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PSP 1.9, Final Fantasy and More

Looks like a new PSP is coming out this Septemeber, but considering that nothing really new and worthwhile has been added, I won't be making the jump. To me, it's just a PSP 1.9. :? And guess what! You won't be able to use you iFM for PSP...

I am playing Final Fantasy on my PSP now. It's a lot of fun, but nothing new has (luckily) been added. You just KNOW that Capcom could hav put FF and FF2 on one UMD. I should be reviewing Final Fantasy and PotC: The World's End soon (PotC does pretty much suck if you don't like hack n' slash). Since Final Fantasy II debuts on PSP tomorrow, I should be reviewing that as well!

Happy Gaming to All This Summer! :) 8)