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The Weirdest Glitch I have Experienced

Was just able to log back on after 30 minutes don't know why, but I wasn't able to log on cause every time I tried to return to my profile a page came out saying I must create a Gamespot account I was confused for a while since I do have an account, but yet I thought something bad had happened since I wasn't able to log on till now. That was a close one I thought I was a gonner. *wipes sweat off forehead* 

New Icon And Sig!

Yeah! Just uploaded a new icon and of course it had to be a Naruto icon. Also now everywhere I post my sig with an image will show the image is of who I would be if I was a bad guy in Naruto, and I am Kabuto.


New Banner???

I didn't notice this until now but the new banner I was trying to upload just showed up..... and when I finished posting this blog it wasn't there anymore don't know if you guys can see it but its not there anymore. Wierd. :?

Joined Four New Unions!

Just joined four new Union and here they are...


The Anime, Shows, Movies, Games Union: A Union that you can go talk about your favorite anime, show, movie, or game. Come by and check this Union out!

Evolution Of Nintendo Union: A Union that answers any question you have about Nintendo from the NES to Wii and from the Gameboy to DS. Come by if you are a fan of Nintendo or have a question about Nintendo.    

The Freedom Union: A Union that lets you have total freedom and lets you talk about anything you want and a place to just hang out(There are still rules though :) ). Come by if you want to make new friends or just want a place to hang out.   

Portable System Wars Union: Think the DS is better than the PSP or vice versa come by and discuss portable systems till you are the one thats right.

Level 8!!!

Finally made it past level 7 and now I'm level 8, yes!!! two more levels and I will be able to upload vids, yes!!!

Its 2:00 A.M.CT in the morning!!!

This must be the latest I've been awake for a long time! Last time I stayed up really late I went to sleep at 6'o'clock in the morning, but that was during summer vacation there was no school now I go to sleep at 10'o'clock p.m every day, also my parents would get mad at me for staying up to long for either playing games, being on the computer, or watching t.v . I am really tired now just going to close my eyes for a while....good night...zzzzz

The FinalRPG Group Union

Just joined this Union today got an invite from FinalFan789 an officer of this Union and the Leader is Uwthree. This Union is about Anime, Manga, TV shows, Sports, and about having fun, so if you like all of these things or some of them come by, join, and make new friends.

The Headshot Union

I know I don't usually post a blog about every Union that I join, but from now on I will. Anyways this Union is about FPS games and games with weapons as in guns. So if you are a fan of FPS games come check this Union out or message Blubberman in my friends list for more info I guess.

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