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I'm an M.D.

By which I don't mean maniac - depressive.

It's not official yet, since there's still some paper work to fill out, but I've just passed my last exam so, unless I'll die in some terrible accident over the next few days, nothing can stop that fact.

Level 14

I'm level 14 now. Who would've thought that dear little old me can become a Ring King. But here I am.

Starting my blog, speaking my mind

Well, I just wrote my first review today (btw it was a review of the very first game I've ever played) so I've decided that I might just as well try out this bloggin thingie. Don't have much belief in it though. Will I post my deepest hidden secrets, my very thoughts, conspiracy theories, be passionate about this whole deal - it's not likely. But hey as long as it's here I can just as well try it out.

Btw, did you know Supaplex is awesome. If you don't you definitely should check it out. You won't regret this.