About Garylester

My favourite game to play at the moment is FIFA 18 on Playstation 4 which i have found is very addictive and highly entertaining.It is probably one of the best football games i have ever played as the graphics are amazing which seem to be getting better year by year.I think i need more practice though as i am losing more matches than i am winning,and i am yet to get promoted,but overall i am really enjoying playing this football game online with players from all over the world.The big difference i have noticed is when you first have to kick off,as you only have the option to pass the ball backwards which is a bit annoying,as i use to like rushing straight forward,dribbling around defenders and scoring a goal,which i am unable to do with this current version of the soccer game.

By: Gary Lester - CEO at https://bonuspromocodes.weebly.com