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Leaving For A Week

I'll be gone for a week I'm going back to my aunts house and I'll be there my whole entire spring break. Wanted to let you guys know, this will be the last post I make before I leave, so I hope everyone has a great spring break and see ya in a week!!!

Finally Back On Gamespot

Yes, if anybody noticed I wasn't on this weekend I was at my aunts house taking care of her with my mom. I left my house Friday night and was there until Sunday night and I got back home around 11 'o' clock p.m. I didn't have time to say that I was leaving for the weekend so sorry for not letting you guys know so if you posted something in a union and I never responded now you know why. Did I miss anything while I was gone? Oh, and I'm not getting my Wii in another two weeks! My dad didn't come this weekend so now I have to wait two more weeks until my dad comes back from his job, I hope Gamestop can wait a little longer.

New Level and New Phone

I'm lvl 12 now, which is great, but I still haven't been able to make a vid which is not great, but I got a new phone! Which is great, but I can't take vids which is not great. :?


Of all things I would have never thought I would be in a car crash. It happened after school my nephew and I were on our way to Taco Bell when all of a sudden I felt my body go forward so quickly it was if I was being shot out of a giant slingshot. It was rough my nephew's car got totalled the whole front side of the car was folded in half, luckly we were wearing our seat belts, but even though my nephew's right hand hit the wind shield and cut it almost everywhere it was horrible blood was coming out and he had pieces of glass in his hand I'm surprised he didn't break it, he damaged his right knee, and his back. I didn't get hurt as badly as my nephew did. I got a long cut on my neck from the seatbelt that rubbed against me and it might scar me for life, my right shoulder is aching like crap now, and my back also hurst...badly, I can't stand up strait. Who knows what might have happened to us if we were not wearing our seatbelts, if I didn't have it on I might not have typed this :( . Please everyone wear your seatbelts you are told for a reason and I just experienced this reason the hard way.

Might Finally Get It

Yes! I might finally get my Wii in two weeks, after some trouble I might have enough money to get my Wii I'm so excited! Also, if anybody wants to talk pm me I'm so bored and if I don't respond in quite a while it doesn't mean I don't want to talk its because I'm not online.

I'm Sick!

It started yesterday at school I began with a runny nose, something that wouldn't really tell if I'm sick or not, then I began coughing that night then today I woke up with a fever and worse than yesterday I didn't even go to school today. Oh and I just became lvl 11, yeah! *cough cough cough* I'm ok.

My Crazy Week At School

This school week was one of the craziest weeks at school. Let me tell you about it...

Monday- There was this kid named Kyle who had some kind of problem with this other kid I don't know what his name is and Kyle was so impatient about ending his little problem with that other kid that he desided to lift him off his chair, draged him down to the floor, and started beating the crap out of that kid! I mean he even got a chair and hit him with it! This happened during my lunch time. For the aftermath, Kyle went to a Juvenile Correction Facility or Juvy like some people like to call it and was suspended for two weeks, as for that other kid he walks around school with a huge scar on his head and a huge bruse on his face.

Tuesday- There was a huge food fight on this day I don't know who started it, but I do know how it started. Before it started the whole cafeteria got silent for about 10sec, then there was a huge scream that sounded like, "OOOHHH" and after the scream I saw a bottle of coke fly in the air and once it landed everybody in the cafeteria got up and started trowing food at each other, I luckly didn't get hit with anything since I was sitting close to the exit and nobody really sits at the tables that are there, everybody else though had shirts covered with pizza stains and hair wet with juice and coke. For the aftermath all vending machines and coke machines were taken off and some lunch items had their prices risen so that people would now have to spend a little bit more money if they want to start another food fight.

Wednesday- Nothing really happened on this day so it was pretty boring, kind of disappointed me.

Thursday- There was another fight during lunch, this time it happened because some girl accidentally spilled her drink on top of some other girl and since some people can't control their temper they got into a big argument and after a couple of curse words here and there they got into a fight. Don't know what happened to those girls, but I think they got suspended or into really big trouble.

Friday- I would say today was the craziest of all, both a food fight and a fight occured, both during lunch. To let you guys know lunch at my school is divided into three lunches, A lunch, B lunch, and C lunch the lunch I go to and the craziest of all lunches. Today the food fight occured during A lunch so I wasn't there to see it:( . Nothing ever occurs during B lunch they say its the most boring lunch of all three. Finally there is C lunch the lunch where yet another fight had to happen, this time it started with an argument to, but I don't know what the argument was about all I know was that everybody started screaming and got on top of the chairs, tables, anything they could get on to see the fight.

This week indeed was a crazy week at school, but I have no problem with that I'll accept a crazy week at school over a boring week anytime. So that was my week and if you took the time to read all this please comment I would like to know what you think.

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