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Im Getting An Xbox360...

Well, i have always wanted one. Im babysitting this summer, so hopefully ill earn enough for an Xbox360! Im deciding if i should go with the 60GB Xbox360 Pro for $300 or a gamestop refurbished one for $170. The problem with the refurbished one is it doesnt come with half the stuff the Xbox360 Pro does. When i get those things, itll probably be a high price still. What should i get?

Vacation and Contest

Hey everyone. just letting you know im going on vacation from june 19th to june 27th. ill be away.

in other news, my union's first sig of the week contest has begun. The theme: Guitar Hero. Click here for rules. I would love for you to join the union or enter. Thats all for now!


It Is Officially Open!

Well, my union, The Nintendo Designers UNion is open. Come and join! the link is at the bottom right side of the screen in my union section. Thanks!

Who Wants To Be A Charter Member???

well, itll be a week soon with 4 charter members. on thursday, ill pick more people to be charter members. i need some. if you want to be a charter member in the Nintendo Designers Union, please comment. Id apprectiate it.


Just Wandering...

like i said earlier, im making a union. i sent out some invites for charter members. i totally forgot who i sent them to. if you got one, please tell me. i want 4 charter members by tomorrow. im going on vacation and i want them before it. Thanks!

PS: check out the link in the blog below. tetris lovers will like the site.

Tetris Friends

Hey everyone!

i just wanted to tell you about a tetris website that ive beenm playing on latesly. its pretty fun, and you should try it. It is called

There are many differant modes to choose from. my username on it is getinbelly.

thats all! -getinbelly3

The Nintendo Designers Union

hey again, i am making a union called the Nintendo Designers Union. i invited some people to be charter members. The union will be about (obviously) designing. There will be a sig of the week thread. You can post your work. the union will be for EVERYONe. ill say when the union is up, just letting you know!

Remember Me?

well, its getinbelly3 again. I have learned something. im only active in the summer. I was super active last summer. i blogged, lead a union, collected emblems. after summer, i stopped. Now its summer again which means im back. The real reason im blogging is to tell you about The Nintendo Galaxy.

I really reccommend going and joining. i was once the leader and loved it. it has lost active members and needs them. Hopefully, ill be in charge of a sig of the week contest. it would greatly help if you checked it out.

Anyway, how has everyone been? I wanna know!


IM ALIVE!!! (caps)

YAY!!! Im not sure who has left since ive been gone, so if you read this, let me know. Im not sure if ill be too active on unions, but ill try to keep up with events on the site. I just wanted to let you know im still here! Happy Valentines Day!


Yayz Christmas!!! What I Got...

Merry Late Christmas everyone! I dont have much time to talk, so heres the game related stuff i got:

  • Guitar Hero: World Tour
  • Wii Music
  • Nerf N-Strike
  • Wii Fit
  • We Ski
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk (No Wii Speak)
  • de Blob
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour
  • Line Rider Unbound 2
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Villiage
  • Mystery Case Files: Million Heir

ill give my codes later. what did you get?