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On March 31 I was very excited to find out what Sony was going to tell the public about there newest idea that they were going to do. I personally thought it was going to be an awesome update for the PS3 but i was far off...It was a ps2 price drop!!!!to 99.99!!! Are you serious? How about we worry about the next gen sony and stop worrying about something that has been in stores sense the year 2000! They are losing money from the PS3 because they are selling it for $400 and just with a blue-ray player built in that has to be at lease $400! Not the Wi-fi built in, not the hard-drives they had to buy for every PS3, not the games having to be updated everytime you play. JUST A BLUE-RAY PLAYER IS $400. What I think they need to do is make the PS3 more appealing to the public and stop trying to compete with the XBOX360 and make an amazing council. The PS3 has great potentail, but they just aren't showing it. If they did something completly amazing i the next update...because 2.70 was a completly let down(new text and chat feature are you kidding me!), but do a HUGE update like the XBOX360 did but 2x better. Then maybe the Sony industry will become seccessful again.

my ps3 collection

Grand Theft Auto 4

Call of Duty 4 and World at war

MLB 08 The Show

Madden 09

Resiestance 2

NCAA football 08

Tom Clencies Rainbow six vagas 1


rock band

madden 09 and ncaa football 09

what do you guys thik about these upcoming games? I personally thought that madden 08 sucked it was a complete letdown,but 09 looks a lot better and it sounds like they are fixing all the small annoying things that were in 08 too. Ncaa footall 09 looks awesome to I acually enjoyed ncaa football 08 a lot of people were saying thats it's not a good game, but I had to disagree I thought it was better then 07. The 09 version is also fixing and improving things to. Im defenitly going to buy these two games!

playstation 3 game...

what is your favorite playstation 3 game im asking you this becasue I want a game I will play for hours and not get bord then switch the game. Mine would have to be call of duty 4:D

im sorry

Im sorry for have a disruptive blog post on my profile, I didn't mean for it to offend anybody. Im just sorry that it happened

i now have gta4


gta 4 and april 29th

Are you guys going to buy grand theft auto 4 the day it comes out or wait a little while because i don't know which one to do lol :P I want to buy it on the day it comes out, but i dont know if theres going to be anymore when I get there

superhero movie

superhero movie was probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen its stupid and the effects are horrable. I dont reconmened anyone to go see this movie it's just horrable!

5 things you didnt know about me

1.I am in the Army

2.I pracitclly only play shooting and sport games.

3. I used to play for the Army football team

4.I love rock music (pretty ironic :p

5.I play crappy games and for some reason i never rate them

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