Stars!

I am personally loving it so far! The OS is very nice and fluid. The PS store is great and has a great selection of games to get! And its minor but I like how there is a trophy system in place. It gives games replay value. The graphics are outstanding for a handheld! The only issue I have is that the memory card is only 4gb which is literally nothing. And if I want to get a bigger one its gonna cost me $100.00!? Lord oh mighty, I may shell it out eventually but until I do I cant take advantage of the great deals I get with my PS+.

Assassins Creed Liberation is blah. The story is very interesting so far but it makes you use the Vita's touch screen and and touch pad on the back which I am not fond of. There are alot of glitches I am finding also. But other than that its a nice way to have Assassins Creed on the go.

PS All Stars is nothing more than a clone of SSB. But we all already know that. But other than its so much fun and perfect for the Vita. I love beating up Parappa the Rapper so much. Always hated him and his games. The controls arent as bad as Gamespot makes it seem. The graphics are crisp and I seem to get close to what seems to be 60fps.

All in all, it isn't gonna replace my 3DS but I will still have loads of fun with the Vita. I can't wait to get some games like Hot Shots Golf and Gravity Rush. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know!

Wii U is here!

Just got my Wii U! So excited to playing it! Add me if you want!

Nintendo Network ID: AuditorXI

Look forward to playing with you!

Looking so forward to Wii U!

Well as everyone is well aware the Wii U is upon us. Unlike all the negative feedback I am seeing, I for one am so looking so forward to it. I already preordered it in full and and preordered some games which are:

New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo Land (getting deluxe so it comes with it :P )

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition

Assassins Creed III (switched my xbox preorder to this version)

and Ninja Gaiden 3

I also preordered the Hardcore gamer controller so I can play these games the way I am used too in case I am not a fan of the new Wii U controller.

All in all so excited! Cannot wait! i have been such a huge Nintendo nerd for as long as i can remember!

Castlevania HoD..

This game is so addicting and fun. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes platforming games. You pretty much can pick any character that has been in a 2D side scrolling version of the game. It is simple and in classic and you can upgrade your characters however you like and than take them online and go after Dracula with a group of 6. It's pretty sweet. Especially if you can get a group that can dominate. (which is quite often) Anyways, if you have some extra Microsoft points and don't know what to do with them than I say you give this game a try. I was very happy with it. ;)

Playstation or Nintendo..

That is the question..

Right now I own a 3DS and I have to say I am quite disappointed in it's line up of games. This is not like Nintendo at all. But, it seems too be looking more and more like it's Virtual Boy console system. The only game so far that impresses me to keep it is Legend of Zelda OOT. However, that is only one game.. the system has been out since March.. So, you figure there is something wrong. I will hold out a little longer too see how Kid Icarus and Star Fox come out. But, Nintendo is really testing my patience on this one.

Playstation Vita on the other hand is looking more and more impressive every time I hear about it. Specifically how it plays it's Uncharted title. It looks amazing for a handheld and even though graphics aren't a major selling point too me, it's still quite intriguing. The touch screen interface seems to be very responsive as well. Needless to say, the Vita looks like it's gonna give Nintendo a run for it's money.

All in all, I am gonna hold on to my 3DS for a little longer because there are still key titles I want to play like Animal Crossing, Star Fox, and Kid Icarus. But, Nintendo has to regain it's competence with the handheld market or else I will be forced to join the Playstation bandwagon.

Been awhile! Bought a 3DS..

It has been quite awhile since I last made a blog here. Since last year I have been playing a multitude of games. I can't list them all but I have purchased a 3DS.

Needless to say I need this system to start bringing the pain with the games. So far I only like Street Fighter and LoZ:OOT. I also downloaded some classic Gameboy games with the new virtual console which brings some nice nostalgia back from my childhood. By far the weakest line up Nintendo has ever done with a system. I need more from you guys!

Secondly, with the help of my wonderful girlfriend I will now be blogging on Tumblr. Feel free to follow me at It would be nice to get some new followers that understand games lolz.

Tata for now!

Deadpool is in MvC 3!

I just got a hard on! Deadpool is the f'n man and one of my new favorite heroes. He hasn't had much spotlight until recently thanks to the Wolverine movie which I believe ruined him but thats just me being a comic geek. He has personality like Spider-Man with a dash of Wolverine's bad-ass nature. If you don't know much about him I highly recommend reading one of his comics or a old X-Men comic where he is a villian. Don't judge him by the X-Men movie for the love of god. Cheers!


Red Dead Redemption, UFC 2010, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2...

Those are just some of the games I have been playing recently haha. :P

I got MW2 when it came out and beat it very quickly. I decided to go back to playing it again on veteran difficulty. It's hard as hell for me lolz. I know some people had no problem with this but, to those people piss off. I also started playing online multiplayer more and more. I am hooked on it :P If you wanna play with me or against me send an invite to my gamertag which is on the side of my profile.

I also just beat Red Dead Redemption and I must say this for that game. OMFG! Such a good game. I originally though Mass Effect 2 was gonna get my vote for game of the year but, this game is making my decision hard to make. The story telling is excellent and the gameplay is spot on terrific. I love riding around on my horse. I easily spent all day and night going from town to town looking for side quests and bounties to claim. I highly recommend this game :)

On to the newest game I got which is UFC Undisputed 2010. I haven't done too much so far with this game but, I must say I love beating the **** out of Kimbo Slice with Brock Lesnar haha :P I think I am going to give a review of the game when I get more into it later on.

Thats all for now. Have fun friends :)

Mass Effect 2 = Awesome

I haven't made a post in a while so I am just saying that I highly recommend Mass Effect 2. It has one of the best storylines I have ever played. I am currently on my third playthrough and I wanna try and actually get all the achievements in this game. I never do that. Never. And that is saying something. :)

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