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Next generation PC games I want this year: (In 2008)

I have my eye on serval PC games this year and currently I'm playing a one as well. One to mentionis Hell's Highway which I just reviewed, You got to try this game if you buy anything this year. It's a really great game.

Next are some that are on the horizon. I looking at buying Dead Space and Fallout 3. They look just increditable! I like horror game around halloween and they both look like excellent games to get me in the mood. Fallout 3 will be one of those games that takes time to complete much like its spiritual cousin Oblivion so it may be the last game I buy until xmas. Dead Space though linear will provide many hours of enjoyment and I can replay it as well.

Others I would like to try is a tank sim called "T34 vs Tiger." This game is all about tank battles in WWII as the German and Soviet armies duke it out in eastern Europe at the close of the war. Then there is COD 5: World at War which is another WWII shooter like COD 1 & 2 which I hope they don't screw it up.

As far as Sci-Fi games go besides the previously two I mentioned above X 3 is coming out with a expansion pack called The Terrian Conflict set in our own solar system with all of the planets modeled like Venus and Jupiter. This looks awesome to play as well.

If you have any other suggestions as far as games to get this year please let me know. :D

No use:

I hate blogs, they don't mean anything but someone expressing them selves, yeah like the 80's song "express yourself" and yes, I remember that song when it first came out. Really, what can I say. I like games and I'm old, argh! 30ish is that old these days? Don't answer.

I rather just play games instead I'm reading reviews and PC Gamer, yes I hate consoles because they killed PC Gaming, face it! What ever happened to that golden age? Only us oldies but goodies know..................I still have my atari though?