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Where the Heck is the New Zelda?

I'm fricken serious.

I got into the whole Legend of Zelda series two years ago, and let me just say, I think that it is possibly the best game series out there. The first zelda game I beat was Ocarina of Time, and it was AMAZING. I actually started playing with my girlfriend, who, at the time, was just my friend. We beat every 3d zelda game together since, and I ventured into all of the classics on my own. We both love the series, but for almost an entire year now, we have had an abscence of zelda in our lives.

I just don't know what the heck is taking nintendo SO long to release this game. There hasnt been a wait this long since A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. At least THEY had an excuse, making the transition from 2d to 3d was a steep step to take. What's Nintendo's excuse this time? motion controls? they already did that with Twilight Princess. Upgraded motion controls? Nice try, we saw you do that with Wii sports resort. Making an all-new engine to play the game on the wii? That's great. Four years to do it? Awesome. Maybe more? Great. Can I see what you've got so far?





..... here's a poster.


For pete's sake, what are they doing? They release all of these mario games, and there are STILL other mario games to come! we just GOT Mario galaxy, and I personally prefer Twilight Princess over it, and yet mario galaxy 2 will be out next year, and Zelda wii still doesnt even have a name.

also, whats with all of these DS Zeldas? you'd think that with Phantom hourgalss and spirit tracks, they could have at least released 1 new zelda game between. It sounds like spirit tracks is going to be alot like phantom hourglass, but with a train, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but for pete's sake... it plays like the top down zelda games, which also isnt bad, I just want ONE good 3D zelda game on the wii. is that REALLY too much to ask? they could have used the Twilight Princess engine and just master-quested the entire game, and I would be happy. I just want something new!

I honestly just dont see why this is SO hard. I want a new zelda game, and i want it NOW, or really soon.

Also, Hitman needs another installment, that series rocked.

Also, Resident Evil needs more games on the wii. The chronicles are alright, but i want a REAL Resi game, i'd take a RE-make over another rails shooter. I also find it really clever that Resident Evil abbreviated is RE, so it fits to say RE-make. Also its nifty how Resident Evil 4 is the same as RE$ when you keep shift held, since RE4 was put on pretty much every console and its brother, and sold like a bandit.


I hope i got my point across. Duffman out.

"Old Skool" the New "New School"?

Lets face it: no matter HOW much PS3, X-Box, or Wii you play, the guy playing SEGA Genesis will always be the coolest out of the group.

Now that above statement might not exactly be true, but it might have a little more truth than some believe.

I personally believe that the Grandfather generation of gaming is the best generation of gaming. we're talking about a golden age where nobody is complaining about crappy graphics, or crappy camera angles. no games with good ideas get ruined for being implemented poorly. if a game suck, it sucks for a reason. we're talking about a generation where you could pick up a random game off the shelf and not have to worry about explicit gore, gratuitous sex, or any of that. We're talking about games where you can look at the cover, determine the genre of game that you are about to purchase. and buy it soley on that.

i think that diversity in games is good, but today we have TOO much diversity... too many people play too many games in too many different ways... im sure alot of you will disagree with me here, but im sure some will understand. what happened to the fighting game? i miss my streets of rage, or golden axe, or even the spiderman games! anybody could make a good game, as long as it played like streets of rage. you didnt like it? you could try a sidescroller like mario, or sonic, or alex kidd, or kid chameleon, all of them excellent choices. 

I think that the best part of the grandfather Generation is the fact that there were NO HARDCORE GAMES! thats right, you heard me. NO HARDCORE GAMES. there were no hardcore gamers, no casuals, none of it. anybody could play any game, and alot of people did. i miss the two-player game, with no split-screen. you would have two people on screen and you would ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER AND STAY TOGETHER to advance! imagine that... granted nowadays we have online... but lets be real, does that REALLY feel as good as playing with someone right next to you and having that communication factor there?

I think that everyone should kick the current gen, leave the next gen, and upgrade to the classic generations. the generation where a movie game didnt mean an instant suck, a generation where in order to beat it, you had to be IN THE ZONE, because there were dang near no saves, and you had to really focus on winning to beat the game. the sense of beating a game in one sitting is just... the bee's knees. that sense of fear you get when your on the last boss with only 2 lives left and a muti-million point score, knowing that if you mess up, you'll have to start the game all over, from scratch. THAT is gaming. and THAT is what i want to play. 

Alot of you guys can disagree and go " hey ill have my halo" or your 3d mario or your metal gear solid, and thats fine. this is just one man's opinion on what i believe was the best generation of gaming, and i just felt it should be appreciated as such.

duffman out. 


Casuals, Hardcores, and Nintendo

Lately, with the coming of the Wii, which i enjoy quite bit, mind you, some new terms have been thrown around like they were, well, nothing. Yes im talking about "casuals" and "Hardcore" Gaming.

I dont quite understand who the hell decided WHO is "Harcore" and who is "Casual", it seems like it is the most absurd classification system for anyone to have for, well, anything. one person can be casual, and another person can say that they are " Hardcore", without having any real differences in their habits. This always seems to bring up discussions about what each entitles, and im personally tired of hearing about it, so im going to take a crack at it.

