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I'm Done

I'm done bye. This account will be done. I'm coming back in the fall. Screw you gamer_93 name lol. byebye!!    

Ricky Got Owned By The Hero Of The Unions

Well that title didn't make much sense but that doesn't matter right now. I will only be doing weekly blogs now, because I don't want to think of something just to put in my blog every day. Now let's get started!

Ricky Bobby
I went to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby on sunday. I have to say, it was funny. It's really the only comedy you can see (that's good) this summer. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun and feel good time at the movies. I'd give 8 freakin,awesome,crashing and burning out of 10!

Owning and Heroing?
That didn't make sense, but again, it doesn't matter right now. I made a new pic for me. And it is so true, you just got OWNED!! by me. Well on that note, THE GUITAR HERO FUND!!!!!! It is at......$13.07. It'll be at $18.07 by Friday, because that's when I get my weekly chore pay. So that'll be good.

Please stop sending me union invitations because I find it hard to post on all of them so I'll only be focussing on only the: Naughty Dog and Insomniac Union, Villains Union, Complety Off Topic Union and Gamespot Live Union. So I won't be joining anymore.

The End
Well that's my weekly blog, I'll do one in 3 days for my year on GameSpot. But I'll only do one each week for now on, unless something really important happens and I have to say it. So this is all for now, oh and I'm really close to Level 17!! Well Jeremy OUT!!

New Blog Banner, October, Glitches and Unions

Ok well this blog will be more than just my new blog banner. But first off. I gotta new blog banner!! I made it like 2 minutes ago. I was gonna add another picture but I didn't know what to put. Well on that note, let me get started on more stuff.

When I'm Leaving
Yes, I know, I said I'd tell you when I was leaving this account in the fall. But I decided it yesterday. I'll be leaving on my birthday!!!
:D I'm also gonna come back on my birthday which is October 21st. I thought it would be cool for my last blog post on here to be something about my birthday. Please leave comments on what username I should use (it has to have my name Jeremy in it).

Glitches And Unions
My Tagger Dabbler emblem is gone. But whatever, it's a glitch just like a bunch of missing stuff on this site. I resigned from my union yesterday. I won't make another union, because I'll have to resign on my birthday anyways.
Well thats's it for now.

Posts, Anime, Photoshop and Leaving

Well I have over 100 posts, not that much of an accompishment but whatever, it's something to post. I went to the library (yes I do read, shocking isn't:o,:P. I got five books. I got some anime thing. I finshed it. It's called the Prince of Tennis and yeah, it was pretty good considering I don't like anime. I sort of didn't get it, because it was volume 14, but hopefully I can get some earlier volumes.

I have learned how to do animation on PhotoShop, congrats to me. You can see it in my pic and my sig, has some animation stuff. Aaaaaaand, my union is looking like crap so I'm resigning and looking like an idiot while doing it:D.

I'm thinking of leaving this account behind me in the fall. I atleast want to hit the year mark and want to get to Level 20, or if I'm lucky Level 25. The reason is, is that when some people think it's weird that I have been on for a year and only have 30 friends or something like that, it makes me feel stupid. So I'm gonna start one, and I want my career to be in video game business. I'll still go to university but I want to go into computers or tech, or ever work at GameSpot, so I'm gonna make a new account and my user name will have my name in it. And some people may think, oh he's doing it cuz he put himself underage, well that's not true. So during the fall, I'll be letting you guys/gals know when and what my username will be. Anyways that's it for now!!


I really have nothing to do so this is something. Guitar Hero Fund, still at $7. I've done 2 days of chores so far. And yeah. I'm halfway through Level 15 and yeah. Now does anybody know a really good site, where you can play some games. I know alot so it might be difficult. Well I just wanted something to do and I got my wish lol (not really). Wow, I'm hungry...I should eat something soon. Wow...that hurts. Well anyways I'm gonna go and eat something and yeah. Well that's it. ROCK ON!!!!!

Chores, Chores and More Chores

Well, it's saturday-the weekend- YAY!! I don't think I'm doing much these next couple of days, but whatever. My Guitar Hero fund is $7. I picked some weeds and mowed the backyard yesterday and I now have $7. Well I don't have it yet, but I'm getting $7. Next friday I will be getting my weekly $5 of chore money. And well you might think why didn't you do your chores before. Because I'm lazy lol. I really only do my chores when I want something and my parents won't get me it. But hopefully I can get out of that habit and I'll always have money when I want something and it'll be faster to get it. I started playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on proud mode and well I just started and yeah. So this is my blog for today...and yeah...Well bye!!

Guitar Is My Hero!!

Well, I just watched On The Spot, and I have to say congrats on doing a good show without Rich, and I am now thinking of buying Guitar Hero. Now it might take me a while cuz my parents don't exactly buy me video games all that much, and I'm only now in my teen years so I still don't have a job and I only really do chores (which I get $5 a week for), my birthday is coming up soon, and I should get money so that will help(but it's only in october). So I'll do some stuff on the side so I can get some extra money, but I'm really wanting Guitar Hero yeah. That's pretty much it for now!! Oh and my Old-School emblem is gone, lol another glitch..Well Yeah!!


I'm starting to get ticked off:evil: I have posted two times on the union recruitment and nobody even posted on it. I have asked people to join. One person responded and I don't see that he/she signed up. It has been at least 3 days that union has been ready for charter members and I just need one more. C'mon I don't want to wait another month just to start up another union. It's getting on my nerves. Now I don't expect for like 20 members when it first starts but at least one or two more to get the union up and running. So please whoever I sent the union ivitations please accept. You'll be an officer in a union!! :D So, uumm...that's my blog post for today and hopefully I got my point across and it is running my union tomorrow. Oh and I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 just like 40 minutes ago. Yeah, I've been pretty busy and haven't been playing PS2 that much. So yeah, and I'm gonna now play it on Hard Mode so I can get the alternate ending. So yeah..that's what's happening with me and what's grinding my gears (hehe Family Guy).

Nothing of Much Interest

Well, I don't really know what to say. I'm just bored and I want to do something. I just saw the new Button Mashing. I need one more person to accept my invation for my union and it's set up. YES!!! So come on please accept. I have my new banner up, and I think it's not bad if I say so myself. And my message email thing isn't working right now. Well this blog was practically what the title said and well that's it.


Well, I got my neighborly emblem replaced with convival. Thanks to all my friends. And I now have sent out my charter members requests, hopefully you accept...Well right now I'm about to get a thunderstorm probably. Anyways accept lol. I have to make this quick so the power doesn't go out on me. Well.....UUmmm....
Gamer_93 IS OUT!!!
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