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YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup... I own minecraft :)

It's a basic, it's funny, it has no graphics, it's animals are annoying, at night you almost pee your pants, but boy o' boy this game is awesome :D I haven't played it much so no real blog on it (hopefully next week r sumting like that) but what i've already played (making me house xD) it's soooo fun... I haven't payed for it (LOL) so i can't really say 'it's soooooooooooooooo worth it money' but yeah, it's awesome.

This thing litterly (spelled wrong i know i know) sucks yo time!


Have fun! See ya next time

The illusionist

Yesterday evening, i saw the movie 'the illusionist'. It was a pretty good movie, not my fav genre, but there was something about the story and how it was filmed... I enjoyed it :)

Edward Norton proves once again that he's a great actor in this one, a previously film i saw with him (he being a character in it) is 'american history X', also a 'dark' movie just like this one.

But Rufus Sewell is once again the dude that acts best, the way he says things, and do things, it's like he isn't acting, like it's real (so fluence...) just like in a knight's tale and 'we own the night' (2 great movies).

So yeah you should totally see the movie... :)


Damn yeah! this is gonna be an awesome period on gamingbase :)

Cysis2 is in store, looks like an awesome game, but i read it's quite free(gameplay), while others say you have a limited amount of options in this game... Anyone knows a true answer?

And here in Europe, Infamous2 is gonna be in stores in JUNE :D that's pretty awesome, cuz i really want this game. (infamous ruled!)

And last, i found this funny MMA-like browser game : http://www.massivefighting.com/I haven't played it yet, but i think it's gonna be cool :)

Now please wish me luck for the next couple of exams (still 7 exams 2 go :'/)

anyway, see ya guys


I told ya guys before i'm into martial arts and that i practice in judo (almost brown belt :D)... Well now i have a question for ya guys and i would apreciate it if you answer it decent... x)

Well lately i'm having more and more trouble with training cuz i always have a minor injury from last training, and it really starts pissing me off (kinda), so i'm asking that if you guys know a fast way to heal muscle injuries and that sort of things (injuries from falling bad or submissions)... Thanks if you gimme some good tips. :)

Back from NYC

Yup, that's right, i just got home from the big apple... The trip actually sucked, cuz when you think about NYC you think about impressive views and buildings, and all that kind of stuff. But there wasn't a single moment i was like wow. :(

internet explorer is a b-ach

Yeah, like the title says, it's a b-ach! Out of bad habits i guess i still use internet explorer, but lately it loves being so damn slow... And nothing has helped (i tried some stuff -.-') so i came with the brilliant idea to use firefox. But no kidding, same sh*t happens. 3e try: google chrome. You can already guess what happend... -.-'

So yeah i gotta wait i guess until it goes back to normal speed. -.-'

Also i just found this awesome game (that still in progress but it's almost public) named All Points bulletin reloaded. If you check some vids from the earlier (paid2play) version you will already go like WOOOOOOOOOOW, and good news this new version (free2play) is even betterrerer... (?!)

So you guys should totally check them vids out! I'm gonna download this game definitly :)

anyways, see ya guys


I'm kinda back (i guess). I inmediatly wrote a review about borderlands(GOTY) and checked some stuff, my GS e-mails (damn that took me long!) and now i'm writing this lil' blog...

Being sick for a week a few days ago really sucked, so i was kinda AFK on everything possible, but now i'm fully recovered (but still a bit tired) and ready to go back in action. :P

School filled my last few days cuz i had so much to catch up with (what really sucked) so almost no personal life :P

I also just got off my PS3 from playing some UFC online, and i'm really getting good at it, i still have a lot more losses then wins, but i just found the winning guy for me :D and the best game plan key to victory :)

I guess it's good to be back, but i don't think i'm gonna be as active as I was before...

Anyways see ya guys

still not back...

I'm writing this short blog to let you guys know that I'm not dead... :P I've had tons and tons of homework, I still training cuz this saturday I have a provincial tournament in Judo... also I've been busy gaming, or chilling around with some mates (always fun :P) and this will continue for an unknown period of time, so I'm gonna be off a few weeks more i think. But what i can say (as something new) that I'm gonna buy borderlands GOTY, eventually guys made me wanna buy it (GS and real life :P) so mayby you can find me on PSN, playing online (yeah i have PS3). My PSN name is: trashhead

See ya guys someday :P

stupid 3d and touch

The last few months, everything that comes out (or is coming out) has to have at least something touch or 3D, or else it's prehistoric and such things... And yeah i know i have a touch phone (not that i'm that happy with it >..< i'm not really a fan.

Anyway, see ya guys


Well yesteday,I managed to complete vanquish's campaign... AndI was pretty surprised it all went so fast, I actually was surprisedI completed it so fast, 'cuz the maps are huge sometimes butI just fly through them (sometimes I actually fly or float through them :P). I also wrote a review 'bout it.

So now I started renovating Rome again in ACB, and i'm getting there, with like 12.500 F/20 minutes, i'm getting rich fast :) and by renovating the aquaducts, in managed to 'unlock' the last Romelus-key-stuff entrance (you need to fill the hole with water :)). So i already know what to do tomorrow XD. Also in a week, DC universe online is in stores, and i'm gonna buy it definitly. I'm looking forward to creating my own superhero and start whooping every bad guy's a$$ :lol:

Anyway, see ya guys =D