The "Hardcore" gamer is basically... a reason to complain and whine about the games coming out, nothing more, nothing less. they are CONSTANTLY complaining about games coming out not being "Hardcore", but when you ask them what a "Hardcore Game" is, they are usually drawing up blanks, or spewing random filths out of their opinionated mouths. You see alot of this in the Wii forums. every game that comes out is either not hardcore, or, well, not hardcore. Good Example: Super Mario Galaxy.

i can not TELL you how many times "hardcore gamers" have talked about how " aimed towards casuals" this game is. it sickens me, so heres a little secret: ALL MARIO GAMES ARE AIMED TOWARDS EVERYBODY! i would like for you to walk up to a person, just a random person, and ask them if they didnt know who mario was. chances are they will answer yes, and probably have at least PLAYED a game with him in it. does that mean mario is casual? no. he is an ICON, but even moreso, he is a GAME. People play games, people dont care about "Casual" and "Hardcore" wich brings me to another point: Master Chief

This section is short, for the emphasis on it is quite easy. how many people play halo? alot right? how many KIDS play halo? im talkin' younger kids, you know exactly who im talking about, that kid who keeps killing you all the time, who you SWEAR just picks you out of everyone and kills you while fighting with someone else, 70 times a match, who taunts you every time you die. and yea, you consider yourself hardcore, but if you're getting constantly picked on by 12 year olds, just how "Hardcore" are you?

Lets talk about the casual gamer. the "Casual" gamer, can be any age, any height, and weight, any gender, any... ANYTHING. the "casual" gamer will go to a store, find a game, and buy it. end of story. chances are, they will have fun with the game, no matter what it is, and why? not because they have no standards or smarts towards games, not because they are simpler beings, but because they are just better gamers overall. yep. out of all the time playing games you "Hardcores" spend, a "Casual" will have more fun than you playing it. This could be because the casuals dont waste their time learning about the game before they bought it, much like all of us gamers used to do, and hey guess what? we played alot of games back then, without worrying about ratings or any crap like that. You " Hardcores" put so much effort into researching games and heckling games you havent even PLAYED, you miss out on alot of gaming.

Now lets talk nintendo. Alot of "hardcore" fans feel betrayed by nintendo's love towards the "casual" players, when in all actuality they arent doing much of anything different. Motion sensing and touch screens took video games to a whole new level, they inspire people to move, god forbid. they are out all the time, thinking of ideas of how people can use this motion sensetivity and take you to new places, without making it necesarilly hard, like wii sports. anyone with a wii had fun with wii sports, granted there was no real challenge, it was totally self paced and it was fun. Nintendo is still coming out with new material, and all i hear from the boards is: WE NEED ZELDA MARIO METROID STARFOX PLEASE WE NEED THESE HARDCORE GAMES BLAH BLAH BLAH! i am SO sick of hearing about what the players want. deal with what you are getting instead of complaining about not getting exactly what you want. try new things for pete's sake, and get over it! none of those games have EVER been aimed towards "hardcores" and you know why? Nintendo is a business. they do not see hardcore and casual, they see people, countless nobodies, who will buy a product. Motion sensing is incredible and anyone can get into it, it feels like there arent nearly as many button to remember, and people like that.

i guess thats most of what i have to say for now, so... bye bye

im making a union!

ya, its based on nintendo wifi, but it's gonna have plenty to offer, so if you want to join, then just tell me and ill add you as a charter member

im back again again

yea.. so i got a 2 day suspension for posting about shanking... not the worst ive done, i didnt think it was worth a suspension, but i gguess gamespot thought so.
i got contact on friday. circuit city had 2 copies left, so i rushed over there and got my copy. its sweet! i dont know how this game got worse than an 8 on ANY review, its funny and great all over.
i also got some other games, 4 or 5 i cant remember. i got clubhouse games, castlevania DS, RE: DS, and true swing golf. so i guess 5 overall.
i also dont get why true swing golf got bad ratings, its the most fun golf game ive ever played.

thats all for now, im out

up to speed

ts been a while since my last post, so i decided to make a new one.
 first of all, and what i would call most importantly, im over wanting psp, i played one at a best buy and i dont like it (i think i wanted it because it was both shiny AND black) second, i got a new ds, it had a dead pixel, so i took it back and got another new one. i got nintendogs and im loving it more every day. i rented advanced wars ds, its also great, a must have. im waiting for the online adaptor thing to come out for ds, and im planning on getting mario kart. i guess thats just about everything

i just found this

this is the official "flamer sheet" just put an "X" in the boxthat fits the situation

[ ] Clueless Newbie
[ ] 12 year old
[ ] Spammer
[ ] Flamer
[ ] Whiner
[ ] Other

You Are Being Flamed Because:

[ ] You posted a "I'm quitting and this is why" thread
[ ] You haven't read the stickies
[ ] You posted a "I hate noobs" thread
[ ] you made a ban this word thread*
[ ] You don't know which forum to post in
[ ] You posted an advertisement / spam
[ ] You asked to become a mod
[ ] Yuo mispeled evry sengle wurd
[ ] You posted a "I'm looking for..." thread
[ ] Your title was not relevent or constructive
[ ] You posted something that is not legible or understandable
[ ] I just dislike ur idea*

In Punishment, You Must:

[ ] Actually post something relevant
[ ] Read the FAQ
[ ] Listen harder to the teacher in your special need spelling classes
[ ] Go to your room with no supper
[ ] Apologize to everybody on this forum
[ ] Give away all your items
[ ] Take classes in Basic Computer Usage
[ ] Wait at least 1 month before posting again.
Thank you to Reliance for creating this


i got home from school yesterday... and i went to play my ds.... but, i found several cracks in the top screen:cry:!! now there are blotches, cracks, and you can barely see anything on the top screen. good thing i have my warranty, i think....
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