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21 levels of randomness and more

Once again, it's been a while since I posted on the quality blogginess blog. Well, I'm almost at Level 21 (98.97%) and I have been at Level 20 for an AEON (seriously). Well, let me delve into some randomness:

In PSP news, looks like the new firmware 3.30 blocks out custom firmwares! Watch out, folks. On a better note, the 3.30 firmware allows users to utilize the full screen resolution for video files. Even better the PSP core system price is dropping from $199 to $169 USD in the very near future.

Sadly, the PSP edition of Oblivion dubbed Oblivion Travels has been delayed to late 2007.

I thought I should make a plug for Ubuntu as well. I switched over to Linux mid last year, and Ubuntu is a great way to support free, open-source software. The new version of the OS, Feisty Fawn (7.04) recently came out in beta form, and it's really great. For those PC gamers out there, you must dual boot!