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I really need to get on here more...

Well, I leave then come back and leave again...well, I have been busy with school and homework and all that stuff, but I'll try to get on as much I can.

Well, anyways in the time that I've been gone I've got 3 new games: Guitar Hero 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and all are really good especially SMG. If anyone wants my Code for GH just ask and if anyone else has MoH tell me I need some friends.

Well, thats about it I guess, so see ya'll around!

What I Got

Yes while I was gone I got my self a DS with MKDS so if anybody wants to exchange codes pm your code and I'll send you mine. I also got 2 new wii games,MP8 and SPM(super paper mario). Also I just reserved SSBB which I cannot wait for any longer so people please if you want to do something to make time go by pm me.

p.s. MKDS is the only wifi game I have so please don't ask for friend codes for other games. Oh and I also don't have wii wifi games, but I am planning to get SMSC soon.

My Return

Hello everyone and every single one of my friends I have returned from my more than a month absence since I did not have access to a computer or to the internet, so I want to say I'm sorry for not saying anything before leaving and I'm sorry to the people at the unions I'm a part of, sorry I couldn't be active. Please forgive me.

Finished Redsteel

I finished redsteel a day ago, it was a pretty good game, but not that all impresive. I might type a review about it. Next game I'm going to get is Super Paper Mario. I plan on getting it this weekend.

Which One?

I have been given the privelage to choose one more game with my Wii, but I don't know what to get. I was thinking of either of WW: SM or SSR or another game. I don't know...

Its Mine!

Yes, its mine the Wii is MINE!!! But I fell kind of bad though because this Wii was not from a store it was my nephew's, sanandreas333 (thats his user name), he has a girlfriend that went to Peru for a trip and since she was there my nephew's dad told him not to call her on his cell phone and guess what he did...thats right. Now for doing that my brother gave him two choices, 1. Take the phone away or 2. sell the Wii and use the money to pay for the phone bill which came out to about $200! So my nephew decided to sell the Wii and since I was looking for a Wii my brother sold it to me.

Finally Got One!

My nephew got a Wii yesterday at Best Buy he was lucky to find it since Best Buy didn't know they had Wii's until on that same day he got it. He got the Wii a, Wii remote, and Redsteel. Now the systems that we have in the household are a PS2, an Xbox, a GC, and the Wii. I still don't have mine, but I plan to get it soon.

Back On Again

I'm back from my week long absence and I hope everything is doing well in the unions I hang out in and if anybody has any news about anything tell me.
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