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Good day everyone.

I bought a 2nd hand xbox one on ebay as a gift for my younger brother. I bought it on cheap price on ebay but it don't have controller on it, just the xbox. I want to buy a new remote control for xbox one so my brother don't bother to buy a new one. I look for it in google and I saw this site on the top search . Do you guys think it is a good choice? if not, where can I buy a good and cheap xbox remote control?

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Good day. I bought my PS4 6 months eariler. I played different amazing games that I bought on a gaming site that offers a good games. But after 6 months of playing I have huge problem now. my PS4 remote controller is completely broken. It's now working anymore, I tried to fix it on my own looking for some videos on youtube on how to fix it but nothing happens. I saw on this forum that G2A is a good spot to buy some items regarding on PS4. I heard from some guy that he bought a controller on this site . Can you please give me some suggestion if this is a good one especially for the price and specs. I don't have any idea since it my first time to buy a new remote control for it.

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try to look for some specific genres of different games for you to choose the best game you will play. When I tried to look for different games that I can bought couple of months earlier, I saw this site and they are offering amazing games for good prices in there. I bought my PUBG in there instead of purchasing it on steam because of the awesome discount.

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I'm also looking forward to purchase this game. I tried to pre order on steam but problems occur when I'm trying to order it. I heard on some forums that this site is offering a good price for the resident evil 2. has anyone already tried to order this game on them?

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so finally world of warcraft will be released this august! I'm so excited to play it. I heard that this site already offering a pre-order with some good discounts. I don't know if it's legit. Is anybody out there tried to buy on them?