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Tis the Season to be Hopeful!

This is my hopeful wishlist, that I would love to get for christmas this year.

  1. XBOX 360 and ROCK BAND
  2. Nintendo DS and the following games

    Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, Chibi Robo: Park Patrol, Super Princess Peach, Brain Age II, Yoshi Island, Animal Crossin: Wild World, Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Pearl
  3. Gaming ComputerXPS Gaming PC

Is this all too much to ask for from my parents?? Or am I being greedy and need to stop kidding myself...

Rock Band Demo

sorry...i posted this on my blog and forgot to post it here :(

yes....i actually played Rock Band yesterday on my college campus of Georgia State. A group sponsored by MTV was there with a trailer with about four sets for demo group play. Also, they had a big stage for people to play and be recorded that would be sent to MTV.

Ya'll that game is amazing! The thing that makes it so great is of course its multi-player options. Even though it was only a demo, the music selections were great. Songs by Black Sabbath (Paradise), Jet (Do You Want to be my Girl), Nirvana (sorry I can't remember the name), Stone Temple Pilots (Vasoline), and sooo many more. About 20 songs in all. I got the chance to play guitar and sing. The guitars that come with the game are similar to the ones for guitar hero. However instead of colorful buttons that you can see, they only have colored indicators on the edge of the guitar that look like this:

__________________________________________(side of guitar)
------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- (colored lines)

There are 10 buttons in all. One set of five at the top most part for regular guitar play. And the other set closer to the bottom for bass play. You can play either top or bottom for bass guitar though.

The song feature is pretty much like any type of karaoke video game you can imagine. Stay on pitch and chime in at the right moment and you'll be fine.

The drums though I didn't get to play, I can tell are tricky. If you won't have rhythm, you may want to practice on your own.

The cost of this entire set is about $180. But one of the guys there I spoke with said that its pretty much sold out until February...

Dead or Alive Movie....

umm...i'm sorry, but who is REALLY going to go out and buy this movie?!?!?

especially when you can watch it for free on youtube...

i didn't post it...but its there:)

What to buy

I'm still taking classes this Fall semester and should hopefully graduate this December. Thats fine and dandy but after i've paid my tuiton and fees off, I"ll still have extra money to do with what I will (even after bills, food, and transportation). Should I

A.) save my money for a rainy day ($1000)

B.) Buy a Nintendo DS

c.) Buy an XBOX or XBOX360

D.) Buy a Wii

E.) Buy a whole bunch of used Gamecube and PS2 Games

F.) Other (your suggestion)

Yay half-what freedom...

Okay! So in my last entry I said I wasn't working for a game retailer anymore (super exciting). However, I DO have another job working for a clothing retail store. It offers better job security and in a few more months, health benefits. I'll be starting to take my two classes week after next so I can finally get my darn degree in Sociology and then maybe get a real job. On a plus side, I beat Grandia II (PS2) last night. It was the first RPG I ever played. I beat it my freshman year in college on my rommates dreamcast.

Other than that...I'm playing Pikmin 2. I'm taking a break from Legend of Zelda: WW only because I just don't feel like doing a dungeon right now. Its the one with Medli and I know its going to take a while, so i'm just gonna wait...Oh but I did find this on youtube. Is it wrong that I actually watched these and tried to practice?!?

Na-na-na-na! Hey, hey! Goodbye!

Its official tomorrow everyone!!!! I won't work at a game retailstore anymore....i'm happy yet sad. i'm taking two more classes this fall and it would conflict with my work schedule. Plus i wasn't getting any hours in which i could actually work. Oh well!

new to me...old to you

I am now 24 years old...huzzah! My birthday was July 9th and for my birthday I treated myself to three games: Legend of Zelda: WW, Pikmin 2, and God of War. My friends understand and love that I got God of War...however, they hate the fact that I "wasted money" on such lousy gamecube titles. What do you think? I got Windwaker because i had almost beaten the game about a year ago. Unfortunately, the mem card with my data was stolen at one of my gaming tournaments. Pikmin 2...i just think its fun. Like Animal Crossing but instead of doing chores, I get other creatures to do things for me :)

E3 has started

our wonderful mecca of gaming has returned. and only started the day after my birthday :) I have been taking peeks into interviews and upcoming games. What I see from e3 will determine when and WHAT next-gen console i will be getting. mind i am happy that the ps3 has gone down $100, but thats still pretty hefty. i wonder if with the price change they will somehow also change what is INSIDE the system itself. They are still loosing money by making the ps3 right?

The one game for the PS3 i Heavenly Sword.

I just...words cannot describe my utter amazement of it. i heard about it last year and was sad it was only going to be an exclusive.


okay its official! i'm an employee of a local gaming store!! YAY!!!!! even though i'm in training i feel like i'm at home with the other associates and management. i hope i'll continue on andmake the store a success....

on a side note has anyone else played Final Fantasy X-2? And if so, why the HECK didn't you tell me it was so weird!?!?!?!?

Momo con 2007

i went to momocon which as held at the Georgia Tech student center last weekend. Momo apparently means peach in Japanese. Cute huh? Okay so momocon was kinda lame. you couldn't tell who was on staff and not. So if you had questions, you were scrambling around trying to find someone...The other lame thing is that I didn't have my friends with me. Thats not really lame, it was just really sad...i really wanted us to go and have fun and...stuff. i went with my sister but, she's not into gaming or anime. and...bless her heart but she had a HUGE culture shock! LOL! I only stayed at the convention for two hours. Long enough to peek into a panel discussion on flower arranging, look at people playing soul calibur 3 and ssbm, and the costume contest. I saw phillip there one of the VGA members. I have confidence that he won...daggumit he better have won! after winning our two tournaments!!! But I really wanted my friends there so I could talk and hang out with them. It was sad looking at all the other teens and pre-teens cussing up a damn storm with their groups of friends. god it reminded me of high school all over again....SOOOOO...guess what all my friends are going to do!!??!!???!!! Actually let me be more specific. This refers to Dee, Earl, Matt G, Matt F, Cigahy, Sam, Andre, April (Earl's Friend), Keisha, and Jeremy. Ya'll are the ones who I think-and hope desperately will go with me to...da-da-da-daaaa!!!!

DRAGON CON 2007!!!

It will be held in Atlanta this year which is a good thing!!! No, this one isn't free, (its $60 before May 15th) but it would be awesome if we all went :) And I want us to dress like SSBM characters. Matt F. will be Ness, Matt G. will be Roy, Earl will be Falco, Dee will be Ganondorf or maybe Bowser, Andre will be Yoshi or Link, April can be Sheik, Keisha can be Princess Peach, Jeremy can be Marth, and I can be Dr. Mario. I'm not sure who Cigahy and Sam will be...Cigahy could be Luigi or maybe even Mewto. And Sam...Sam would be PREFECT for Mr. Game and Watch!!!! darn that might be offensive but I still love you Sam!!! But anyways, Dragaon Con is labor day weekend and its in Atlanta and I want ya'll to go with me so I won't have to drag my sister someplace that she really doesn't want to go to. Pleeeeeeaaassseeeee?!?!?!?!?!