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SWAT 4, anyone have?

I'm going to get Swat 4: Gold Edition and was wondering if anyone had it. I played the demo and really enjoyed it. Looks perfect for co-op so if you have it or are intrested, let me know!

Mass Effect 2 Information Blog

**** I took this directly from my thread in the ME 2 boards, take a look to see if your intrested.****

Hey everyone, I just finished Mass Effect 1 and am really looking forward to ME 2. I wanted to make this thread in hopes of all ME 2 information being in one place as well as speculation. I am getting this thread started and please feel free to add additional links/information/as well as speculation. * please note this thread will have severe SPOILERS, proceed at your own risk*


New Heavy Weapons, with limited ammo.

New Interrupt Dialogue System

New way of scanning planets

Fuel System to make you think about where you can go

19 different weapon classes

more presice squad control


E3 Reveal Trailer

ME 2 Stage Demo

Man Has Three Choices

Hunting For the Top Assassin

G4TV Hands On

GDC 09 Interview


Thane - A recruitable Assassin, likes to handle things personally.

( Other new confirmerd characters???)

Returning Characters

Liara - Confirmed to reapper, wheather or not she can rejoin you is unknown.

Garrus - Teased, but not "confirmed"

Ashley - Unknown??, (Howeever Bioware mentioned new romances as well as old ones, so it confirms that at least Ahsley/Kaiden/Liara will be in the game.

Kaiden - Unkown?? ( see above)

Wrex - will be making a "cameo apperance" ( doesn't look good for recruiting odds)

Tali - Unknown ??

Joker - Seen in videos as pilot.

Alright, that was the information I could gather as of now. Please post your findings and theroies. Please tell me if there is any false information in this post.-Thanks

Goozex, Great Website.

Hey everyone, I wanted you all if you haven't already about a really cool site called where you can trade your used games to other members for their used games. The system is really nice, and I haven't had ANY problems regrading trading or economics. You can get some great deals here, some worth buying points just so you get a game really cheap. They have a pretty nice selcetion ranging from PC, 360, although back to the NES. Check it out!

How Good Are You at Multiplayer Games?

I wanted to ask what everyone thought of themselves when i comes to Multiplayer games. First, if you have any of these games, list what you think is your general K/D ratio, and how skilled you are in general.

TF2 - For me I am usually 1:1 although I can be as low as 1:3 and as high as 3:1

CSS I'm not that good of a player 1:4

Battlefields- Probably one of my better games 2:1

Crysis - 2:3

feel free to list any other popular games aswell.

Mass Effect Story

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has played Mass Effect. I got it because I wanted an RPG and it reminded me of KOTOR. I got it off goozex, and I might have to wait all week for it to come. Wondering about your thoughts on the game.

Mass Effect and Apple OS 3.0

I was wondering if Mass Effect is worth $20. I enjoyed Oblivion and KOTOR, but I don't want a game that has TOO much to do. ( Oblivion/Morrowind)

Also, has anyone got the the new Apple OS 3.0? I have an Ipod Touch 2nd Gen, but waswondering if it's worth it. I feel that's pretty low of apple to charge $10 for what looks like 1 or 2 small updates put together.

Help with Blogging Question

Hey everyone, I had a quick question about blogging. On gamespot, can I have a few personal blog posts ( I want to make a list of games I need to finish) as well a public ones at the same time? If worse comes to worse, I don't really mind if you all see it, but just wondering. ( herivoss 2 will prob answer this :P)

Alpha Protocol and Dragon Age

Right now I'm pretty intrested in Alpha Protocol. It's supposed to be an espionage RPG with complete customization, a great story, and a cool dialogue system. Today I checked out Dragon Age: Origin, and it looks decent. It's almost TOO fantasy for my taste, but I won't judge yet. I like the heavy party development the game is supposed to have. Comments, opnions?

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