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How Can I Improve My Profile?

I was thinking of making a banner and how do I post a pic in the about me space? I have seen many profiles with a pic there and I was wondering how do I do that. Also please post some comments about my profile and how I can improve it and some info on how to get my own banner I have asked for help but yet I have trouble doing it. By the way thanks for the help sakurathedancer but I am still having trouble :(

Got My Report Card Today!!!

I did really good I got As and Bs and one C the bad news I am failing one class. I'm pretty proud of myself, although its not the best I can do. The important thing is that I tried.

Back to School

Christmas vacation is over and it is time to go back to school. I go back tommorrow January 4 although some people started today the 3rd. I don't know why but I'm a little excited about going back. I have to get my report card and find out if I passed my first semester of school and I hope this second semester is better and I hope I also pass the second semester. 

Who Got What They Wanted For Christmas?

I didn't really get any presents but I got some money and wit that money I bought Splinter Cell: Double Agent(Thanks for recommending it Blaster2k7)which is a good game and I also bought Naruto Volume 7:The Chunin Exam. I only bought these things because I only got like 100 dollars which is not alot for me I guess. The money I got left over I'm saving it so that I can buy my Wii(yes I STILL haven't got a Wii).

Favorite Naruto Episode

My favorite Naruto episodes are Naruto vs Neji and Rock Lee vs Gaara. What are your favorite episodes and if there is a place where I can watch them?

Join The Naruto Union

Naruto is a great anime show that I really like and it is a great show that everybody should watch. The show comes out Saturdays at 9p.m./8p.m.ct. I recommend you watch it and if you don't like it post here the reasone you don't like it and if you do like it post here and join the union.
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