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I'm bored.

Gamespot really surprised us. Its been more than a week with no forums. The only way you can contact each other is by pm. Can someone tell me another fun website to go to until forums come back.

Being At Home Just Got Better....

You are probably wandering what I mean by this but its very simple. I went to GAME and just browsed the shelves when I caught sight of Burnout 4 Revenge. Wow I was shocked I didn't know that It was out yet. I bought the game straight away. It took all the money I was saving up but it was worth it. So I got home opened the game and put the disc into the Playstation 2 . I waited for all the introductions and watched everything even the video. The menu screen was good. The cars were good. The circuits were good. EVERYTHING was good. There is some cool new gameplay modes. The music is the best. The new cars are just beautiful. I don't know how many cars they are but the ones I have got so far are quite fast. I think this is my best driving game so far but lets hope Need For Speed Most Wanted produces something better otherwise I shall become a Burnout forever fan. I give Burnout 4 Revenge 10 OUT OF 10 on all aspects.

Burnout Revenge for PlayStation 2 screenshot 81Burnout Revenge for PlayStation 2 screenshot 79

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Is The Best.

People said Mortal Kombat Deception was the best but Namco decided to introduce Tekken 5 which took gamer 's breath away. The graphics of Tekken were so realistic I was convinced that no other game would take its place but a new upcoming MORTAL KOMBAT SHAOLIN MONKS seems to have overtaken Tekken 5 before its even out..Get this game, it promises to be the best.Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks for PlayStation 2 screenshot 46

This year's hottest GAME..

This year' s hottest game would be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but its got some stiff competition from games like Resident Evil 4, God Of War,Tekken 5.
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