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Crysis 2 most frequent victims of piracy

(this is a transelated update from

Crysis 2 for PC is the most illegally downloaded via torrents. Estimates indicate that the site TorrentFreak based on various sources.

Crysis 2 is 3.92 million downloads of PC followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which was brought in 3.65 million times via torrents. The rest of the top five is completed by release Battlefield 3 (3.51 million downloads of) FIFA 12 (3.39 million times downloaded) and Portal 2 (3.24 million downloads).

Also a list for the Xbox 360 and Wii. For the Xbox 360 has Gears of War 3 is the most illegally downloaded some 890 000 times. Followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (830 000), Battlefield 3 (760 000), Forza Motorsport 4 (720,000) and Kinect Sports: Season Two (690,000).

When will the Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 leads with 1.28 million downloads. Followed by Mario Sports Mix (1090000), Xenoblade Chronicles (950 000), LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (870,000) and FIFA 12 (860000). The PlayStation 3 did not list, because, according to TorrentFreak few games for that console download


this is a gamepad.i'm gonna buy it when i have a laptop. its a controler that you can connect to your pc ideal for people who often game onpc but more like to game with controller than a keyboard+mouse


within 6 months from now i shall have enough money to buy a laptopwith gamepad

a new lego star wars game

for the one's who like thegames lego star warsand and star wars the force unleashed 1,2 and theultimate sith edition i've something to tell you what i think and i hope a lot of you wil agree with me. would anyone of you like if there would exsist a lego star wars version of the force unleashed? just imagen an all new lego star wars game where you can play throug all 3 editions i've already sent tt games (the makers of the lego star wars games) an e-mail what they would think about it so please let me know what think