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  • gladuhere wrote a review of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
    User Rating 9
    We need more game like ME series

    Wanted to leave 10 but only reason why it gets 9 is their control. I just really hate you have to press X (on PS4) to sprint. Sprint must be on the same button as the movement. When things get busy f...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Outriders.
    User Rating 3
    Another example of being "Anthem'

    So much hype and expectation, and we jumped on with both feet and ended up getting disappointed. Unforgivable bugs and issues left in the game so long (and some still there) and players left the game....

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Watch Dogs (Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 10
    Best of its series

    Played all three Watch Dogs series and this is the best one yet. Story driven, amazing game play that none of games that offers, minimal bugs. Even after the third one released, I still play this gam...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Watch Dogs: Legion (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 3
    Huge disappointments

    This was absolutely the big disappointing game - worst of all series. I love watchdogs and when I first played the first one, I was blown away, beautiful open world with tons of items, skills to play...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Cyberpunk 2077.
    User Rating 5
    could have been good

    Took almost decade and came out as unfinished game. Graphics and animations are decade old. Way too short main campaign missions. But I still give 5 as the game itself contains so much potential and d...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Immortals Fenyx Rising.
    User Rating 8
    Surprisingly good game

    Wasn't gonna get this game but I had some store credit and gave it a go. To me it's actually better than ACV - Great open world action RPG mixed with AC and Zelda tons of quests / world to explore. C...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 7

    I like it better than Odyssey, more detailed and versatile game play, new equipment system. Good story line to enjoy throughout the game. But one thing I don't like, which I was hoping Ubisoft would ...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Ghost of Tsushima (Digital Deluxe).
    User Rating 10
    One of the best this year

    When I saw the gameplay before release, I thought it's gonna be like Assassins Creed type of game, then after I actually played it's not. I mean I like it more. Great graphics, detailed game play, ev...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Dead Space 3.
    User Rating 9
    Beautiful Shooter RPG

    2019 yet I'm still hoping the next one coming out. DS3 was a beautiful game, although might confuse some at the beginning like I was but when the game advance you will be into it with alone in the sp...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Metro Exodus (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 2
    Waited, Hoped, Played, and Sold

    Damn this was the series worst. Don't get me wrong I played all Metro games because I like. Even I played several times on some of series, but this latest one was absolutely the worst of all. Played a...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 7
    Despite the review coming in...

    Seen lots of bad reviews, mostly stating that too many bugs, etc. Yes I have noticed and some of them are little annoying, yet I like this game more than Wildlands. I like the new looting system - si...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Final Fantasy XIV Online: The Complete Edition.
    User Rating 2
    not my thang

    I know many people love this game but it's absolutely LEAST user friendly game I ever played. confusing controls, way to hard to find where to go when your on the quest, worst of all, what I did for ...

  • gladuhere rated Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn a score of 2.
  • gladuhere wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 6
    Great game but..

    I like it better than Origin, tho I first thought would be the same so I didn't play when it came out. Turns out it has more depth, combat, skill, armors / weapons, game play. I also like we can take ...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of RAGE 2.
    User Rating 4
    Not bad, not so great

    I liked original Rage. It was long time ago but still remembered that I enjoyed thus I was so excited to play. I could see lots of changes, adopted in recent game trends, many upgrades and stuff. But...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Anthem (Legion of Dawn Edition).
    User Rating 4
    Big expectations, massive disappointments

    I only scored 4 because I still have hope and I like BioWare, otherwise I would have scored 1.I like concept you can fly and shoot, have cool abilities. but so repetitive and easily gets boring. Yes ...