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Warning, Fallout!

I brought Fallout 1 + 2 and have been playing Fallout 1 and..christ it's relly good! i can't get enough and via that Fallout made me watch the Mad Max movie's whilst played it. Im relly looking for Fallout 3 now!

Also shame about Velvet Revolver, but at least Stone Temple Pilots are back!

Whats Your Top Fav Games On Each Of Your Platforms


God Of War

Final Fantasy X

Canis Canem Edit

Tiger Woods

San Andreas


Crash Team Racing

Crash Bandicoot


Dungeon Keeper 2

Civ 3

Unreal Tournament

Football Manager 07

Max Payne


Xbox 360


Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Gears Of War

Mass Effect

What are yours??

My 5 Memorable Characters in My Games

Not In any Order!

Kratos - God Of War, 2

What a guy huh? Tough guy, with loads of bad attitude, i'de hate to be his teacher!

God Of War, for me was the best ps2 ever because i not long ago got a ps2 GOW was the 2nd game i got and totaly ruined any games a broght in the future because i wernt playing Kratos!

Yuna - Final Fantasy X, X-2

Haa Yuna, bless you and your positiveness!! Still havent compleated FFX yet but im at the end, Throghout Yunas so positive and have no idea why theres nothing but DOOM! infront of her!! but she still keeps on trukin'

The Horned Reaper - Dungeon Keeper, 2

This guy is....the man!!!!.....with horns. The Horned Reaper, or Horney always has such a great presance around him, in my number 1 altime FAV. game!!

Crash Bandicoot - Not even gona bother what games he's been in!

Crash is the most entertaining character i've ever played, few will dissagree (but i bet ya will:P ) Does anyone dislike him??

Gordon Freeman -Half-Life, 2

Unlucky, should be his middle name only had he listened to that scientist none of that would of happened. He wont be sleeping like a baby for a wile, oh and yea Gordon have ya won a nobel prize yet??

Buy Xbox 360 or not??? Please help by voting

ok guys please help

Xbox 360 is now £179.99, just debating wheather to bother buying one or just leave it, i mean what has the elite have to offer?

please comment yes to buy..and NO! if ya wouldnt

more help the merryer cheeerrrrsss!!

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