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Games of 2011 the Good and the Bad (personal opinion)

As far as i can tell 2011 has been a year of many great games, some not so much and many great ones yet to come. I wanted to just look back at all the games that have come out this year as the year is only 3 odd months from ending and all of us getting fat by all the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's party food and getting that much older. I'm not looking at ALL the games released this year i would be up all night writing this then. But that's not what i'm here to talk about or actually write about. I'm here to review the games of the new decade that seem to have gripped gamers all over the world from 7 to 107. Why don't i start with the ones that just didn't live up to their hype according to me and many other gamers. 1. Duke Nuke Forever: It just lacked that high-powered, adrenaline and testosterone filled shooting, fighting and slightly chaotic shooting madness. 2. infamous 2 The first game was so captivating and just so much fun running around Empire City. In the sequel however in the city of New Marais we are unfortunately confined to many times a small spaces like a boat or a small square plot where hordes of enemies kept coming. Not just the confined spaces but also the countless number of boss battles take zaps the fun (ha ha) right out of the game. 3. Transformers Dark of the Moon The Game Everyone had high hopes for this game especially after the massive and hugely popular Transformers War for Cybertron. It was just not as good as Transformers War for Cybertron. 4. Bodycount Let's just say all that talk about this game being the next big thing is not all true I wasn't impressed at all Now for the games that have and hopefully will impress... 1. Batman Arkham City The sequel to my personal favorite game, Batman Arkham Asylum, has got many gamers in a tizzy. This game features a bigger, vaster, and more of a sand-box experience compared to Arkham Asylum. Not just that but new gadgets, many new awesome villains, new allies and many more Riddler puzzles to solve who actually physically is present in the game. This game also features a chance to play as Catwoman in the game and explore the darker sides of this new found prison city which Batman would otherwise not be able to access. Can't wait for October 8th. 2. Assassin's Creed Revelations Even after the huge success of the previous 3 games people are a little tired of this game due to the same protagonist, Ezio. But, excluding that from all the trailers and previews this game looks amazing. I especially like the fact that we sort of flash back into Altair's character to relive the revelations or Altair and how he became the best assassin there was. 3. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 One of the most anticipated shooters of the year. Following the Super hit Modern Warfare 2 and hit Black Ops this action-packed World War 3 based shooter will be a lot of fun and lots of bullets (and money) well spent. 4. L.A. Noire Probably the best period based game that i have ever played tied with Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed series at first place. The extravagant 40's style that's so evident in the game from the clothes, the houses, the cars and even the people themselves is really an immersing form of gameplay. The extensive amount of detail not just the developer's have put into the game, but also the amount we have to do is outstanding. If you miss a piece of evidence then you can't ask the right questions and might not be ale to solve a case. This game is not one for the impatient because a lot of time goes into analyzing each possible piece of evidence or any object at the crime scene. 5. Gears of War 3 The epic conclusion to the Gears series. Sad to see it end, but in what a way it ended man! It was almost the perfect good-bye to the near perfect game. I'll miss the blood shooting out of the Locusts as i pull an execution on them. (sigh) Good times, good times.