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Wishes and Gamespot

Lately a lot of people have been promising to grant wishes on Gamespot and I want in! If you think you can grant wishes post here. Also if you want some beef please PM me and I will send it to you.:D


P.S. stick_dudetct and KungFuKitten can grant wishes!

Why I have been gone.

I haven't really posted lately in the last couple of months because I was attending Upward Bound. But I will be back soon. While i was there i sung the song from and a lot of people liked it. I should upload a video as soon as i get it. I also saw the Dead or Alive Extreme 2 trailer and it was good:D. Happy posting.:P


If you go to you will see a woman spinning a leek while someone is singing scat. It is really good, I have been listening to it for an hour.

I can't stop listening to Private Dancer!

OMFG! I can't stop listening to that song. It is so freaking good. Especially the third time she does the chorus. It makes me want to cry so bad.

I am a private dancer.

Dancer for money.

I'll do what you want me to do

Just a private dancer

Dancer for money

And any old music will do.

It sounds beautiful to me I just want to start dancing so bad! It has got me so bad it is even in my sig! Jeez Louise! OMFG!

My Union

I am trying to start The Video Game Music Lovers Union which is dedicated to people who love video game music if youre interested please sign up!