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TLDR version: from what i saw of Transistor trailor, it seems Supergiant Games is about to make a huge mistake and squander a huge amount of effort, resources and playerbase faith on a product that which will be mediocre at best. The setting is supposedly serious sci-fi, but you play as a fragile evening-gown songstress who somehow survives an attack by supposedly competent assasins, obtains a megaoverpowered trinket, undergoes a Mahou-Shoujo-esque transformation, which makes her into a one woman army. This seems to be more magical girl genre than serious sci-fi. The narrator is a devolution from Bastion's narrator. Where Bastion narrator was both useful and interesting in that he knew a lot about the world of Bastion and eloquently offered his unique perspective on it, Transistor narrator works more like an annoying little brother who is very scared of being left alone and begs you to help him with something stupid, so that you just stick around a wee bit longer. The game mechanic is lifted straight out of Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story. Which would be okay, if the series didn't pitch itself as action-focused RPG. Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story had a lot going for them, but compelling action sequences were not it. So... how to fix all of that? 1) Ditch sad attempts at sci-fi techomyopia, embrace the magical girl against forces of loneliness. What has been shown of the narrative so far works much better as a futuristic fairy tale than any attempt at actual science fiction. 2) Less voiceless songstress who can't even sing any more songs about how she is so alone, more red-headed valkyrie that actually has enough character to be a heroine of anything. You don't want a girl variant of the Kid (mostly because the Kid derives from purely male archetype to begin with). You want a female character with determination to fight for her life, but also smarts and cunning to use the complex magical tool she was given. 3) Narrator less whiny pathetic scaredycat, more someone who you'd actually want to have at your side in that kind of a bind. Alternatively, narrator continues to be a pathetic scaredycat, but the heroine is given both the voice and personal integrity to adequately rebuff him (which serves #2 as well). 4) Either elements of nonlinear exploration (making it more like Vagrant Story), or more dynamic battle-time-stop mechanic (think Max Payne).