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Spring Football and a new Arena

I went to Auburn's spring football game on Saturday with a record 63,000+ people. One thing I noticed was missed tackles, there were plenty of them. The defense needs to improved from last year, yet nobody cheered when they got a sack except for me. Cam Newton needs to be a little more polished on the finese throws in the back of the endzone, but other than that he looked good, I still expect him to be the starter come opening day even though Chizik has yet to announce anything.

After the game I went and toured the new basketball arena. It's quite nice, and if you ever saw Beard-Eaves you know how bad that place was. Auburn Arena as it's called (they really need a new name) is quite smaller, but all the seats look to be close to the court and there doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the place. They actually have cushioned seats instead of wooden seats that get uncomfortable quickly. I look forward to attending games in the new arena and I hope the new coach can get a good team going.

I stood in the cold for that!?!?

It's October and it's not supposed to be that cold. It was well into the 40's last night for the Auburn/Kentucky game and it was a terrible one at that. The first 3 quarters were OK, but the 4th quarter turned into a nightmare. Flags were being thrown like they were hot potatoes, plays were being called that shouldn't have a place in a SEC game, let alone the fourth quarter of one. Missed tackles continue to be the story, as it looks like Auburn's depth is being shown. I only expect them to beat Furman to pick up their sixth win and "bowl" eligibility. I put that in quotes because if they do get invited it will most likely be the Independence Bowl, and that doesn't really count.

In other news, the Saints dominated the Giants today and proves to me they are the #2 team in the NFL being Peyton Manning.

Busy Weekend

I'll be away for a while starting tonight when I go to the Atlanta outskirts for a job interview, hopefully something will come of this one. Next I'll be heading to Auburn once again, hopefully I will see Daniel Tosh on Thursday night as he is performing down there. Then I can't wait until Saturday for the game against La. Tech. Hopefully this offense will perform up to standards, unlike last years. I'm so glad football season is back. Enjoy.

Auburn Alum

Well I am now officially a graduate of Auburn University. The commencement was on Saturday and it was quite nice. Also, what's a better way to end a college career than shaking hands with one of the greatest athletes of all time in Bo Jackson, now that's a highlight.

Almost Done with College

Today I had a huge presentation. The presentation was for a project that I was in a group. We went to a real company and attempted to solve a problem for them. We got a distribution center, which sends out products to stores, and we helped to develop a linear program to allocate workers and a method to keep track of their inventory control system. They had a few problems and it was good to get some experience in actual work for my major. Now that the presentation is over, I can pretty much relax until graduation which is May 9. All I have to do now is find a job.:evil: :evil: :evil:

2009 Auburn A-Day

Well today was Auburn's scrimmage or A-Day game. It went well despite all the injuries that have piled up. The offense seems a lot more catered to the running style Auburn is used to putting out there. Onterio McCalebb looked good returning kicks and had a nice 70 TD run. One thing I did not like was the first team offense was going against the second team defense (which had a lot of walk-ons on), so I couldn't gauge how everyone was doing. The QB's still need plenty of work, but some nice throws were made. I will mention that the offense beat the defense 57-31 in a weird point scoring system. Overall it was just nice to be back in the stadium and watching football even if it was just a scrimmage.

Screw you Lunardi, Auburn belongs in the NCAA

With a 69-53 win over #11 LSU yesterday Auburn deserves to be in the NCAA Tournament, but no, you won't hear their name even in the bubble discussion. All of that is because of a weak RPI and a weak SEC. Auburn is 21-10 and 10-6 in conference play including wins over SEC West champs LSU and SEC East champs Tennessee. Auburn has won 8 of their last 9 with that one loss coming against LSU on the road. Only 4 other teams have closed out the season like that, UNC, Pitt, Washington, and Louisville. Also to note, of Auburn's 10 conference wins, 8 of them have come by 12+ points.

"I don't think there's anybody in our league, maybe not anybody in the country, that's played as good a basketball as (Auburn) in the last 45 days," Johnson said.

"Everybody talks about Kentucky and Florida as bubble teams in this league. You'll never hear Auburn's name in the mix, but I've had my share of postseason experiences. That's an NCAA Tournament-caliber team."

Those are quotes from LSU head coach Trent Johnson.

Auburn doesn't play with a traditional lineup. It's mainly 4 guards and a forward, but against LSU yesterday most of the damage was done in the paint. They were down double digits against Alabama on the road and came back and won nicely. This team has proved to me it belongs in the post-season, it's just a shame it'll probably be in the NIT.

I would also like to thank the three seinors that were honored yesterday in Rasheem Barrett, Quantez Robertson, and Korvotney Barber. I have watched them for four years and it will be weird when the basketball team takes the court next year and they won't be a part of the game.

Crazy Things Happening (with pictures)

As some of you know we had some crazy weather here in Auburn recently. Saturday morning I was awakened to tornado sirens and there were reports of tornados in the area. Sunday morning I wake up and it's snowing, and it was a good snow too. I'd say we got about 3-4 inches which is crazy. It doesn't snow here often, but it has snowed the past two years which is odd.

Image Hosted by

There's a picture of inside Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Those two are obviously of the baseball stadium which they were supposed to play Florida St. that afternoon.

Later that day the women's basketball team wrapped up the SEC Title for the regular season, hopefully they can do some damage in the NCAA's.

That brings me to today where the men's basketball team beat Alabama on the road for their 20th win of the season. They have come a long way since I first saw them in December. They are quite a different team now, than they were back then. Hopefully they wil get invited to a post-season tournament.

RROD No. 3

Well for the third time my Xbox has gotten the 3 red lights. It's been a while and wow have they made the process more complicated, thanks Microsoft. I guess I'll try and hook up the Super Nintendo for the time being.