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Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Papo & Yo

I second this.

I'd add Journey.

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Kamiya's Dante and Bayonetta.

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I can't say welcome on boards because you have 7000 posts and you must be familiar with the views of the majority in this website. While Cnet is based in California, the views of those who work for it and frequent the site is just as any red state sadly. Any attempt to address offensive content in games, stereotypes, representation and portrayal of minorities and other problems with mainstream video games or films is not tolerated.

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Thats just not true, 1st of all, Core did the exact same thing with Angel Of Darkness. 2ndly Crystal Dynamics didn't focus on Laras Character until Tomb Raider 2013.

And 3rd, even by comparison "Hardly any Gameplay" is a gross exageration.

Not that it matters, Fanboys don't listen to reason. I'm not expecting you to respond with any form of logic.

I'm a fangirl but for Core's games. That wasn't a gross exaggeration. I told you if you were to compare between the duration of games made by both studios you'd see what I mean.

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A fresh article on this

I think the gamergate movement is far more important than any of us thinks. I have made a thread on system wars with some info if anyone wants to take a look

I don't think this is the case. What has been exposed during "gamergate"? I'm not entirely clear because it's been a muddled mess of shouting. I understand that developers are friends with game critics, but I knew this before gamergate. I understand that game critics may back kickstarter projects, but I knew this before gamer gate.

In the end, the whole scandal does not seem to have any positive influence on the making of video games, just how news is distributed about video games (if that). Console producers, publishers, and developers don't need to respond to allegations because this causes them to become entrenched in this scandal and makes them a target, something they've managed to avoid.

Well it did some good

It made not only the Escapist but the entire Defy media group change their ethics policies and guidelines. They also apologuised for the harm they've done because of false accusations on people.

It made Gamasutra/ Polygon/Kotaku/RPS and the other websites prove how delusional, irrational and out of touch they are. Not only that but they are very hateful and biggoted. These people are not fit to lead anything or leave a dent in gaming culture.

It exposed mass censorship in the gaming media, in forums, places like reddit /neogaf. People know where free speech is allowed.

And dont give me any of that "scandal" bullshit. Gamespot reported when a developer got arrested for owning CP. Suddenly a dev sleeping with a judge of an awards comitee is too scandalous to talk about anywhere on the internet. Anyway it's not about Zoe anymore, it has grown, but they're still making it about her.

I mean think about this. They claim that GamerGate is a movement against Zoe because sexist neckbeard gamers don't want women making games. Are you fucking serious? Not only does it deny all the female game devs and gamers in the history of gaming, but Zoe is also not important to video games and can't change anything. Fucking depression quest, I got it off steam it's free you go play it.

To think we would be going after Amy Henning the lead / director / writer of a Star Wars game. When has a women not been appreciated in any gaming community? I used to play WoW, women were always respected about people beat themselves up about who to help a girl first.

That's an oversimplification of the issue. Zoe was accused by one of her Ex's of having relationships with many people in the industry to get a boost in her career. That's sexist. Jade Raymond was accused of the same thing back 2006. It has been eight damn years and people still fire accusations at women for making games. While some games might not deliver but people, gamers especially, don't accuse male producers and game devs of sleeping around to get ahead in their career. This is why gamers gate is sexist. Please don't try to make it about something else because if not for Zoe's BF going online spreading this nonsense about her, there would be no hash tag nor people addressing work ethics in gaming journalism.

Don't get me started on the type of women who post in gamer gate and not your self. the "I don't need feminism" type. Which made it all the more sexist.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:


Hardly any gameplay ? Why are you lying ? No really...... Why lie ?

I'm not lying. The portion of gameplay in Core games is a lot bigger than the one in Crystal Dynamics. You could compare between the duration of gameplay of games made by each company. Not only the gameplay is little, the portion of cutscene is a lot bigger and again this has to do with Crystal Dynamics different approach to the series as it's focused on the character rather than the adventure it self. This doesn't leave the audience to imagine things and come up with different interpretations of Lara and who might she be and how they view her.

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"Young artists sleep with record label heads. Actors and actresses bang studio execs. Secretaries sleep with their bosses. Girls do it, guys do it. It happens in school. There will always be people who try to gain by sleeping with, manipulating, threatening, or blackmailing others. It's life."

Its corruption and you should get out of that comfort zone with that subject. If it happens in games too the medium is over.

"And the people who cover the game industry have no obligation to anyone but their bosses."

"You (as a collective, not talking to anyone specific) are not owed journalistic integrity. You are not owed fairness and truth. These journalists get paid to report, comment, and opine on something"


I agree. Questioning integrity of press happens in every industry. And because they're paid to do that they should uphold ethical standards.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:


They were also pretty crappy !.... Seriously, hell remember Angel Of Darkness ? I'm sorry but they just couldn't nail down the very series they created. Crystal Dynamics was the best thing to ever happen to Tomb Raider.... Excluding Tomb Raider Underworld ofcourse.

I will never agree. There was hardly any gameplay in Crystal Dynamics' games and if there was it was bland, forgettable, repetitive, linear, lazy. While Core's games hard terrible graphics, they were rich in concepts and challenging and overall entertaining.

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I like the ones by Core and I consider them the only legitimate Tomb Raider games. Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics is centered around Lara's story whereas the tomb raiders by Core were about her story, gameplay and exploration.

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@gamingqueen said:

I did read the study. I think they shouldn't have included Dead or Alive in the presentation. It's a GUY game just like a GUY's mag. and if a group of feminists think sex industry or any industry related to the sex industry as guy mags is objectifying then that is a big problem. Guy games or ecchi are intended for sexual stimulation. They're aimed towards a certain demographic so they can't be included in a presentation for women's portrayal in video games.

I don't know. Whether or not something is completely focused on and tailored to men seems irrelevant in this context. People see these images and it might have an effect. You can't ignore them just because they tailor to a specific group. Besides, who decides Dead or Alive volleyball is made specifically for men and the other games aren't?

I understand guys need to have their guy thing, but they should also be capable of separating reality from fantasy. If fantastical images affect your view on reality (especially when those images are made with you in mind), then there's reason for concern. That doesn't mean these images should be banned or altered, but it should be clear in what kind of context such images are to be interpreted. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of people who have difficulty separating media depictions from reality.

I will not agree that those images rationalize women objectification. Rather banning them would do more damage than let's say keeping them to a minimum or as I explained, in the guy's games or girl's games.