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Need help with Editorship!

Please, can someone help me with an editorship, I think I'm the only user with over 800 subs, who doesn't have an editorship. The one for Spongebob is far too hard, since I have 643 points, and I need like 1,400 more. The one for New Super Mario World has an editor who keeps procrastinating my subs. Nick Kroll seems impossible, because there isn't enough info. Is there any person with a long life, who does not have an editor?

Also, if you like Mario games, you can join this website

And here's a car

NY Test Tomorrow!

OMG! Tomorrow is the NY Math Test! Ahhh! I'm not that good at math! Ahhhhh! What am I gonna do?

So, how is it going?

Question of the day: What's your favorite type of candy?

Also, here's a shamrock for luck

and a clover

And, a car??? It was never made in real life, it was just planned as an idea

It's Saturday!

Oh, yeah! It's Saturday

Let's Party

Well, I have a Social Studies Project Due.:cry: But at least I have a long weekend 10 days later.

Well, my little brother, will be due on June 22nd. That's a whole week before my school ends.:twisted:

Who's going to be in the house while my mother's giving birth? Why couldn't my school end in May like in Russia.

Today, I noticed something about levels.

In levels below 10, subs make a big difference, and even posting gives percentage. It takes like 25 subs for a level. On gamespot I was jumping levels like a grasshopper

In levels below 20, posts make small difference. Reviews don't count as much, and you mostly need 75 subs for a level on

In levels below 30, posts don't give me any boost. I don't know how people are here with 2 submissions. It's just not fair. I need like 150 subs for a level. Some people just find other ways.

In levels below 40, I see it takes like 2,000 reviews, to move quickly. It takes people months just to pass those.

In levels below 50, reviews and posts make minuscule difference. It takes subs to get there.

In levels below 60, posts don't make any difference, it takes thousnads of subs to beat them.(I don't know what will happen if I get there)

And, I'm rating the levels

Level 51: I broke (Shatterdaymorn)-7/10
Level 52: Guzzlefish!-4/10
Level 53: Commander in Chief-5/10
Level 54: Prison Warden-7/10
Level 55: Bounty Dog-9/10
Level 56: Texas Ranger-7/10
Level 57: Mr. Biggles-3/10

Level 58: Dead Parrot-5/10
Level 59: E-Company-8/10
Level 60: Grape Ape-8/10
Level 61: Gold Monkey-8/10
Level 62: Species #8472-1/10
Level 63: Browncoat-5/10
Level 64: Scrub-8/10
Level 65: Chosen One-8/10

Level 66 Hollywood Square-7/10
Level 67 Johnny Fever-2/10
Level 68 Log Lady-8/10
Level 69 Ponch-8/10
Level 70 Movin' On Up-1/10
Level 71 Bad News Bear-6/10
Level 72 Happy Little Tree-1/10
Level 73 Red 308 GTS Ferrari-10/10
Level 74 Chicken Lady-1/10
Level 75 Rowdy Roddy Piper-1/10
Level 76 Bassomatic '76-5/10
Level 77 Baywatcher-8/10
Level 78 MythBusters-6/10
Level 79 "Make It So"-1/10
Level 80 Quantum Leaper-10/10
Level 81 Don't Do That on Television-8/10
Level 82 Joanie Loves Chachi-1/10
Level 83 Book 'em Danno-5/10
Level 84 Flowbee-1/10
Level 85 85. Urkel-1/10

Cool Car!

Yeah it's chrome. I wish I had it:D

So, I'v ebeen busy lately, so sorry if I didn't comment. I had extra school for 2 days in a row:shock:

Well, on the bright news I did hit 800 subs. And Level 26. But the emblem makes me bad, especially cause I'm a guy. They shouldn't put a naked man on an emblem

Also, my mom's getting pregnant. She's due on June, but I just found out. It's gonna be a brother.

Yeah, today I got an 98 on my spanish test. And, I'm one of the best artists in the whole school:D. I was so good, he made me draw extra stuff coz I was so great. I even drew a typewriter. I did beter than I thought. Well, I have some girls speaking to me.I'm one of the youngest people here. My next birthday is in May!

