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What are you looking forward to most in this New Year?

Its 2006. Wow time is moving. In this New Year I'm looking forward to...

1.Watching the Champions League hoping Barcelona will win since Man-U have been knocked out.

2.The World Cup-Brazil will win obviously.

3.PS3- Sony just release it we are getting annoyed.

4.Level 18-I wanna get to level 18 or more.

5.Level 10-I want my union to reach level 10. We are level 4.

6.500 memmbers for union-It currently has 398 members.

7.Fifa 2007- It will probably come out in October but I'm waiting.

8.And finaly for GS to fix their bugs so we can get moving.

By the way this is in no order. So what are you looking forward to in this New Year.

Having a Union these days is tough work.

Creating a union is fun these days but keeping it alive is another thing.Nowadays recruits don't post that much which will leave your union down in the dumps. What you can depend on is the officers. So mainly nowadays having recruits is just so your union looks as if there's lots of people because its only officers that post. So good luck trying to get recruits to post because everyone seems to have a union of their own to attend to so they've got no time.

The Only Problem For Me.

The only problem for me are the union levels. It sucks for your union to be active everyday and for it not to gain anything. If only GS could fix this faster.
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