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Why the Ipod Touch isnt taken serious as a handheld? (RANT)

It is not do to quality of games as the DS's best game accoriding to most sites GTA:CW is better on it with more content.

Its not length of games as I have invested so much time into Chaos Rings allready and am on the first two pairs...

Why it isnt taken serious by some is because it plays music and video... The fact is that the games look better and hold more content or similar content as DS games and do not have load times like the Pps so why do they dismiss the system.

Well I believe it is due to many reasons and I will list 5

1 It is a threat with the most AAA's unless you count three versions of nintendogs

2 High Quality graphics

3 Latest handheld and is bound to attack like the Ngage was attacked

4 Largest most Diverse library they claim their is only 1 or 2 decent games when there are many fantastic games and alot of shovelware.

5 Sales and the market share it is stealing

What picks at me the most is how DS fans are the main ones who make fun of it in system wars and try to discredit it. This imo is due to them being on top so long in AAA's that when the Ipod Touch beat the DS in AAA's DS fans couldnt use the graphics excuse which is what Pps users pull (dont believe me refer to how ps users argue over graphics) The DS users still use sells and try and damage control with the "different standards approach (which they wont admit to PS having higher standards to DS just like GBA fans wouldnt allow Ngage the opening) The fact is that a 9 is a 9 and how they think Ipod Touch games are held to a lowerstandard is beyond me :x

Anyone who plays Ipod Touch games ( the best ones) will recognise they are higher quality but DS fans allways say that Doodle Jump is the only game even if you bring up NOVA

Tell me is this a low standard?