Also, there's a mario website that is new, and doesn't have many memebers ,it's a really good website, and the rules are not strict. You can discuss Mario. If you'd like to join, you're welcome to. Its

Also, her's another view of the car

Over and out


Levels Ratings

Right now, I'll make the rating taht I give to the level

Level 1: Weatherman-1/10
Level 2: Sweat Hog-1/10
Level 3: Soup Nazi-1/10
Level 4: Thighmaster-4/10
Level 5: Caveman Lawyer-1/10
Level 6: Small Wonder-1/10
Level 7: Talk Show Host-2/10
Level 8: Super-Friend-2/10
Level 9: Door Number 2-5/10
Level 10: Holy Level 10!-8/10
Level 11: Red Shirted Lt.-1/10
Level 12: Evil Bert-1/10
Level 13: Regal Beagle-3/10
Level 14: Autobot-7/10
Level 15: Ginsu Knife-7/10
Level 16: Church Lady-1/10
Level 17: The Crazy Neighbor-3/10
Level 18: Land Shark-6/10
Level 19: Fall Guy-7/10
Level 20: Cow Bell-8/10
Level 21: Snagglepuss-8/10
Level 22: Freak and Geek-9/10
Level 23: Close Talker-7/10
Level 24: Golden Girl-1/10
Level 25: Coconut Phone-10/10
Level 26: Bow Flex-1/10
Level 27: Shark Jumper-9/10
Level 28: Disco Stu-6/10
Level 29: Volgar the Enforcer-6/10
Level 30: Anchorman-1/10
Level 31: Blues Brother-7/10
Level 32: Whammy!-9/10
Level 33: Borg Queen-8/10
Level 34: Wardrobe Malfunction-8/10
Level 35: Beverly Hillbilly-8/10
Level 36: Young and Restless-9/10 (I don't like the show, but I like the flame)
Level 37: Cylon-10/10
Level 38: SquarePants-10/10
Level 39: Fonzerelli-9/10
Level 40: Bewitched-9/10

Level 41: Sleestack-9/10
Level 42: General Lee-6/10
Level 43: K.I.T.T.-7/10
Level 44: Golden Boy-8/10
Level 45: Swizzle-Bird-7/10
Level 46: Lothar of the Hill People-1/10
Level 47: A-Teamer-2/10
Level 48: Conehead-1/10
Level 49: Snufflupugus-5/10
Level 50: Airwolf-5/10

Problems with Editorships

Yeah, there`s an editor(Spaction3) who keeps delaying his queue til the last minute. I sent him an angry email once to process my subs, he responded 2 weeks later saying "I have a life". He is online, but he doesn`t like doing queues, and keeps people waiting. He's an editor to many unknown shows, so he doesn't have a big queue, so he should do it on time. I mean, if he doesn't like doing queues, why doesn't give it to a person who does like queues? Also he has a private profile, so I guess he's hiding something.

Any ideas... anyone?

Maybe if I keep loading him with submissions, he'll get tired and give it to people who like processing subs, so I no longer have to wait for my subs to be processed, or if I make like 100 submissions, he won't be able to process them all, so he'll be forced to retire and give it to an active editor.

Also, here's a picture


Now enjoy the coconut

and the banana

sorry, no sundaes today

Noooo! Monday!

Leap Year Challenge!

Ok, since this moment only comes once in 4 years, I`m gonna try to get to 3,500 posts today. the next time this happnes, I`ll be in High School.

Ok, I`ll start in 3...2...1...Go!








Today I`m doing Tuner awards















Thanks everyone for voting

Everyone gets cake!

I Skipped Level 20!

OMG! I just skipped Level 20! Now i`m almost out of Snagglepuss, and tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, I`ll be getting the Dice Level:P. I moved 203% in one night:shock:

I also got the ribbon*holds up ribbon*

And I just graduated from the tens, and now I`ll be doing the twenties.:D

And the cars in the spotlight

The legendary Lotec C1000

Reached a top speed of 252 Miles Per Hour (403 Kilometeres Per Hour)

And, Daver Porsche 962 LeMans

Has an acceleration of 2.5 Seconds from 0 to 62 Miles Per Hour


French Alps