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  • gladuhere wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Gold Edition).
    User Rating 6
    Great game but..

    I like it better than Origin, tho I first thought would be the same so I didn't play when it came out. Turns out it has more depth, combat, skill, armors / weapons, game play. I also like we can take ...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Rage 2.
    User Rating 4
    Not bad, not so great

    I liked original Rage. It was long time ago but still remembered that I enjoyed thus I was so excited to play. I could see lots of changes, adopted in recent game trends, many upgrades and stuff. But...

  • gladuhere wrote a review of Anthem (Legion of Dawn Edition).
    User Rating 4
    Big expectations, massive disappointments

    I only scored 4 because I still have hope and I like BioWare, otherwise I would have scored 1.I like concept you can fly and shoot, have cool abilities. but so repetitive and easily gets boring. Yes ...