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Well lots of peple have askd me about my ambitions


i mean who would ask my ambitions here :D.

Well right now i got nthing else in mind.

Gotta finish Xth grade

then XIIth grade then XIIth grade

I plan on studying computer science which involves coding, web design etc etc

But what i really desire

Is to be a proffesional video game reviewer/tester

i mean i have been gaming since i could remember

and since then i have always watcntd this to be a part of my life

If i ever do get the chance

i would love to be a tester/reviewer for the rest of my life

Well thats all for todays blog :D


Gamer for life 8)

Console wars


Its become so bad that on evry thread about a ps3/x-box 360

there will be at least one person saying

PS3 Pwns x-box360 or Go **** urself man 360 ftw


how many times have i read posts like this i dont really know

what i cant understand is why?

why do u people who do this choose to do this?

why cant u see all consoles as equals?

Its obvious that one console maker would try to surpass the other with an exclusive

They just do this to boost their sales

Fanboys see's this as a reason to say

Gears of war is better than Killzone 2

And ps3 fanboys the other way around

Paper mario owns both ur games ****h!!!

Look u guys need to understand all these games are awesome

u cant compare one over another

All of them are spectacularly made and great fun to play

This seriously reminds me of kindergarden kids saying:

my drawings better than yours ny-na-na-na-na-na( insert annnoying voice here :D)

It basically boils down to this

all consoles are made for one thing..


we are gamers

Instead of fighting against each other

stand united

For there are @ holes in the world who hate gaming

we need to fight against then


WE ALL STAND AS ONE !!!!!!!!! :D

Note:The last few parts were meant for pure comical relief :D


Gamer for life 8)


Ahh school......

The wonderful and glorious place whre we all go to learn

we learn new things,we play, we make friends....

WE GET SCREWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If u ask me what i hate the most i will most defenitely reply school/education

sure u get to meet lots of people and have fun but that comes with a huge price tag

I see education as a lumberjack an irritating lumberjack that cuts down the biggest tree in ur life


yes it restricts u to sit at home study,do homework do Projects

It takes a way ur time to Hang out and enjoy ur life

there are 24 hours in a day and upto 16 hours of it are wasted on education

16 hours!!! my good god

Sure it gets u a decent job and all but did it have to consume so much of my life?

I mean i live only once right? i never get to be born again

So lemme enjoy life a little

lemme see the world.. now all the parents/teachers would respond ....


What if i dont live that long? what if the earth gets destroyed by martians by the time i finish school? :D

U cant gimme a second life/second planet

But still no matter how much i moan and groan i am forced to get through with this..

Takes away how ur life this education does

couldnt education years be shorter and more easier?

i mean why the heck would i wanna know the chemical name of water?

Im not gonna say "Hey dude can u get me some H2o"

Im just gonna say "Hey dude can u get me some water"

I see lots of subjects pointless


2.Math- basic math is essential but trigonometry? geometry? algebra? why???????

3.History- why would i wanna learn how hitler cruelly killed all the jews? i could have gone the rest of my life peacefully

without knowing that

So u get the point

Although education helps our life i think its totally pointless to be so long i mean 12 years for schooling and upto

5 years college

Then u want to study higher then count that to almost 17-20 years


education screws up those who cant do it too

it breaks up relationships between parents and children where the mother/father scolds the child for not studyin and so the child goes on to hate his/her parents


SCREW EDUCATION BEFORE IT SCREWS U !!!! ( Dont take my advice on that last part though kk :D)


Gamer for life 8)