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Its been too long.

Wow a lot has changed on GS I guess its been so long but now everything of mine is sorted and I hope I can be active more. Its good to be back.

Brief Period Of Inactivity.

I won't be active for the coming days as I have to attend to an urgent issue. Whilst I'm away I'll leave foxer_2005 in charge of my union. I'll be back as soon as possible.

Being an Officer in 11 Unions is tough so I'm resigning.

Okay guys I'll have to round of my unions so I think I will stay officer in only 3 unions. That would be the best option for me. I've taken a long tome to decide this. Being officer in all 11 unions is hard work I barely get time to post on my union adn all the leaders depend upon me to post on their unions. So I'll remain in only 3 unions. I'm sorry for any problems caused by my sudden resignation.

I'm feeling very very sad.

After days and days of begging my girl to come back to me I think its over. I tried buying her chocolates, roses and everything but she simply said no. So I'm feeling lonely and sad. I learnt not to cheat again.

Valentine was a disaster for me.

Guess what had to happen Valentine. My girl caught me with another girl.It wasn't supposed to happen like that. I didn't know she would pitch up. I told her a lie saying it was my cousin but she didn't beieve me. So I'm sad right now. I'm trying to win her back but she's really angry. Anyone got any tips for me.

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