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worst of PSP 2006

Well, a few weeks ago I did the "best of PSP 2006" so its only fair that I give out the stinky star award as well. This time its from worst to less so...

Scarface: Money, Power, Respect.
50 Cent
From Russia with Love
Ford Racing
Gangs of London

Any other suggestions?

PS3 madness abates...or does it?

Well, PS3 madness seems to have died down. I certainly was not planning on getting a PS3 (since I have a PSP) but in the recent days - aside from the ungodly $2000 units on eBay I would never think of getting - I think the PS3 is too powerful and irresistable to just drop off the wayside.

What made me change my mind? Well I don't own a TV (since college apartment life doesn't have much space, nor would I ever watch it) so it seemed that high def graphics and a PS3 were anyway out of the question. All I have is a notebook computer running Ubuntu, so what could I do?

Well, I found out that there are LCD monitors that have HDMI connections. I was dumbfounded; a widescreen LCD computer monitor with 1080p, speakers, usb DVI, VGA, and HDMI? More unbelievable, one model is only $350. This was just too good to be true.

I would be able to watch movies on Blu-Ray, run Linux on the PS3, attach a wireless keyboard and mouse, rip music on the PS3 ... basically, the PS3 is just a really cheap and awesome computer. Next year, that is.

I can imagine it now - my notebook, PS3 and 5.1 speakers plugged into this sweet monitor, all at once, with no quality loss whatsoever.

The Spectre x22wg Gaming Monitor is one that does it all for around $350 (shipped). You can see the quote if you don't believe me.

HDMI Monitors with 1080p? Too good to be true!

firmware 3.02 - don't update

Sony has released another firmware update for the PSP - 3.02, within days of their 3.0 (and 3.01 the next day) update.

Gautam's recommendations? Don't upgrade to 3.02. If you don't care about homebrew at ALL then this doesn't really apply to you. 3.0 and 3.01 at least has a chance with holes already found.

best of PSP 2006

Well, looks like the year is coming to an end. What a quick 2006. What were the best games for PSP in 2006?

  • Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror
  • GTA Vice City Stories
  • The Sega Genesis Collection
  • Daxter
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
  • GUN Showdown
Hopefuls (Just Released)
  • Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (My Review Forthcoming)
  • Star Wars Lethal Alliance
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