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Dragon Age for Mac?

Getting excited about running Dragon Age natively on a Mac...

December 21st

Been A While

It's been a while since I have been on GameSpot. Life's been busy, and I don't seem to have the time for gaming anymore. Isn't that just pathethic and sad? :?

It looks like my new game obsession lies with the upcoming new SimCity, which promises to radically revamp the SimCity tradition. There seems to be pros and cons to this, but a lot of people are just pissed that the gameplay of SimCity Societies (as it has now deviated from the X000 naming scheme) is changing focus.

On another note, sadly, Assassin's Creed has been delayed to some to-be-announced time in 2008. I was really hoping to play it in December, but ah well.

The PSP front seems to be a bit dry until next year. Nothing worth noting for now.

I know, I know. It's depressing that I've been delayed!

PSP 1.9, Final Fantasy and More

Looks like a new PSP is coming out this Septemeber, but considering that nothing really new and worthwhile has been added, I won't be making the jump. To me, it's just a PSP 1.9. :? And guess what! You won't be able to use you iFM for PSP...

I am playing Final Fantasy on my PSP now. It's a lot of fun, but nothing new has (luckily) been added. You just KNOW that Capcom could hav put FF and FF2 on one UMD. I should be reviewing Final Fantasy and PotC: The World's End soon (PotC does pretty much suck if you don't like hack n' slash). Since Final Fantasy II debuts on PSP tomorrow, I should be reviewing that as well!

Happy Gaming to All This Summer! :) 8)

Lotsa Stuff

I just played Prince of Persia Rival Swords for PSP, and reviewed it. What a boring game! I kept dying in it, and it's not fun the way it was back in the PC days. See my review to know what I thought of it.

I just ordered Ultimate Board Games for PSP, which was released a few days ago. Pricegrabber had a 5$ coupon off the lowest price guy, so I paid $23 for it to be shipped to my doorstep. Seems like a really neat game with a decent mix of board games and paper games from around the world.

I am really looking forward to summer, when I'll have a lot more time to play games...and there seems to be some great new games popping up just in time for summer. What are you looking forward to?

P.S. - Why did it take like a week to go to level 22, but many months for go from level 20 to 21? :)    

sad with no PS3, no console :(

I guess I'm really sad about not owning a PS3, but only when I see trailers for these two games. Why won't they make the PS3 more affordable...or free...for people like me? :p Check out the trailers to these two games to see why I am desperately thinking about taking the plunge...

Assassin's Creed


Star Wars: Force Unleashed


OK so the video clips are mostly pre-vis sequences. It's still damn cool though.

free sex here!

So I got your attention? I knew it! :)

Well, PSP Firmware 3.40 is out - and NOTHING useful or new for those who don't own a PS3. I think it's the first time Sony is removing a feature, not that the feature was useful. It seems we are going to be getting some Final Fantasy games on UMD pretty soon, as well.

I am currently playing Chili Con Carnage, which is a fun game. Lots of fast action. What I really want is the new PSP game, Valhalla Knights. Gamespot trashed it with its review, but somehow I feel like it's a game worth playing.

21 levels of randomness and more

Once again, it's been a while since I posted on the quality blogginess blog. Well, I'm almost at Level 21 (98.97%) and I have been at Level 20 for an AEON (seriously). Well, let me delve into some randomness:

In PSP news, looks like the new firmware 3.30 blocks out custom firmwares! Watch out, folks. On a better note, the 3.30 firmware allows users to utilize the full screen resolution for video files. Even better the PSP core system price is dropping from $199 to $169 USD in the very near future.

Sadly, the PSP edition of Oblivion dubbed Oblivion Travels has been delayed to late 2007.

I thought I should make a plug for Ubuntu as well. I switched over to Linux mid last year, and Ubuntu is a great way to support free, open-source software. The new version of the OS, Feisty Fawn (7.04) recently came out in beta form, and it's really great. For those PC gamers out there, you must dual boot!


a month gone!

It's been a month since I played a game or visited gamespot...too long, by my books. Looks like January went by in a flash.

Seems like a chock full of new games has arrived on the market - my recent aquisition has been Sid Meier's Pirates for PSP, which was highly rated by gamespot (and us, the people).

Also in interesting news, Firmware 3.10 (soon to be replaced by 3.11, for technical issues) provides a few new media related features. Worth an upgrade? You decide. Especially with this other bit of news - apparantly, 32 GB Pro Duo Sticks are on their way for PSP.

Happy Gaming!

Best Wishes for 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's one time when everyone celebrates a holiday. Have fun, be safe, try to be *productive* in 2007. AND don't forget to play the best new games...and review them, too. Especially for those new consoles that just came out.

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